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    Average racquet weight for Pro's and 4-6 ntrp players

    Hey guys, I was wondering what you reckon (or know) what the average racquet weight is for professional players and/or players who are around the 5 ntrp level. Cheers :)
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    Murray crying? (spoiler)

    Is Andy crying here??...
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    Grommet for Wilson Ultra 3 Kevlar

    Hey guys, I was wondering if a Wilson BLX/K-Factor/nCode Six-One 95 16x18 Grommet would fit on my pair of Wilson Ultra 3 Kevlars.. Same string pattern and head size. Thankssss :)
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    Wilson Ultra 3 Kevlar

    I just bought two of these. Haven't picked them up yet but will within the next few days. Does anyone know anything about these?? Thanks
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    Music fans will love this!

    JP and his 'one man band' act on the 2009 Australia's Got Talent tv show. Really awesome!!
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    Where did this guy go?? I think that was his name.. :)
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    Zimonjic is a boss!

    Just wanting to let everyone know that I love Nenad. His facial hair makes him look like a bad ass!
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    Where is Robbie Koenig?!?!?

    Is he doing any US open commentating?? "That was a thunderbolt!" "Well he's working the angle here, like a South African diamond cutter!" "That's why they pay him the big bucks!" "That's outrageous!" "Ridiculous!"
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    Fed vs Berdych

    I reckon Fed in 2 OR 3. Although haven't seen how Berdych is playing at the moment. Thoughts?
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    Federer Cincy draw

    Federer's half of the Cincy draw looks fairly easy except for potential 2nd round clash against del potro! :) Yes/no?
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    Nadal is goneburgers!

    Murray and Nadal are out... LOL Wawrinka for FINAL! hahahahaha
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    Shipping nike shoes

    Is there any way I can get Nike shoes sent from Tennis warehouse to New Zealand?? They cost around 200-250$ here :(
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    Streaming websites

    Hey guys not sure where to post this, however does anyone know any good live streaming websites that have the rogers cup showing?? I would like to watch Fed's first match. Cheers :)
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    Blake to win Farmers Classic ;)

    Blake's win in the Farmers Classic will result in him eventually winning the title. ....We can only hope ;) Haha I hope he wins at least one more title before finishing up :)
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    Best cheap poly for full bed

    Just trying out strings and was wondering what you guys reckon the best cheap poly is strung at a full bed? Please recommend ones that have good spin and/or ones that are good for hitting flat. Thank you :)