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    partial rotator cuff surgery

    about a year ago, after playing competitive tennis for 30 years (i was 39 when i noticed the discomfort), my upper arm started hurting, particularly when serving. i got an MRI and it was determined that i had a partial rotator cuff tear. i started physical therapy and after a month or so the...
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    18+ southern sectionals

    i see there is another thread about this
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    pro supex blue gear

    so i've been using pro supex blue gear 16g for the last 8 years. i went to ******* sports to order another shipment and i noticed that they no longer carry the string. it seems nobody carries the string anymore. apparently i was the only one buying it! i'm looking for a substitute that is...
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    partially torn rotator cuff

    long story short, i've been experiencing some pain in my bicep area for about 2 months. i was able to play through it (even played at 18+ 4.5 nationals), and it really only has bothered me when i serve. it's been progressively getting worse but hardly ever bothers me when i don't play. got an...
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    louis armstrong night session question

    if someone has a day ticket to ashe, armstrong, or a grounds pass, do they have access to the general admission seats in armstrong for the night session? it's not clear at all in every search i have done.
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    tennisrecord question

    i know, i know, tennisrecord is not accurate at all. however, i'm scouting some of the 18+ 4.5 teams going to nationals and it's the only comparative rating system i have to track this many players. i assumed that when tennisrecord updates, it updates across the nation. however, that doesn't...
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    Mixed exclusive rating

    If a player has a C rating after 2016 and only plays mixed in 2017, will the player get a mixed exclusive rating when the 2017 ratings come out? I thought that the player would keep their 2016 c rating and the mixed results would not count. However a friend of mine says otherwise. Does anyone...
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    bo seal & ryan noble

    anyone remember these guys? a couple of the top juniors in the country (last year in the juniors was 2009) and had a lot of success in doubles together. both got kicked off their college teams their freshman year. seal at UGA and noble at UNC. since then i haven't heard anything about noble...
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    i'm an upper level 4.5 and signed up for an 8.0 mixed doubles team just for fun. i'm noticed that a couple higher level 4.5 guys also signed up for a team and noticed that they had a self-rated 3.5 lady on their roster. when i looked at her record i noticed that she has only played in 4.0...
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    high schoolers playing usta leagues

    i've noticed that more and more teams are using high school seniors (who either are already 18 or will turn 18 during the calendar year) on their league teams in our 18+ 4.5 league. i'm not a fan of this at all. first of all, they are always self-rated which brings into question whether or...
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    asics gel resolution 5

    anyone have an idea of where i can find a pair of these in a size 10? i wore them for a couple years until stores quit selling them. i tried the 6's and they caused my foot to hurt. didn't feel the same at all. the 7's were not much better. i found a pair on **** back in the fall, but they...
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    winter gym regimen for a beginnner

    so i'm a 5.0 (hopefully will get bumped down next year) and am approaching 40. other than an occasional run, the only workout i've done for the last 18 years has been playing tennis. i've had some nagging injuries and a friend of mine said that what helped him significantly last year was that...
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    best hybrid combo with blue gear ultra spin

    i've used a full bed of pro supex blue gear ultra spin for the last 6 years. i like it a lot but in the last year i've had some elbow problems and am wondering if doing a hybrid might reduce those issues. i have never done a hybrid before, so i'm open to suggestions about what might work best...
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    another tennis elbow thread

    i know, another one of these. i'm 38 and have played since i was 9. never had any elbow issues at all. back in october i noticed that i was having some outside elbow pain around the house when i picked a cup up, squeezed laundry, etc. not bad pain, but certainly noticeable. i thought there...
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    TLS rating vs actual USTA rating

    i'm pretty sure i know the answer to this, but i wanted to make sure. my understanding/assumption is that the rating that is calculated on the TLS (tennisleaguestats) website only takes into account your opponent's strength at the time that you play them. it doesn't take into account his/her...
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    Asics Gel Resolution

