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    Impact of stringing on swing weight

    I have 2x of the same racquets #1 - unstrung; 312.5g/292sw/312bal & strung; 327.4g/325sw/322bal #2 - unstrung; 314.1g/295sw/314bal & strung; 328.8g/325.5sw/323bal When I strung #1, it added 14.9g and 33sw. Then strung #2 with the same string setup/tension and it added 14.7g, but only 30.5sw...
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    Wilson Pro Labs - Grip Sizes

    I have a grip size 4 (4 1/2) in the Wilson Pro Labs 6.1 95, Blade Pro 16/19 & Ultra Pro 16/19. Enjoying comparing these 3x frames I found the grips to feel quite different across the 3x models. 6.1 95 is the thinnest. BP feels average in thickness but some taper in the top hand (2HBH). UP is...
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    Gut hybrids (Babolat/Luxilon vs Pacific ATP)

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can provide details of any experiences with gut(M)/poly(X) hybrids. I use gut main and poly cross. I have tried babolat tonic & VS 16g mains with both ALU rough and Original rough cross. I like these setups. Tonic with BB is fairly cost effective (atleast...
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    Attention Chris (TW)

    Hi Chris, I am currently using the original microgel extreme pro. I am looking to change to a more flexible and thinner beam stick. At this stage I am looking at the youtek radical pro and the EX03 graphite 100sq. As you have been playtesting these sticks recently and have spoken highly of...
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    Attention TW: Head YOUTEK

    Hi TW, Could you please tell me when the radical pro and speed pro will be released (see pictures in attached link)? Many thanks and apologies if this has been answered previously.
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    Simons Head Bag

    Did anyone see this bag? A new head design and looked awesome!!
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    Attn TW: Barricade V Wh/Bk/Silver

    Hi TW, I am wanting to order the Barricade V in Wh/Bk/Silver size 11. The site says these will be available 09/08/ you have an updated delivery date for these particular shoes? Many thanks,
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    TW: 2008 CC feather 3 shoes.

    TW, What is the plan for the CC feather 3?? I see that the white w/green is sold out, as is the silver RG colourway. Is there a new colourway coming out this year? Will you be getting a substantial amount of stock in the white w/black or is this colourway on the way out also...
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    Head super combi 9 pack

    TW, when do you expect this bag to be back in stock? Thanks
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    Attention: TW RE: Nike Breathe

    TW.... Just wondering what colours the breathe III will come out in this year and when these will be due in? Also when will the Breathe cage be released and in what colours?
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    Attention TW: Gamma Hi Tec

    When are these grips expected to be back in stock? Some say last month? Also are any of the new pacific grips comparible?
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    Attention TW: RE: Pacific Strings

    When are the Pacific strings expected to arrive? Will you be getting other pacific products? Eg Vibration damps
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    Under armour

    TW, Do you have plans to stock the under armour release range that ginepri has worn over the past year? Many thanks
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    Breathe 3 future colours

    TW, can you please tell me the future colourways of the Breathe 3 and when they will be released? Many thanks
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    Switching from Pure control to Flexpoint prestige

    Hi, Just wanting opinions on the swith from a pure control standard to a flexpoint prestige midplus. Im am getting sick of babolats as i have had various racquets break, whether crack, buttcap becomes loose and rattles or grommets break while hitting a low shot and brushing the ground...
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    Kirschbaum Super Smash

    Just looking for peoples views on Kirschbaum strings? I have recently tried supersmash spiky and they feel very nice. Im looking to buy a reel of strings but havnt been able to find much info in past threads on these particular strings. Firstly id like to know what the difference is...
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    TW:Tension loss on flights?

    Can TW or anyone else please tell me if strung racquets loose tension while on air planes to overseas destinations?? The pros at my local proshop said this can happen? Has anyone experienced this? If so how many pounds approximately? Also the string would be natural gut.
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    Need advice on Babolat pure drive/control!!

    Hi eveyone, just after some help!! I have owned a pure drive standard for 5-6 months. When i first got it i was inconsistent but loved the power, after i while i became frustrated because if i did not hit with perfect technique the ball would fly long. I have also developed golfers elbow. I am...