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    Stanford Men

    Maybe Stanford didn't offer them a spot?
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    UTR Questions

    I'll go out on a limb to say this is most likely true. If they select a strong major (i.e. STEM related major), they probably have the smarts to earn a good GPA.
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    D3 tennis

    Kenyon's incoming class profile... SAT Middle 50% of Critical Reading 630-730 Middle 50% of Math 610-690 Middle 50% of Writing 620-720 Middle 50% of Combined 1860-2140 ACT Middle 50% 28-32
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    D3 tennis

    Doubt it... it's a different crowd. Those guys wouldn't have the academics to get in or survive at top d3 schools.
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    Division II vs. Division III tennis

    I mean, why does it even matter? D2 or D3 players aren't going pro anyways. So wouldn't the goal be to find a place with better academics, which is D3? If someone chooses D3, I would think the logic is to get into the best academic school that they can within D3 , rather than the...
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    Top recruit class of 2016

    wow... better recruiting class than Duke if that's the case.
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    Top recruit class of 2016

    What happened to this kid?
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    Deiton Baughman

    ... in the pro forum.
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    Are full rides likely?

    Great post, great advice ^^^^^^
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    This is my video. How can I find coaches' email?

    Also, it would be very helpful to put your GPA and SAT/ACT scores in the beginning.
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    University of Houston women's Patrick Sullivan gone

    Recruiting in college tennis is very overrated, especially at the A&M level. It's mostly not who they want, but more of who is willing to go.
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    Stanford Men

    Against Giron... he's a goner.
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    Top recruit class of 2016

    Yes, no point wasting time in college.
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    PAC-12 OJAI tennis championships--Stanford #1 seed

    Why not? Maybe a couple of teams should be ranked ahead of them. But realistically, not many from 16 on down can beat them.
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    Balancing tennis and academics in high school

    Just wondering what your basis is. Is she currently a high Blue Chip?
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    Opelka College Choice

    I don't know, but I'd put my money on him against almost every one of the top 20 college guys.
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    Balancing tennis and academics in high school

    Absolutely right on the money... especially having a meaningful major. That should probably be the number one goal unless mommy and daddy already have you set for life.
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    Balancing tennis and academics in high school

    Those scores won't cut it for the top three Ivies unless you're a high 5-Star or a Blue Chip.
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    USTA Youth Tennis Town Hall meeting

    Do not agree. Among the blue chip recruits for this year, how many have went out of their way to play ITFs extensively? Not many.
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    Your help needed for college recruiting advice!!

    Don't go to a D1 school just for the sake of a few freebies. Go if the academic standards are comparable.
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    Mental of a kid

    Hitting 100s of 1st/2nd serves with targets every other day for a few weeks will fix this... assuming his technique is correct.
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    How serious are we ??

    This guy's a career tennis player like DB. Been training hardcore for years before he surfaced at Little Mo.
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    Lew Brewer strikes again

    Yes, but at least you had a choice.
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    Lew Brewer strikes again

    I think you're taking what the dad is saying out of context... what most people are referring to is the "fun" in competing with kids all over, not just the same old ones in their backyard.
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    Lew Brewer strikes again

    :shock: I need to find where he is going next. I would love to talk "smart money" and "healthcare" with him at one of these public forums.
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    Getting a college tennis scholarship: 5 tips.

    There are 2 stars a plenty in Socal, not to mention a multitude of 3 stars. A 2 star anywhere would be hard pressed to use that as significant weight in admissions. I have a feeling that 4 stars is the bare minimum to generate enough pull (academics aside) for entrance into a top Ivy League...
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    Getting a college tennis scholarship: 5 tips.

    Thanks for the insight. I'm assuming he's a 4 star recruit?
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    Getting a college tennis scholarship: 5 tips.

    I'm always interested in finding out what's required... Is he a five star or a four star player? How many APs did he take from 10th - 12th grade? GPA range? Private, public, or home school? Any other extracurricular activities other than tennis?
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    How serious are we ??

    Yep, if he can break one rule, I don't doubt that he is breaking more. While everyone has their spouse, friend, relative, caretaker, nanny, relative, etc. shuttling kids around, he's letting his kid endanger the lives of others for his own tennis convenience? Hope no one sees Boris driving for...
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    Today was terrible for me.

    When I was young, it'd take 2 days of rest and icing. Now...a month if I'm lucky.