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    Prince Tour XP

    Anybody using this one or have any experience with it? Picked up a very cheap reel (17g/1.25) and really like it.
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    Kaos SFT

    Have heard ZERO about this shoe - they look pretty good (IMO) but no reviews or posts. Anybody??
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    KSwiss Ultrashot

    What happened to this shoe? Some other sites have them - but now nothing here except a strange post on the review thread. Can anybody explain?
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    Best Kitchen Scale for Racquet Tuning

    Pretty self-explanatory. Any recommendations? Hopefully available off amazon/similar and hopefully not too expensive! Thanks!
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    Any Blade/H22 pros using 16x19 version?

    Just curious, can't think of any - I know Borna Coric was testing both but I think he stuck with 18x20.
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    MgR/I Question/Example

    So I took a shot at using MgR/I (thanks @zalive) - I was a bit surprised I ended up pretty close to 21. Here are my current stats: M: .340 R: 32.385 SW: 327 (as measured by my stringer - I've always thought his numbers are slightly low...going with it here) MgR/I = 21.03 (if my math is...
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    TW/TWU Question on Twistweight

    Hoping you can offer some insight about the twistweight table on TWU. How is this calculated? Are individual frames measured somehow? Or is there a formula? I'm a little confused as I'm trying to compare an older version of a racquet to a newer one (Pacific X Force to Pacific BX2/BXT X Force)...
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    Lead Question: 12/3/9 vs. 10/2

    Are there any noticeable differences between a racquet with lead at both 12 and 3/9 vs. one with longer 10/12 strips? Assuming you kept the racquets at similar swingweights/balances (if possible). Sorry if this has been answered - I couldn't find it.
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    Pacific Xcite/other Pacific polys?

    Anybody have feedback on xcite or any of the other pacific polys (xforce, poly power etc)? Tension maintenance/power of xcite has me intrigued but have heard mixed things regarding comfort. Would be using it primarily as a cross with gut mains. Thanks.
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    New Yonex Shoes

    Saw that some of the new eclipsion shoes were posted (but $129 and no durability guarantee :() Will the older models be going on sale soon? Any other new shoes expected?
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    New Pacific bags?

    i saw that the 2xl bags will be restocked on 1/23 - are there any new bags coming in too or just a restock of the same ones?
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    WeissCannon PSI/PSY Tech 114

    Has anybody tried their new string? Any feedback? I really like silverstring and have also enjoyed scorpion in the past - don't really hear as much about their strings anymore. The new one is very reasonably priced.
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    Help with serve (video)

    Hi, first time posting a video (sorry for the portrait orientation :oops: now I know...) Two things that jump out to me: not opening chest up to the sky enough and opening up too soon into the court. Am I on the right track? Later in the session I was working on...
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    cadence insoles

    any chance cadence insoles will pop back up on the happy hour page?? I know it is a long shot but worth a try!
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    strings for backup racquets

    I use full poly in my match sticks - where I used to need 3-4 frames to play tournaments, poly lets me get by with 2. I tend to string mid to upper 40s... I have 2 more of the same frame that I keep as extra, extra backups (the sticks are no longer made...). I am wondering what strings you...
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    Fischer Mpro/black granite rattle

    I have some fischers in good-great condition. Oddly enough, they've all developed a rattle around the same time. One of them, the black granite, has never been hit with (1st stringjob). I have taken off the grip and pallet and tried my best to get the materials to fall out. I took out...