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    Weighting up a Blade 104

    I really like the Blade 104 but find it a bit too light. Has anyone tried adding weight to theirs? How did you like it?
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    Agassi vs. Raonic : Better Hair

    A battle for the ages. Introducing first, the challenger, sporting a modern take on the 50s pompadour while maintaining its form and structure in 100 degree heat, Milos Raonic! And now , needing no introduction, the reigning and defending champion, looking like he just stepped off the set...
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    Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus fun

    Got a chance to hit with a Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus the other day. Tremendous power, I found it easy to fire absolute missiles from anywhere on the court, fh or bh. For some reason the weight and the length worked real well for me. I didnt find it hard to get around at all. The Wilson RF97...
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    Any pros using racquets with a flex in the 50s?

    Other than Agassi's POG and Radicals, do you guys know of any pros who are using racquets that have a flex rating in the 50s? I find it really difficult to play with a flexy frame. I can adjust to almost any other parameter such as weight, or headsize or string pattern, but I can never seem to...
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    Wilson Six One

    Any word on six one's for 2017? I hear we won't have any next yr.
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    What racquet would you use if you were a professional?

    As the title states, what current production model would you use if your income and livelihood depended on winning tennis matches? Assume endorsement money is the same from every company. Also assume any frame you pick would be weighted uo to 'tour' level. As for me I liked pro staffs in...
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    Should Tsonga have stayed with the Pure Strike?

    First off I posted this in the general pro forum instead of the racquet forum since I think its more a discussion about a pro player, whereas the racquet forum seems to be more geared to info about/reviews of frames. As a Tsonga fan I feel like his nautral game of powerful shotmaking and...
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    Blade 104 vs Blade 98 (16x19) Power

    How do you all feel the power compares? I used the TW power comparison tool which gives a slight edge to the 104, I was wondering if that plays out in real life experiences for you all. The 104 has power holes and an oversize head, but maybe its 59 flex rating and relatively denser 18X19 pattern...
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    RF97 Review

    Wow! I got a chance to finally hit with the RF97 recently, this thing really lived up to the marketing hype and reviews I had read over the last year. The good: 1) I have been a Wilson user of various pro staffs and Hammers , this RF97 kind of combines the head stability of my Hammers with...
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    Hitting Smaller Targets: RF97 vs Ezone Ai98

    Which of these two frames do you all find better for pinpoint accuracy? I'm waiting to demo both myself.
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    There Should Be an HBO 24/7 Style Show For Wimbledon

    As a boxing fan, I really enjoy the HBO 24/7 and Showtime All Access shows that lead up to a big fight. You get to see into a fighter's life and training camp and see how they prepare. You also get to see how an individual sport under the lights is a true team effort in the gym with trainers...
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    A Boost In Yonex Popularity After French Open

    With Stan emerging as the cool "new" player on tour after his FO win, will we see kids quickly moving to Yonex in an effort to emulate his aggressive power game ? Also Ana making it to the semis may inspire people to check out the Ai line, or the Xi line .
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    The Real Winner Here is Jo Willy Tsonga

    Neither Fed nor Djoker looked like they belonged on the same court as Stan. Tsonga however gave him quite a battle, if that tiebreak goes the other way, who knows. Perhaps this is a great sign of a breakthrough for Tsonga and his long awaited slam is just around the corner.
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    Future of the Wilson Pro Staffs

    What will happen to the regular pro staffs and six one's next year? Will Wilson cut the entire line down to just the new RF pro staff style models? Back in the day there ised to be a whole suite of pro staffs with si's from 4 to 7 or so, I wish we had something like that again.
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    Wilson Blade 104 vs. Yonex Ezone Ai 100 : Power Comparison

    Hello , I find myself interested in the Blade 104 and Ezone Ai 100 based on specs. I was wondering if anyone who has hit with both can discuss which one is more powerful. How controllable was the power? TW doesn't have the Blade 104 available for demo so I can't directly compare them...
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    Any Int/Adv. Players Prefer Granny Sticks?

    I grew up in the Wilson Hammer era in the 90s. I had a Hammer 5.0 (teal and black) in my under 14s and 16s tournament days until some coaches at my club suggested I start using a "real" racquet and I switched to the Wilson PS Classic 6.6 (USA Stars and Stripes) and my game suffered quite a bit...
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    Prince Racquet Technology: Outdated or Still Relevant?

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member here and am excited to join the discussions. I wanted to see what you guys felt about the new Prince frames. My current racquet is a Wilson HyperCarbon HyperHammer 6.3 (yellow & black) which I customized with some lead. I have been away from the game for...