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    Japan or Italy

    I'm planning to take trips to Japan and Italy next summer. I'll be heading to Rome and Tokyo, possibly some other cities and was wondering if anyone is from either place or has visited and knows anything about the tennis around there.
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    Wrist Problem

    After searching the forums and having no luck, I thought I'd make a post. Recently I have had some wrist pain, well more soreness and tenderness. The conclusion I drew is from overuse or general extended use of my wrist being from tennis, computer time and perhaps work in the backyard...
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    Favorite players to watch

    I was wondering who in your opinion are fun to watch, and generally players you like that may not be top 10 players. For me, they would be the following: Agassi Hewitt Ferrero Coria Nalbandian Federer Overall, I'd say I like all these players and to me they are all really fun to...
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    The overgrip I ordered should be arriving today. Anyways, I was wondering if overgrip could be used strictly as normal grip tape? Like say for instance I put it on, and I find out it makes the grip a little too thick, could I just remove the normal grip tape and use the Yonex overgrip?
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    Wimbledon Seedings

    Here is an article about the controversy over the seedings. I found it rather interesting.
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    String Harmony

    Yonex RDX-500 Midplus stringing options? Minding the name :P I just purchased a Yonex RDX-500 Midplus and was wondering if the Yonex string sold here at TW would be sufficient or perhaps if I should go for something else. I basically want something that will really help with nice crisp shots...
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    Seeking some advice.

    Hello everyone. While being new to this site and browsing around, I noticed the vast tennis knowledge on these forums. I am hoping some of you may be able to help me. I am currently 19, and looking for a new racquet. I am quite fit for my large size and my game packs some obvious power but...