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    The TT Football Club

    Hey Ross, fellow spurs fan here. I was screaming like a baby when that goal went in and i was urging us forward to try and take all 3 points like Everton did to us last year. By all accounts we dominated possession and had 3 times many more shots than united so we at least deserved a draw...
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    Will Murray suffer another dip in form after his recent loss.

    As some of you are aware Murray fell of the mountain after his AO final loss to Federer earlier this year. Some say it was due to injury, some say it was mental and others say it was depression. Whatever, the reason, it was clear that Murray had lost the winning feeling and was losing matches...
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    Is Uncle Toni one the best tactical coach's

    Many thanks to all contributors to this thread. I hope you all found it balanced and objective. I have been following Team Rafa for some time and have been impressed at how many times, Rafa is able to implement the strategical changes which are undoubtedly coming from his uncle into a winning...
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    Is Uncle Toni one the best tactical coach's

    Rafa's uncle and coach Toni does not get enough credit but what he has achieved with Rafa is unbelievable. He guided Rafa to clay court dominance early on in Rafa's career. Then helped Rafa develop a solid grass court game. What ever Rafa's detractors say Rafa does change many aspects of his...
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    R Federer vs. JM del Potro -- W.T.Final - RR

    I agree completely. When Fed won the 2nd set he shouted 'I am through', so he would have known most of the permuatations. Once it went 3 sets Delpo had to win by 6-3 or better and he did. The way Fed lost that 8th game was terrible. I think his fee should be deducted by that tanked game. LOL
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    R Federer vs. JM del Potro -- W.T.Final - RR

    I saw the match and Fed tanked at 3-4 it was so obvious. On a serious note it just shows how the r/r can be abused. If this was Davydenko there would have been an ITF enquiry. But Federer decides to lose two sets that exactly allows Delpo through. That was a complete set up. It would be...
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    Thoughts on watching Nadal live today at WTF.

    I was at the 02 arena today for the Nadal vs Soderling match for their round robin match. I had great seats for the match I was about 5 rows away from the court at level 1 row E for those in the know. I thought Robin looked razor sharp in the first set. He was cleaning the lines especially...
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    Changing Federer's Destiny Terminator style.

    I am bored so please bear with me. If you could go back in time and destroy the Legend that is Federer ala Terminator when would you go back. And instead of terminating Federer you could influence the outcome of a match which you believe would hinder his chances of becoming part of the...
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    WTF World Tour Finals Draw

    I agree with you. Nadal has always made the semifinals of TMC when he has played it. I don't see why that should be any different this time. Nadal has a winning record over Djokovic and Soderling and plays Davydenko tough most of the time. Rafa always steps up to the plate when he has to and...
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    Who would have thought?

    My coach thinks that Nadal will either never win a slam again or come back stronger than before. My coach is in his 70's and was a former pro from the old Czechoslovakia. He feels that Nadal has lost his aura and will have to come back bigger than before otherwise he is toast everywhere. My...
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    Who would have thought?

    Who would have thoght at the end of 2008 that Nadal would not win or make the final of either FO or Wimbledon? Who would have thought that Federer after losing the AO in 2009 would go on to win the FO and Wimbledon? Who would have thought Del Potro would have beaten Federer at the US Open...
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    Do you think Federer will coach his daughters?

    Genetics are very complicated. Just because Federer and Mirka have good fundamentals in tennis does not mean that there children would become great tennis players. Forexample Agassi's and Graf's children may not have inherited the good genes from their parent's. They may have inherited the bad...
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    Is the next generation of wta girls an insurance write off!

    It seems to me the young up and comers may be a bust at the highest level. When you look at the future of the wta it does not fill you with confidence. The 'it' girls like Azarenka, Radwansa, Wozniacki and Safina dont seem to me to have the pedigree of champions. Safina seems destined to...
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    Del Potro: Rise of the Power Player.

    My thoughts on this win is with total astonishment. I went to bed after DP lost the 3rd set as I assumed that Fed would finish it off in 4. The 3rd set in these sort of matches is crucial and Fed appeared to have taken the wind out of DP's sails. Then I wake up some hours later to read that DP...
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    No one defended their GS title this year?

    It has been noted by some observers that this year represents the year of change. Whether you accept that or not - there has been some changes in the tenis scene. Last year the grand slam champions for both men's and women's singles were as follows: AO Djokovic...
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    To be this is nothing but to be safely thus?

