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    I'm getting sued over injury made while playing...

    wait... he wears glasses and is threatening to sue you in part because of his blurred vision?!?!
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    Do you choose to serve first if you win the toss?

    ever since ive read Winning Ugly, ive been choosing to return, unless my opponent's serve is huge.
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    Hitting at your opponent

    my coach encourages it. its in the rules, so why not? nothing like getting a free point by serving at the net guy... ;-)
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    short balls

    make sure you stop your feet before you hit a shortball, and remember that approach shots set you up for a winner
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    Where to buy LaCoste

    you would have to go to the larger boutiques to find his clothes. most of the boutiques in america are smaller. try calling their new york boutiques: Address: 608 Fifth Ave. - New York, NY 10020--2303 Phone: 212-459-2300 - Fax: 212-459-2304 - Email: Hours...
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    Roddick and Lacoste: Yay or Nay?

    most of it is now made in morocco
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    Where to buy LaCoste

    neiman marcus has Lacoste
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    What is your "signature" fashion?

    white everything
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    Tennis mag

    i got mine yesterday
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    Tennis breakthrough?

    topspin worked for me too. played in a school tournament, took first. during the tournament something just clicked and ive been playing great ever since. i guess im also just being alot more aggressive
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    How far back from net when vollying?

    2/3 of the way from the net to the service line is good. this makes you close enough to be less susceptible to drop shots but far enough to be able to get to lobs.
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    uhh came naturally to me...
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    What's more important to you

    my coach asked me this when i told her that i won but played horribly. i just dont get the same satisfaction of beating someone if im not playing well. i'd rather lose and know that i played my best than win and know that my opponent played poorly
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    more tiresome rules questions

    ok so i have a question. if you hit a drop shot that bounces back over the net, your opponent is allowed to reach over the net and hit it before it bounces. He cannot however, make contact with you or your racquet. Can you then touch his racquet and claim the point?