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    iPod nanos, upgradable to 8 GB :D

    Or you could upgrade your nano to 200gb IDIOT!!!!
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    Gotta good joke?

    Did you hear about the dyslexic Christians. They spent all of their life fearing Santa.
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    brain teaser

    What the hell is that rose petal thing
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    Great Song Lyrics Right Here

    She came from Greece she had a thirst for knowledge She studied sculpture at Saint Martin's College, that's where I caught her eye. She told me that her Dad was loaded I said in that case I'll have a rum and coke-cola. She said fine and in thirty seconds time she said, I want to live like common...
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    Ricky Gervais Podcast

    Has anyone else heard this podcast. It is the number 1 podcast on iTunes but yet I have not seen anyone else who has heard it. It's hilarious. I would recommened it to anyone.
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    Pepsi or Coke?

    Dr Pepper tastes like fizzy Benylin.
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    Pepsi or Coke?

    Dr Pepper tastes like fizzy Benylin.
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    Xbox 360

    Remember the games for the N64 were about £60 or ($100) at least in the UK when it first came out, the games will drop in price by about 20% in 6 months.
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    Xbox 360

    Has anyone seen the motion sensitive controller for the revolution. How would that work for sports games. Getting the Xbox360 for Christmas, thank god I got in early. Aren't there core consoles still in stores because everyone wants the "fully loaded" package.
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    Ordering from TW

    !!!!Warning!!!! You will also have to pay import tax which is charged at a very high rate. Check the TW International for shipping rates.
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    USA v UK (EA Games)

    Has anyone else noticed how much more detailed the American EA Sports games are compared to the UK games. Example : Fifa 2006 has only recently grasped the create a team function. Madden 2006 you can create a fan. (useless but deatiled)
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    iPod Nano

    My screen is fine and the battery lasts for hours. Has a couple of scratches which are only visible from certain angles into the light but otherwise it's still FANTASTIC!!
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    iPod Nano

    I got mines yesterday. ITS TINY I'll have to see about the screen and battery thing.
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    A1 Grand Prix

    I've only saw a couple of laps but so far it looks fantastic. Has anyone else seen it? What do you think? PS Don't tell me who won.
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    What is your favorite shot in tennis?

    Got to be the forehand approach shot. Although I am best at the lob.
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    Fred Perry clothing?

    I've seen some of the Fred Perry tennis apparel in Livingston. (near Edinburgh) Where is it you live austro.
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    For all you reebok people...

    The Figjams are just awesome. Hate the PMDs.
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    Ashes Victory

    I was merely bandwagonjumping. I don't do it enough. The only thing which should go is in the England team. IAN BELL!!!!!!!!!!
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    Deep fried Mars bars are horrible and I don't know where the monkey thing comes from. And I think a pigs bladder probably sounds better than a head.
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    Ashes Victory

    Clarke for captain!!! McGrath for PM!!! Warne for king!!! What a line-up to get beat off the lime-ies (didn't know how to spell it)
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    I thought it was using a pigs bladder. We're a civilised bunch. PS The ashes were great, I was gripped and I'm a Scotsman. Although I do play cricket, but still a great series. The Aussies will win it back in 06 though. I just hope it will be as exciting as this series.
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    iPod Nano

    Wow, those look so cool Lakoste, feel sad mines would now look pathetic with my name engraved on the back.
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    Tennis apparel shopping in London?

    PS If jonny or everyone else are ever in Glasgow (doubt that you would be as it's a dup but it's the best we have) you should go to Nike Greaves in Buchanan Galleries it has everything, and it's in Scotland. YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
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    iPod Nano

    Eh jonny everyone gets that.
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    iPod Nano

    Just seen more pictures of it it's tiny. The black one looks so sleek. Apparently it's only as thick as a pencil.
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    US open point tracker

    I don't know why. Hawkeye looks more modern though and will soon be used for cricket so it is definitely improving.
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    Tennis apparel shopping in London?

    Theres also the website www.p w Without the spaces. Isn't there a NikeTown in London too.
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    2012 olympics

    fedex 27 where the hell have you been the last 3 months. It was absolutely wild in Britain.
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    iPod Nano

    Got one last night off the Apple website for my birthday. God it looks cool. To think I was almost going to get the Ipod Mini.
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    Murray because he's Scottish but for no other reason. He is a moaning child. PS Henman Hill should change to Murrayfield.