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    Gold Vapors

    Has anyone seen Feds gold Wimbledon shoes for auction anywhere online or in person......niketown maybe?
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    Why Roddick doesn't currently wear Babolat

    Why does tennis warehouse have the babolat shoes in stock and Roddick has signed on to wear them in the near future, why doesn't he wear them now? It says a lot about a product if the products spokesman chooses to wear something else. He obviously isn't with Reebok anymore, so why is he...
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    Facing Fed Dvd

    I just watched this and this dvd is a must for those who are interested in what kind of personalities are behind some of these unreal games. One hour of very entertaining stuff for 13 bucks
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    White/Orange Vapor Speeds

    I saw that the red vapors are available, but are you getting the white and orange and if so when? Thanks tw
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    Juan Carlos 1982 called

    and they want their shorts back
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    Fed #19 according to tennis

    I've told all of you fed is not best of all time. I agree that he is the best now, but tennis magazine has 18 more players who they have ranked above fed because he is too early in his career. Potential, yes....Pete Sampras....he is not (yet)
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    Vapor Speeds

    I am looking to trade a brand new pair of Vapor Speeds in the Fed blue size 10.5 for the new vapor speeds fed french open red that he is wearing this week.
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    Shox (new)

    When do you expect the all white shox and the black and silver ones? Thanks
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    Received Shox Today

    And I am not impressed. Very bulky and heavy and when I walk, my heal drags slightly and it makes a squeek sound. I am a NIKE man and was hoping for these to be a big hit, but I find the new Vapor Speed, which I have several pairs of to be much better than the shox
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    Nike Shox date

    What is your expected date of arrival for the nike shox for men? Thanks
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    New Nike Tennis Line Pics

    Just joking NikeTennis 2005! ha ha ha
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    Nike making tw look bad

    I respect and appreciate TW, but I ordered a pair of Vapor speeds of their website on 1/13 and have been told ever since they would be out next week or two. I called tw last week and they say this week, I call yesterday like tw requested and now it is 3/7 the Vapor Speeds are due out...
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    Vapor Speeds delayed again

    I spoke with Nike and tennis warehouse today and they have pushed back the release date to mid March for those who ordered the vapor speeds the brief time they were on TW site. Also for those who have seen them on the Eastbay site, Nike said EB made a mistake and shouldn't have posted the white...