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    Babolat Pure Drive VS Customized

    I usually customize my racquets to around these specs with lead (usually 3&9 or 10&2 locations), leather grip: 12-12.5 ounces 335-345 swing weight 7-10 points HL Usually like a hybrid of gut mains/poly crosses. Strung anywhere between 44-54 pounds depending on the racquet. Who on the forum...
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    Prince TT95 (Versus) Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour 18x20

    For those who have played with both... Which one do/did you like better and why?
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    Wilson Ultra Tour vs Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour 18x20

    Who’s played both? Can you share some comparisons between the two as far a playability? Between the two which one did you prefer? Thanks
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    Men’s shoes?

    What men’s tennis shoe model has the lowest heel to toe drop in millimeters? I tend to wear minimalist shoes in my day to day and when I workout. It would be great to find a similar tennis shoe. Thanks
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    Why no love for the Pure Strike VS Tour?

    So for those who play or have hit with these can you share some feedback? The Pure Control Tour seemed to be loved by many, but yet there hasn't been much talk about this updated version.
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    Fischer Vacuum Pro 98 Classic Feedback Appreciated

    Can anybody share what the unstrung and strung specs were on this frame? Mostly interested in strung specs. As I usually modify my sticks to around 12.5 ounces/8-10 HL/345ish swing weight. Possibly buying some. I want to be able to accomplish those specs if I decide to get them. Would also...
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    Question for Troy/Michelle/Chris?

    Preference question for all 3... I was curious which racquet you would pick after customizing to your preferred specs? Would you go with the Wilson Ultra Tour 97 or the Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2.0 Tour 18x20? My preferred specs are around Michelle/Troys specs. Usually I weight my racquets up...
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    TW leather grip weights?

    You sell 4 different options in the TW leather grips... Can you tell me how much each one weighs in grams? Thanks
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    Shipping Internation?

    I had a question for those who have shipped something from the U.S. this case I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and might need to ship some racquets to Melbourne Australia. Anybody have any experience doing this... What would be the best option, most cost effective, but also...
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    Used racquets?

    @TW Staff I have a question about your used racquets. Is it possible to find out the specs of a used racquet before purchasing it? Since a lot of brands have such huge quality control/manufacturing talorences. The specs can be all over the board for the same model. Thanks
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    Wilson Burn 95 CV...

    Who's using one? Can you share a mini review on how it plays... Not much talk about this racquet.
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    Looking for Indianapolis hitting partners

    Looking for some (4.0 and above) Indianapolis locals to hit with. Guy or girl...doesnt matter to me. Send me a private message if interested. That way I get a notice and won't have to keep checking this post to see if anybody posted a response. Cheers :)
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    All Pure Aeros are marked down...

    All the Babolat Pure Aeros are marked down. Anybody notice?!
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    More control...pure aero (tour)/textreme warrior 100

    Which one has better control?
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    Prince Textreme Tour 95-VERSUS-Tec 315 Ltd 16x19

    Would love some feedback from forum members, who have used both of these long enough to give a good comparison. Especially those members who modified them. I modify my racquets to around 12.7 ounces/345 swing weight/8 points headlight. I know that these aren't supposed to be powerful...
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    Modified Prince Text 100t

    Who on the boards is playing with a modified textreme 100t? I'm talking modified at least to 12 ounces and a higher swing weight. I'm curious how good this racquet would be as a platform frame... I would modify it to around 12.7 ounces/swing weight of 340-350 Anybody with feedback? Thanks
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    Lead Tape/Swingweight Question?

    Does anybody know a calculation for how much lead tape will increase swing weight by 1 point at a time, if you were to put the lead tape at 12 o'clock on the racquet? For example .25 grams of lead tape would increase swing weight by 5 points, etc.... Thanks
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    Prince Tour 100 18x20 Bumper/Grommet Sets?

    Do you guys have any of these?
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    Andy Roddick Racquet Specs...

    Does anybody know what Andy's specs were on his pure drives pluses? I know he had lead on the sides...long strips actually. Also would love to know what tension and strings he used on the mains and crosses. Anybody know?
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    Textreme Warrior 100/what's your set up?

    Warrior 100 users...what's your set up? Did you modify What's your string set up and tension?
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    Prince Calfskin Leather Grips...

    Where can I get 2 replacement Prince Calfskin Leather Grips?
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    Head i radical MP feedback...

    For those who have played or do play with this does it compare to other iterations of the Midplus Radical? It doesn't seem to get talked about very often, compared to the Liquid Metal version, Zebra, Candy Cane, etc. Is this a good version of the Radical?
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    Prince TX250C-100 (Tour 100 LB 16x18)

    My main question it really a Pro-Stock frame? It's an extended length at 27.5 inches long. Has anybody hit with or have one? I have the retail version of this frame currently. Was thinking about picking one of these up. Cheers
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    For those who have used/have the Yonex DR98 & vcore duel g97...

    For those who have or have played with both, how do the racquet head shapes differ? I realize they are both isometric, but different models within Yonex have slight variations of their classic isometric shape. I haven't hit with, or even seen them in person, but plan on demoing both. From...
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    Prince CG 100 LB...Who has shortened one?

    For those on the forum who have shortened their Prince Classic Graphite Longbody 100 to 27.5 or 27.25...please share how you went about doing it. Would also like to hear some feedback on the playing characteristics after you modified them. I played one day with one this past summer at the...
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    Who is playing with a Head Radical Microgel?

    I'm interested in hearing some feedback from fellow members who have played with or who are still playing with the Head Radical MG midplus? How did you customize them? What are your/were your specs? Did you put CAP Grommets on them? Discuss the playing characteristics of them after modifying...
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    Pro Stock Racquet Question....

    So there has been quite a bit of talk lately on the forum about pro stock frames. It seems to be a pretty big consensus that majority of pro stock frames are very comfortable, are pretty much vibration free, for the most part flexible, very controlled. My question is... Are there any pro...
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    Tecnifibre 315 limited 16x19?

    I was curious if you guys sell replacement grommets and also replacement bumper/head guards for the Tecnifibre 315 ltd 16x19? If much are they?
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    Head Radical Microgel MP question...

    I was curious if anybody on staff get give me an idea on how the specs would change on the Head Radical MG midplus by adding cap grommets on it? I'm curious how much it would weigh and what the swing weight would be... It looks like a good platform racquet. I like my racquets around 12.5...
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    Feedback on Babolat Pure Control Tour Plus...

    Anybody out there on Tennis Talk using the Pure Control Tour Plus? I tried to search the forum, but didn't come up with much talk about this frame. The review for the racquet was a 77 overall, but all the individual ratings were actually pretty good, other than return of serve. That's what...