    the last 3 tennis shoes i've bought have been the Asics Gel Resolution 5 (black/blue). they have always fit perfectly. 2 weeks ago i tried to order another pair online but nobody seems to carry the shoe anymore in the size i need (size 10 men's). so i bought the Asics Gel Resolution 6...
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    in the past I have only occasionally cramped during long matches. However in the last month I have cramped twice during the middle of big matches which I ended up losing. In one of the matches it was only 65 degrees. I hydrated properly before both matches. I drank water all day, ate a...
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    question about a "self-rated" player

    i'm in a 18+ 4.5 league and a team we are competing against just added a very good player to their roster. this player last played the spring league season in 2010 as a 5.0 and had a 5.0 C rating after that season. he's only played age group tournaments since then. this spring (prior to being...
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    ITA Indoors

    i'm thinking about driving up from NC to Charlottesville to watch some of the ITA Indoor tournament. I haven't been to the site before (Boar's Head Sports Club). How is it for fan viewing?
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    accuracy of early start ratings

    so i'm a 5.0 computer rated player and didn't have a great spring this year. i'm hoping that it results in me getting bumped down to 4.5. i played 10+ matches in the spring so i'm not going to be able to appeal my rating. a friend of mine found out a way to determine an early start rating...
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    TLS website does anyone know how accurate this website is at predicting year-end ratings? the website only gives you a calculation based on individual areas (so if you play in more than one area then you'll have to determine some sort of average to determine your...
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    I'm confused. I know that non conference matches this year utilized no ad scoring and doubles sets to 6. It's beyond ridiculous but that's a separate story. However acc matches I've followed this year, including the acc tournament, utilized the traditional scoring. So I'm watching Baylor vs...
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    "plus" leagues....

    are one of the worst decisions that the usta has ever made. i'm an under 40 5.0 and would say i'm an average 5.0. stronger at singles, but can still play 5.0 level doubles. having 5.5s on your roster makes for a totally uneven playing field. sure, you can only use one/match, but there are...
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    mixed rating question

    so here is my situation: - i got bumped from 4.5 to 5.0 after the 2011 season. - i played spring as a 5.0 in 2012 and got a 5.0 C rating in 2012. - i have only played mixed/combo in 2013/2014 (i've boycotted spring until they do away with the 5.0+ garbage). - my rating after 2013 and...
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    Bo Seal

    i know it's been 4 years since he was kicked out of UGA, but what's the full story about this guy? could he not handle the college environment? did he simply burn out? i understand that guys burn out but he's turned into a complete loser based on his facebook page. wow. doesn't even look...
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    Big problem with 5.0+ rule

    I haven't been on this forum in over a year but I felt like I needed to vent some frustration that I have with the 5.0+ rule for 18+. I'm a 34 year old average 5.0 player. Better at singles than doubles. For years I was a 4.5 and I got bumped up a few years ago. I didn't like it but I...
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    great US juniors that never made it

    i've always been curious why some of the great US juniors from the 1970s - 1990s never made a dent on the pro tour. specifically guys like: scott davis al parker ivan baron will bull was it injury (i know parker hurt his back in college), burnout, lack of a pro style game, all of the...
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    Al Parker - what was his game like?

    considered by many to be the best US junior of all time, but i was wondering if anyone on here ever saw him play or played against him. i read the article that came out in tennis magazine about 10 years ago about him, but have yet to hear anyone really describe his game.
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    "minor" calf strain

    so about 1.5 weeks ago i ran for a drop shot and felt a pull in my left calf. it was very hot and i was playing for a long time so i thought it was just a cramp. i played a couple times over the next week and it didn't feel too bad. haven't had trouble walking or going up/down stairs at all...
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    Australian Open tickets

    i'll be going to the Aussie open next january for the first time. i'll be there for the first week. been to the US and French Opens several times and each tournament's ticket seating works a little differently. for those who have been: - if you buy a ticket for Rod Laver, does that mean...