    The above title is from the Shakespeare Play, Macbeth. In the Play, Macbeth plots his way to the Crown and becomes King. Once he is King he realises that staying King is difficult because he has a bullseye on him. In many ways Rafa is in the same predicament. Rafa is world no 1 and it seems...
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    Thoughts on Sampras(prime) vs Nadal (now)?

    I think it depends on how Sampras deals with the topspin and how Nadal deals with the sampras serve. If Pete could hurt Nadal on the bh side as well as the fh then it would be intriguing. If Nadal could get Sampras to hit a ton of volleys and was able to get on that serve (remember Nadal is a...
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    He beat me when i had the match under control says Rafa.

    spoiler. A lot of people like to comment on what the top players say about other players. Yesterday Federer got a lot of flak for talkiing about Novak's history of retirements. Today, Nadal said that he (Simon) beat him last year in Madrid when he (Rafa) had the match under control. Some...
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    Reason's why Murray has been beating Federer.

    I never stated anything I said respected opinion suggests that it was LIKELY not definite based on h2h and their junior days. I don't think it is unreasonable to suggest that Nalbandian playing with the confidence of winning a slam may be a different proposition to what he has become now. In the...
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    Reason's why Murray has been beating Federer.

    Firstly, many thanks to Oui, c'est moi for correctly interpreting my post. I mentioned Nalbandian as a comparison to Murray in term of an all round game and a contemporary to Federer. I do not see why that is so difficult for Nadal supporters to understand. Secondly, Nalbandian has and may...
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    Reason's why Murray has been beating Federer.

    1. Murray has fantastic returns and causes Federer to play more balls than he prefers. Federer has even started double faulting with each match he plays Murray - signs that Fed is going for more on 2nd serves. 2. Federer has huge dips in his 1st serve percentage against Murray. Federer...
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    2009 could be great for Djokovic?

    The last player that won their 1st grand slam and TMC in the same year went on to win 3 grand slams the following year. They also became the world no 1 and went on to dominate the game for the next 4 years. That player used the springboard of winning a grand slam plus winning the TMC to...
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    Was Murray right to play hard?

    Reasons why beating Fed was right. Murray was right in beating Fed at any cost and here's why? 1) Fed also wanted to win just as badly and fought tooth and nail. 2) Beating Fed in this way will give Murray more 'belief' when and if they meet again at a grand slam. Murray should know...
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    roger federer vs. andy murray

    I am not jumping on any wagons just pointing out that it was a huge win for Murray regardless. It will fill him with huge confidence going into future matchups. Murray will know and believe he can beat Federer more than ever. Federer knows he has to play his very best throughout to beat Murray...
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    roger federer vs. andy murray

    Fed was desperste to win this match! I think Fed would have retired against anyone else not named Murray or Djokovic. When he was broken early in set 3, Fed sat down near the ball boys and looked like he wanted to retire but changed his mind. I think that Fed was keen to push Murray because he...
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    Roger Federer vs Andy Roddick WWW

    People forget that Simon barely beat Federer playing as badly as he was. In normal circumstances Simon should have won in straights against someone serving below 50% and hitting 50 ue's. The fact the fact that it was close and Fed could have won if he had taken the 3bp's offered to him is a...
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    Federer vs Simon- 2008 Shanghai Masters RR match

    Yeah Fed was like I'm going to practice my serve and some fh drills. lol The umpire was like: 'do u wanna challenge?' Fed: 'Nah, i'm out of here?'
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    Federer vs Simon- 2008 Shanghai Masters RR match

    The bad back for Federer probably affected Fed's ability to work on his serve. Federer's serving percentage was way to low to win this match. His got his work cut out to qualify for sf.
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    Djokovic vs Del Potro 08 Shanghai Masters

    No wonder Nole is always burned out at the end of the year. He grinds far too much instead of blasting winners. Nole needs to make his game much more efficient. He really needs to watch Federer tapes and see how he can shorten points. IMO he overplays far too much and wonders why he out of gas.
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    Djokovic vs Del Potro 08 Shanghai Masters

    I agree for his height Delpo should be serving much much better. If Delpo can develop a serve as good as say Ivo he may be able to give the top guys nightmares. He also needs to develop a better transistion game; his all out bashing from the back won't cut it against quality opponents. However...