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    Madrid audience.... Medvedev told them...

    I really liked this guy-the most sympathetic from nextgen.One of the few good thinks from this year US Open final for me as a Novak fan was the total disgust of the New York crowd towards both of the finalists.They don't like either of them and it was great to see their faces knowing one of the...
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    ATP comeback player farce

    Kyrgios didn't count.He could make insane even the nicest person,so without this clown.
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    The biggest title of the year is now on the line

    Without irony i never understand why Novak is never nominated.He has done and is doing far more for the other players than Fed and Nadal combine still they never choose him.For me at the moment he is doing much not only for the other players but for humanity defending their freedom and right of...
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    Official ATP fan favorite voting started

    I voted also for the king.This award is tennis equivalent of Ballon d or.No matter what everyone does the 2 political and media icons Messi and Federer will always win it.So as Ballon D or last night this award is worethless.Neither Messi or Fed will even be best in their sport no matter how...
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    has Djokovic reached a higher level on Clay compared to Grass?

    For me it s very hard to say if we talk consistency it s grass but in peak it s really debatable.Of course we should include that in period 2011 - he have to face clay GOAT like Nadal on clay with peaking Stan and Thiem.In grass he only have Murray and Fed as big obstacles but they are more...
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    Djokovic News

    According to flashscore Djokovic will play vs Austria which in my opinion is stupid move considering the oposition but when we talk about nation representation it won t be the first from him.I sometimes think his incredible patriotism hurt him in some instances
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    Djokovic has made 67% of GS Finals in last 11 years

    I think this stat among with Fed 18 of 19 and Laver 60s-from AO1960 to US1969 are the 3 most dominant periods in history.Any of this 3 could argue for best.
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    Djokovic News

    Yes .
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    Djokovic News

    Will he play tomorrow vs Austria.I think considering the opposition it will be wise to let his other teammates play and consentrate for next matches.Serbia have far better squad even without him.On the other hand if he plays it will be Novak vs Novak
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    Will Nadal reach 4000 aces in career?

    I think that is his biggest liability .He is 25 from active players in aces category. He has 3722 by now,which is 3 aces in match average which is wow.So would he reach it.
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    Kyrgios says Roland-Garros should be removed from tennis calendar

    Whenever i think i despise Kyrgios far too much,he give me reason to proove me wrong.Nick Kyrgios should be removed from society ,incarcarated in psichiatric nursery and ban from ever picking a tennis racquet.Clown
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    300/20 Club

    Interestingly this title can be interpreted by 2 different point views and both are correct: GS+weeks at number 1 GS + match wins at GS At first i even understand the 2nd version but when i read the comments figure out its the first
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    Greatest tennis coaches of all time ?

    Vajda has success even before Novak.I see in Wikipedia that at one time he was trainer of Slovakia davis cup team and Slovakia fed Cup team.Anyone know was he part of the Davis cup team which reach Final at 2005 or Fed cup which became champion in 2002.I was trying but nowhere found information.
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    Greatest tennis coaches of all time ?

    Marjan Vajda has 20 GS with Djokovic
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    Greatest tennis coaches of all time ?

    The answer is in thread name
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    Greatest tennis coaches of all time ?

    There is thread with the exact same name in former pro player talk but it is from 2013.I think many things changes from then but i cannot bump it because it is in other discussion.So in 2021 i think it is between Toni Nadal and Marjan Vajda but i think Marjan has the advantage.
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    Federer vs Agassi. Higher peak level at the USO?

    Common this question is clear Fed 2004 final obliterating great player like Hewitt,i even don t think Nadal or Novak have reach that level.
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    Djokodal Slam H2H - Rank the matches

    AO 12 and RG 13 Slightly below W 2018 Then the others
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    Djokovic News

    The only Top 10 player since 2000 to play chalenger was Rainer Schuettler at Braunschweing 2003.He was number 8. Source- atp challenger tour 2021 by the numbers pdf
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    Djokovic News

    Can you post a link about that.Because i am pretty sure that i have read in ATP site that the tiebreaker is last year higher rank.
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    Djokovic News

    Unless Med takes WC to Stockholm or play Challenger after ATP Finals.If not even he win the title beating Novak at the final he wouls at best equal Novak if he wins ATP finals without a loss and Novak didn't win a match but Novak will still be number 1 because he finished higher last year
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    Which player lost to the same guy three Sundays in a row?

    I remember Robredo 2 finals with 5 match points in succession vs Murray in 2014,but i cannot remember was there a 3rd match.Is this the answer ?
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    So how many matches does our beloved Sinner need to win to overtake Hurkacz?

    Ah no.It will be Carlos beating him in the final ;)
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    Why was Sampras considered the GOAT after Wimbledon 2000?

    To be honest the last 2 points aren t correct First Nadal has more than 3 times masters number of Sampras-36-11 and his offclay masters are almost equal to Sampras overall masters 10-11.None of them haven t won all the masters but at least Nadal won all 4 clay masters,2 of them 10 plus...
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    Why was Sampras considered the GOAT after Wimbledon 2000?

    No argument now.With 20 GS all Big 3 have surely surpass him.Maybe the only blank stain is Nadal weeks at Number 1 but nothing else
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    William and Ernest Renshaw - A Biography

    Great thread.I have been reading it all day-while watching at the same time El clasico,Liverpool dismanteling pathethic United and Derby d Italia.I was wandering can we call William Renshaw ATG since in 4 seasons from 1883-1886 he played only 1 match every season-the championship match.
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    Which Players Are Playing Davis Cup?

    There should be information at Monday 25th of October.In the 2020 davis cup regulations the final date for team nomination is 28 days before the monday of the week when tournament start so 25 th October. Since regulations were last modified at March 2021 they should be in force for 2021 also.
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    Who has a greater chance of beating Nadal on clay - Djokovic or Murray?

    Back in 2009 this 2 answers were epic.Today even posting this question is ridiculous-better Djokovic/Thiem
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    Nondeserving players who won a slam

    I got the idea of the thread named "Deserving player not won a slam" to make a similar thread this time about the overachievers-players who were far beyond at quality but somehow won a slam-Thomas Johansson obviously come to mind,maybe Gaudio also. Other suggestions ?