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    Steve Johnson: yet another PJ'd Aerostorm

    Johnsons racket is def extended
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    Baghdatis using HEAD mold at BMW open

    hes back to blue racket for citi open
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    Anyone who has had hand injuries?

    To share an update, doc thought an injury could have created neuritis in the hand (nerve issues), gave me a 6 day prednisone pack. It immediately has helped remove 75% of pain. it does have side effects though. I will report back to share if it lasts after I am done with the treatment
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    Cage 2 - anything out match ankle stability?

    I am coming off an ankle injury and need a shoe like my old cage II that really locks my foot/ankle in and is rigid rather than flexy. I like how the opening was firm, heel was elevated, and had a narrower fit. The ballistec models after the cage 2 had a flimsy/soft opening and felt wider, more...
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    Adidas Barricade 8.0

    speaking of german..miss my manual cayman s tremendously
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    Adidas Barricade 8.0

    my best shoes ever were cage 2's and barricade 2s. am i gaining something by going to barricade 7/8s?
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    Does anyone wear any compression shorts under their tennis shorts/skorts?

    what is the benefit to these?? ive always used boxers and good quality tennis shorts. what am i missing out on??
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    alex78, how does radical pro compare to your basic radicals? also, i have a liquidmetal radical MP, wondering if other versions are better. Can you rate your favorite to least fav versions and why?
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    Post Pictures of your Racquets and Tennis Gear

    how does the lead at 10/2 effect the racket? for me it has always decreased topspin, much to my chagrin
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    Wilson Hits Homerun with Wilson Steam 99S (mini review)

    how is hitting a 2hbh with this frame?
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    ...Bobby Reynolds and PDR...

    No way is it regular length
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    ATP 250 BB&T Atlanta Open

    Terrible Finals Matchup.
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    Im thinking of buying the plus version. How the heck do you make 18g last more than 2 hours? With this racket could you do tension in low 50s and manage the power with spin?
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    ATP 250 BB&T Atlanta Open

    Harrison would be a lot better if he wasn't a midget
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    Wilson Hits Homerun with Wilson Steam 99S (mini review)

    What level are you just curious?
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    APD + vs PD +

    were either uncomfortable? which did you like better and why?
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    APD + vs PD +

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    2012 dolgopolov racket

    I swore his racket looked extended?
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    Prestige Mid vs Blade Mid (2012)

    Both of these rackets get phenomenal TW reviews. Anyone hit with both of them can share your thoughts? I hit with last model of the prestige mid a couple years ago and it was amazing: could hit huge topspin, bomb flat serves or huge kickers, comfortable, amazing feel and stability etc. It looks...
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    Spin potential...Head YT Prestige Pro vs Yonex RDiS 100 MP

    rdis 100 mp so underrated. its a more user friendly prestige pro
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    Aeropro Drive vs Pure Drive

    ball dwells on APD string bed, while it comes quickly off pd
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    ...vvvVVV ** VCORE Tour 89 Club ** VVVvvv...

    is the rdis 100 really 93 or 90 inches? if its 90 i might as well get the vcore 89
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    Delbonis frame

    i counted 20 crosses
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    Delbonis frame

    By looking at photos online, 18x20 and extended exo3 tour?
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    why remove ntrp/string info on customer feedback?

    it seems like post 1/2013 (new apd) none of the reviews contain ntrp or string info, you can look here for example all the reviews below (old apd) pre 7/2011 had ntrp info I dont know if...
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    Bonjour from Babolat

    babolat official, how would you compare your APD to the pure drive roddick (if youve used it). it seems like the APD used to be flexier but now they are seemingly equally stiff rackets. particularly interested in differences in spin but also all around differences? thx
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    Which racket Leader Paes is (really) using?

    it looks like his racket is extended?
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    why remove ntrp/string info on customer feedback?

    it looks like in the last year these details were removed from customer reviews. a 3.0 player saying a racket has pinpoint control is different from a 5.0 player saying the same. Now the customer reviews i take all with a grain of salt and have no way understand what kind of player is reviewing...