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    Mouratoglou Tennis Academy - Adult Tennis Camps

    Thinking of going to the Moutatoglou tennis facility for a tennis camp in the spring. Has anyone been there? If so, did you enjoy it?
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    semi western grip and wrist pain

    Have you tried playing with a less-stiff frame? Or tried a different string? Using multifilament strings or a multi/soft poly hybrid at a lower tension made a difference for me.
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    Life Span of a racquet?

    How do you know when a racquet needs to be replaced? Does their playability change with time? My Wilson Ultras are about 3 years old. I have 3 that I use in rotation and restring at least once/ month. The grommets are fine. I’m a 4.5 player who’s working on hitting bigger tempo on my groundstrokes.
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    Advice on best format for quick matches

    Those if you who have run tournaments, which match format can generally be played in an hour or less: 1. best 2 out of 3 short sets (starting at 2 games all) or 2. best 2 out of three regular sets, with no ad and a 10 point tie breaker in lieu of a third set or 3. ??? I’m running a small...
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    Federer keeps surprising

    Yes quite amazing! Fed’s not one of the players who’s all taped up or limping around on court.
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    Armfriendly racket?

    Tried the Technifibre Fight XTC 295? It’s a lighter version of a player’s racquet. I’ve found it to be very arm friendly. Currently stringing it with multifilament - NRG or XCel.
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    Touch Tennis

    Way more fun than PB. Have started it here in Canada to get us through long cold winter.
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    Pickleball Nation

    Yes it’s true - however many are discovering that bringing the two games together on the same courts seems to lead to endless conflict. Consequently, more are choosing to locate PB courts elsewhere.
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    Pickleball Nation

    Surprised that so few people have taken to touchtennis - which I think is superior to PB. Ball bounces higher and is quieter (i.e. you don’t have a 3-Advil headache after listening to the Popping sound). There is a myth out there that you can’t get injured playing PB. I’ve heard of lots os...
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    Dispute with pickleball guys - was I wrong

    So hard to fathom what happened in this video - looks pretty outrageous. Find that many users of public courts, and that includes tennis players, have no concept of proper etiquette (i.e. not walking behind a court when play is in progress, not closing the gate after entering or exiting a...
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    Why did you choose your racquet?

    I tried the demo route, but found that most of the shops around here string with poly and at higher tensions than I would normally use, so playtesting turned out to be a dead end for me. Recently bought a Technifibre TFight 295 based on specs alone (stiffnes, overall weight, swing weight...
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    Why pickleball and not touchtennis/red ball tennis, etc

    Sounds like it is worth trying. Thanks!
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    Why pickleball and not touchtennis/red ball tennis, etc

    Looks like fun. Don’t you need a screened enclosure for the court? All we have is a school gym - and I prefer using a racquet rather than a paddle for skill development.
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    Why pickleball and not touchtennis/red ball tennis, etc

    Good to see that the sport is growing. I too have just introduced touch tennis in my town in Canada. Here we have long winters and no indoor courts so touchtennis a great alternative to not playing (or playing PB, which is, as someone said is “cute,” but is pretty limiting if you are a decent...
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    My Pure Drive is killing my Arm!

    Try the Technifibre Tfight 295. Very arm friendly. Specs place it between a player racquet and some of the lighter rec frames in terms of flex, stiffness and swing weight.
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Hey guys - just bought a TFight 295 and love it. As a female player, I was looking for a racquet that was a little lighter than what many of the guys like to use, but with a decent swingweight. These racquets arrive pre-strung. Any idea what’s in them? Looked to be a 16 gauge multi, but I’m not...
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    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Hey guys - my TFight 295 just arrived, pre- strung as advertised. Can you tell me what string and tension these racquets come with? Thanks
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    Knee and Foot problem

    Yes, have been through some of the same grief. Am 10+ years older than you and find I have to invest a lot of time (i.e. at least 30 minutes every other day) doing strength, flexibility and mobility work. Lots of rolling out tight spots (ITB, glutes, hip flexors etc) with a tennis ball. The...
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    Who's tried the Technifibre TFight 295 XTC?

    I'm a senior (okay, old!) 4.5 tennis player looking for a more forgiving racquet. Who's tried the TFight 295
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    Ankle brace options

    Agree with being smart about a return to tennis. My physio strongly suggested that I stay off the courts for 4 to 8 weeks and focus on rehab for my grade 2 ankle sprain. Rolling an ankle again at this critical healing phase can lead to chronic loxitiy in the join.
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    Looking for box league software

    Has anyone come across software for managing a box league that they would recommend? I belong to a small, but growing tennis club - we don't have a clubhouse or central location where we can post scores, so we need to rely on apps. If you've come across something that is easy to use (and...
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    Multifilament Hybrid String Suggestions

    What’s your favorite multi hybrid set up? And why? I’m looking for a smooth mult to pair with Biphase in my Yonex DR 100 or another combo. I like the liveliness of Biphase but find that it locks up after a few hours of play. Perhaps a smooth cross string might help the feel to last longer.
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    Changing racquets - arm pain : stay or go?

    Have been struggling with similar issues. Changing to a multifilament sting (not familiarl with what you are using) helped -but hate to say it, never made the difference I was hoping for. I’m still shopping for the right frame.
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    What's so good about yonex?

    I’ve started playing with the DR 100 in the past year - strung with a multifilament string at 40lbs with a little weight added to the head. It’s an amazing racquet for doubles - great touch on volleys and overall control. If I had one gripe, it’s that the sweet spot feels tiny when I’m having an...
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    WTA's new site = awful

    Totally agree. New WTA site is hard to navigate. I've give up using it to find draws and order of play.
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    Had meniscus repaired 7 months ago, knee still in pain after play.

    I'm with you. Go slow and back off if your knee starts to get irritated. I'm 62 and had meniscus trimmed last October as well -lots of rehab to get back on the court and spent several weeks doing controlled hitting on the half court with gradual return to competition. Maybe I was lucky - hope...
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    Diet: how do you fight off food craving!?

    Have you tried myfitness It's a free app that helps track you calorie intake and expenditure through exercise. You can set a goal for yourself - and when dinner or evening snacks roll along, see what you still have room for. It's an easy way to structure and become conscious about what...
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    Getting knee swelling down

    Hi - in addition to following the advice of your surgeon or PT, you are wise to pay attention to how your knee feels as you are doing your rehab or getting back to being active. Some days my knee feels great doing light squats, on others not so much. Those are the days to back off and not...
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    Getting knee swelling down

    A few good exercises for balance recommended by my PT are 2 and 1 legged mini squats on a Bosu. He's also got me starting on box jumps (hopping on and off a 4" box to start, while trying to land as softly as possible. Also doing one-legged hops for and back as well as side to side. All of this...
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    Getting knee swelling down

    Good to hear that you are making progress. I'm at about the same place post op - also doing rehab daily- 30 min cycling, light strength work and now getting into movement exercises like walking lunges and instability work -squats on bosu. I've also been given the green light for classic skiing...