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    2021 US Open - Men's Singles - General Discussion

    Tsitsipas doubling down on his bathroom breaks! Saying that was the reason he won the match "like before." I'm team Murray but I have to respect him giving it back.
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    2021 Wimbledon - Men's Singles - Tournament thread

    I'm not surprised. Andujar was so deliriously exhausted after his win yesterday that he sobbed like a child on court and then put his jacket on upside down.
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    Jerzy Janowicz thread!

    He took a wildcard into the challenger in Rennes. He could have used his protected ranking for the Australian Open qualifying but obviously didn't feel ready. He narrowly won his first match in Rennes against Machac (ranking 362) then lost in the second round to Lestienne (ranking 225). He's...
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    Jerzy Janowicz thread!

    Fantastic to see Jerzy back after such a long injury absence. No matter what his results, just getting back on court is a huge win.
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    Nadal return announced.

    You have to admire the guy's commitment. He's willing to miss months of tennis just to convince everyone that he only lost to Rosol because he had an injury.
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    [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Andy Murray US Open FINAL

    Even Lendl will get knighted for this.
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    2012 ROGERS CUP - Montreal/Toronto - General Discussion Thread

    But Fish V Gasquet was supposed to be second on Grandstand and it's been moved to first on Stadium... Confused.
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    2012 ROGERS CUP - Montreal/Toronto - General Discussion Thread

    The first match tonight was supposed to be Djokovic V Haas. Did one of them withdraw?
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    The Olympics Don't Matter

    If anything, winning an Olympic gold medal in his own country on one of the greatest two days for that country ever should be something to be ashamed of.
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    [250] Farmers Classic 2012 @ UCLA

    He's playing the red dirt in Europe for some unfathomable reason. Kitzbuhel actually has a much better draw. I thought I'd clicked on last year's LA qualifying draw at first. Shocking.
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    Marray's Superb Sportsmanship

    I don't understand the point the OP is making other than he can't read and hasn't been following Wimbledon.
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    So who plays on court 1 tomorrow? Djokovic, Federer or Murray?!
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    They don't like moving matches already started. Although I reckon they will move Murray to centre tomorrow and have all the remaining five singles matches first across five courts. That's what SHOULD happen anyway...
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    Probably will put the Williams sisters doubles match on centre.
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    Oh, never mind.
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    No clothing contract for Baker? He is about to become considerably richer than he is now.
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    When are they doing that? I don't want to waste it.
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    Play suspended on the outside court doubles. I'm sure in Wimbledon pasts they've played until 9.30 and beyond. This year 9pm seems to be quitting time. What's different this year? And they only used to suspend play at even games but now anything goes. What gives? Or should I really not care...
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    Dr. Ivo accuses Wimbledon of bias

    Hmm, if even Karlovic doesn't know the different between British and English, maybe I shouldn't be so annoyed at Americans.
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    McEnroe "There should be no pre match warm up in Tennis"

    He says the same things over and over. I want to push something sharp into my brain every time he references his famous phrases: "Chalk Flew Up! Of course it's titanium pigment these days," "You cannot be serious!" etc. Which is about five times a day.
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    Dustin Brown is so lovely to watch on grass. Not just because of his 100% serve and volley either. He doesn't waste time scrutinizing balls, just walks back to the baseline, takes whatever the ball boy gives him, and serves. If all players played this quick, and half of them played with his...
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    Why Do Some Pros Struggle With Weight?

    Astonished at the state of Falconi (among others). Some of these girls must just eat cream cakes all day in between training.
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    Wimbledon discussion thread

    They've finally brought the outside court start times forward! I can't believe it, after all these years! Just half an hour will make so much difference to the amount of unfinished matches every day. They've always maintained that it's an "afternoon summer event", but even these stubborn gits...
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    Queen's and Halle discussion thread

    If they don't finish play today they are screwed. There's still a first round doubles match to be played when Anderson finishes his singles. Anderson may have to play three times today and three times tomorrow if he wins all his matches. Don't know why Queens has an extra round of singles and...
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    talk tennis is nearly unreadable now.

    How do you delete your account?
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    no espn or NBC coverage in US until 11AM tomorrow

    NBC insist on having their own camera there so it's off centre next to the French TV one. Looks horrible not having the camera in the centre of the court.
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    2012 RG SF: [2] Rafael Nadal vs [5] David Ferrer

    It's been that way for days. I guess no one's updated the headline? Strange.
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    2012 RG SF: [2] Rafael Nadal vs [5] David Ferrer

    I think they just streamed week 1. Trying to get people to subscribe?
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    French Open 2012 Quater final - Federer vs Del potro

    The call came well before the ball landed, so if Del Po wasn't distracted, it's a shame Federer was.