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    New Pro Kennex Black Ace series 2020

    Hello all, any updates on the black ace 300? Regards Thomas
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    Tecnifibre ICE CODE

    Hello, written review is now online question esp for Michelle and Chris. How does ice code compare to red code wax? which one is crisper and more connected to the ball? Thank your Regards Thomas
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    Signum Pro Yellow Jacket auch in DE erhältlich?

    Hallo Kristen, kurz die Nachfrage, in den USA gibt die Yellow Jacket ja nun auch als Rolle. Kommt die auch nach DE oder bleibt es bei den Sets? Gruß Thomas
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    Neue Tecnifibre Tfight XTC

    Hallo liebes TW-E Team, ab wann werden die neuen XTC tfights bei euch verfügbar sein? Danke und Gruß Thomas
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    written Review of Signum Pro Yellow Jacket

    Hello TW Team, short question: when will the wirtten Review of Yellow Jacket be online? thank you Regards JJ
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    NEW Co-poly by Signum Pro! Big Spin, Great Value

    hello, i´m still loooking forward to the written review.... thx
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    Signum Pro Yellow Jacket auch in DE erhältlich?

    HAllo nochmal, die Yellow Jacket in 1,30mm sehe ich schon online. Kommt die 1,22mm auch noch und ist nur noch nicht online oder wird "nur" die 1,30mm in DE erhältlich sein? Gruß Thomas
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    Head Graphene 360 Speed Racquets

    Hi all, i found two reviews of the new 360 (google Translate is calling) Sounds like a must demo for me (mp Version) Regards JJ
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    NEW Co-poly by Signum Pro! Big Spin, Great Value

    because it is an "TW-Only" String, you can only buy it at TW.
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    String flattened by clamps...

    which string is it in the picture? thx
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    NEW Co-poly by Signum Pro! Big Spin, Great Value

    Hello TW, when will be the written Review online? The Scores will be interesting... Thank you Regards JJ
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    @TF Officials: what will be the differences of the new Tfight Line? I´m just testing the current Tfight 295 (is it correct that this is an eu only model?) and i think about: buying the current 295 for a good sale price or wait for the new ones...? @all anyone allready played with the current...
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    Signum Pro Yellow Jacket auch in DE erhältlich?

    Hallo liebes TW-E Team, ich habe das Video Review zur neuen Signum Pro Yellow Jacket auf gesehen. Es handelt sich dabei ja um eine TW exclusive Saite richtig? Wir es diese somit auch in Deutschland bei TW geben? Die Saite scheint lt Tester sehr interessant zu sein, wäre ja...
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    Tecnifibre TFLASH 300 vs Srixon CV 3.0

    Hello all, has anybody had the chance to play with both Racquets? (Tecnifibre Tflash 300 PS) What are your thoughts? Thank you Regards JJ
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    Play test: srixon cv 3.0, 18 pure drive, rad touch Mp, rad touch S, Volkl V1 Mp

    @danbrenner, do you had the chance to play already with the Srixon cv3.0 ? Your Review/Opinions would be very Interesting thx
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    Tecnifibre TFlash 300 ps

    "Anyone here has tried the Dunlop Srixon 3.0 CV and how does it compare to the TFlash 300PS?" that would be a good comparsion!
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    @ Brittany & Chris short comparsion of Srixon CV3.0/Tflash 300 PS / Völkl super 7

    Hello Brittany and Chris, can i kindly ask you for a comparsion of the three Raquests? What is your Opinion: - whats your favorite of the three - Which is easiest to Play - most Control - any other thoughts are welcome thank you very much Regards. Thomas
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    Replacement for Ascis Gel Resolution 5 Clay /Wider foot

    Hello together, i have to replace my GR5 Clay and i can´t find a Shoe that fits my foot as well. I have a wide foot and tried about 5-10 shoes so far without success. Is it correct that the Gel Resolution 6,7 are diffefrent in fit? Thx for an Tip. Regards. JJ
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    Soft but SOLID strings

    Hi, if you like Kirschbaum Max Power, try RS (Robin Söderlin) RS Paris. It is in the same corner, but litte more spin and little softer!. Regards
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    Written Review to Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0

    Friendly reminder for the written review ;)
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    Written Review to Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0

    Also a comparsion to the pure aereo/Pure Drive / dr 100 would be interesting :-)
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    Written Review to Dunlop Srixon Revo CV 3.0

    Hello TW Team, i already saw the Video to the new Srixon. Sound interessting and all of the Players in the test were positive with it. When will the written Review be online? I´m very interested in the Scores of the raquet.. :-) thank you Regards Thomas
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    IsoSpeed Golden Touch

    Hello ShahofTennis, i played with Isospeed golden Touch in the Past. Golden Touch was a "special" and was supposed to be sold only on Reels. It played much like a livelier Version of isospeed Black fire. More direct and not as muted. I liked it. Please give me a short message, here in Europe...
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    Technifibre TFlash 300 Dynacore vs Babolat Pure Aero

    Hello, any updates for the written Review? or so many work to edit the article :-)? thx
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    Textreme Warrior 100

    Hello, what about the Balance? (31.5 or 33)? Regards
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    Technifibre TFlash 300 Dynacore vs Babolat Pure Aero

    Hi Chris, any updates for the written review? (can´t wait to the the scores) :)
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    New Tecnifibre T-flash

    Hello, any reviews on the new T-Flash dynacore Raquets? (esp the 300 and 315) Regards JJ
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    ProKennex Ki Q Tour (300) at TW...

    Hello, no Attention for this Raquet? I´m Playing with it for 3 Weeks now and i´m really impressed. With a Little Lead in the head it plays very well. I would it discribe as: a very fast through the air Players Raquet with the weight of a tweener. Regards JJ
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    Alu Power Main 1.25 Grey - Which Cross String to enhance playing time

    Hello phnx90, can you tell us more about this hybrid? Sounds interessting... which difference is between Alu Power in Full set? Do you use Razor Code in Black or blue Color? Which Tension do you use and what racket? Thx
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    Alu Power Soft vs Alu Power in Case of Playability Duration and Tension Maintanance

    thank you for the replay. So double the life Time would be fantastic... If you have to give stament in case of: how much softer ist the "Soft" to the Regular alu power? If we count in % ? When you look in the String friction Rating, the soft should be much better in this department too...