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    Do people on here actually ENJOY tennis

    Why do people come on this board? Does anyone actually enjoy this sport? Yeah, there are alot of people on here that do, but i think alot of poeple come on here to bash players and fans. How can you say all these pros suck, are lame, and losers? This is BS. If all you do is hate the...
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    What are Davydenko's chances

    Chances against the man himself? Any?
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    How many majors will Rog win?

    How many? How about Roland Garros?
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    Everyone backing Fed knows all about tennis

    Stop taking credit for Federer already. Its like rooting for the front-runner. Oh hes the best so if i root for him and say hes the best then im knowledgeable, right? Yes, Federer is the best. And yes, it is impressive to take a set off this guy...THATS how good he is. We all know this...