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    Data, Opinions and Schmke's blog

    Edit: this thread is for anyone that wants to talk about or analyze data to see if it supports various opinions and also to think about what sort of data might prove or disprove certain opinions. In this post I talked about how I would like to see certain data. As it turns out Schmke has...
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    Predictions and future ratings for Mixed doubles?

    I guess nationals for mixed doubles is happening on November 7th. Is this something we can predict or do the separate rating systems make this impossible? Also has anyone heard that USTA may incorporate mixed doubles play into your rating?
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    First USTA Match

    I finally got to play my first USTA match. It was 6.5 mixed doubles. I had a good time we have a great/fun team and I played pretty well. Unsurprisingly my serve and serve receive was pretty weak. We ended up splitting sets and won the tie break. One issue I had was I felt I wasn't able...
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    Mixed Doubles Rating Effects

    I am going to be playing on a 6.5 mixed doubles team this fall. I have also been trying to put together a 3.0 men's team for next year. Actually I may actually end up trying to get 2 teams together since we don't have a league in our area. I self rated at 3.0 and I have never played usta...
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    Courteously Strategize with Doubles Partner

    Just a general topic. I think more advanced players likely settle into routines with how and when it is appropriate to strategize. However, I am relatively new to tennis. I have seen some of the videos that talk about some obvious faux pas like telling your partner what to do during match...
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    Problems with how the USTA Rates Players and Possible Solutions

    This is intended as a discussion where we can talk about all the pros and cons of how USTA uses its rating system and what some solutions might be. I started it as a response in a thread but it is clear this topic is much broader and I don’t want to hijack the other persons thread more than I...
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    Federer's UTR ranking.

    UTR says the ratings are calculated using only ratings from the past 12 months. "How is it calculated? For each match, the algorithm calculates a match rating and a match weight for each player. A player’s UTR is the weighted average of up to 30 of their most recent match ratings. Only...