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    Best shirts to wear in colder weather?

    I have some sweatshirts that work pretty well but i have to wear wristbands and tuck the sleeves of the sweatshirt into the wristbands so the sleeves dont get caught in between my hand and the racquet when i swing. I was wondering if there were like any short sleeved sweatshirts made for cold...
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    Can a racquet that is good for a lanky player like medvedev or zverev be good for a player with shorter arms like verdasco or nishikori?

    i was thinking about demoing meds racquet but im 6’0 with avg lankyness and med is 6’6 and his arm is probably a foot longer than mine so i would assume it would be pretty much impossible for his racquet to work well with my body mechanics. No?
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    Tsitsipas is the most overrated player i have ever come across.

    He is about as fast on the court as he is on the toilet and his vertical, acceleration, top speed, and hitting power is simply not there compared to someone like medvedev. medvedev has a 6-2 record against him for a reason. Med is an enormous athlete. Tsitsipas just is not. I cannot believe how...
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    Inflation hitting the shoe market?

    I used to be able to get decent adidas like barricades for like 50$ but now its almost impossible to find anything for less than 100$. Some shoes are closer to 200$ ffs. its almost as if printing money causes inflation.
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    Why does carbon fiber sound like metal when it vibrates?

    I always wondered why it would have the same sort of vibrational sound metal does when you tap it.
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    Is it important to tie off mains and crosses separately, even if im using same syngut string and same tension?

    My worry is that the tighter mains are going to pull on the looser crosses in one corner of the racquet where the last main loops around to the first cross. I dont care about playability; im just wondering if it will damage or warp the racquet to have one corner leaking tension and the opposite...
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    How can the wilson clash have enough power when it is so flexible and so light?

    I kinda want to demo one just to see what its like
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    Do you think its possible the pain meds the doctors sometimes give to pro players mid match are actually opioid painkillers like tylenol with codeine?

    When it comes to opioids america really has its head up its ass. In most european countries you can get weak painkillers like tylenol with codeine without a prescription from local pharmacies. Its reasonable to conclude that there were times many of these european future pros took tylenol with...
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    Did any lawsuits come out of the whole wilson glide shoe debacle? I assume a bunch of ppl snapped their ankles trying to slide on hardcourts.

    I think the best thing tennis shoe manufacturers could do is just publish a number or some measure of the rubber used in the sole in order to let customers know “this shoe will grip the hardcourt surface like a chalked up gorilla” or “this shoe may actually slide on hardcourt”. They could maybe...
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    What is better about box beam racquet construction vs babolat styled triangular beam?

    Most pro racquest seem to have box beam (rectangular) shaped construction. The only racquets ive seen pros using that have a triangular throat construction are babolats. What are the benefits of one over the other?
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    How do you know when to retire syn gut?

    My racquet today that had syn gut was kind of playing extra ****ty and sending balls long and i was wondering how you guys know when its time to restring. Or are they good until they snap?
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    Is it common to switch from semi western forehand on low balls to full western forehand on high balls?

    For some reason if the ball is at my shoulder level or above i make my grip more extreme and my index knuck base is on the front half of full western forehand grip. Is this advisable?
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    How come some pros like federer dont use flexible, low stiffness racquets?

    Djokovic and fed have very different racquets. Im wondering why federer would use such a stiff racquet other than his vision being so good that he can have lazier initiations to his swing and still hit the ball in the sweet spot.
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    What do racket manufacturers adjust in the carbon fiber layup process to alter the flexibility of the racquet?Do they use different types of prepreg?

    Or do they just use less pre preg? Or different densify pre preg? i know narrowing the beam helps some, but that cant be the whole story.
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    Is there a database or list that shows the babolat RA stiffness and the wilson SI stiffness of all racquets?

    Ive been searching twu and they only seem to have the loadout for strings.
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    Would djokovic playing at his top level have beaten medvedev in the usopen?

    I think medvedev has been improving over the years and in this years usopen he seemed to have finally arrived at his full playing potential. I think it might be possible that djokovic never beats medvedev again; either bc djokovic never gets his full game back, or because peak medvedev is simply...
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    The head microgel radical mp is kind of a phenomenal racquet.

    Played with one again today and i could really feel the soft racquet pocketing that ppl talk about. Im kind of wondering where you would put some lead tape to make it have the overall balance of djokovics pro stock, but at slightly less overall weight. i get the sense that it would be easier to...
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    Best elasticity maintaining syn gut multifilament?

    Im looking at twu listing of the lowest tension loss percentage syn gut nylon multifilament strings and it seems that wilson nxt max 15L and wilson nxt duramax 16 and head sun gut pps 17 are all very conservative in their tension loss percentage. I assume this means they also maintain their...
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    Why doesnt talk tennis make it easier to post pictures in threads?

    Its like such a hassle. Idk why they dont make it easier or streamline the process.
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    How was roddick able to serve as fast as he did when he was only 6 foot 2 and not even very lanky?

    I remember watching him serving against fed at the 2007 us open and he was chucking 140s consistently and holding serve like an absolute gangster. How could roddick serve like isner when his ball strike height was like 3 feet lower than isners?
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    Is there a durable polyester string that will maintain its tension well if i want to be able to play at least 50 hrs before restringing?

    I have this grey kirschbaum string in one of my racquets and its held up pretty well. I used to break alot of strings on my old pro staff 6.1 but on my new sticks using durable strings like kirschbaum i have yet to snap a string. i like the reviews of head hawk touch but i was wondering if any...
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    Why does almost every female pro wear a visor and not a single male pro wears one?

    Like i could understand if it was a small trend difference, but honestly it seems like 90% of female pros who wear a visor.
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    Do polyester strings only lose tension over time or do they also lose function?

    From what i have read ppl seem to say poly strings will go dead after a few hours, but do they mean just they will become loose and drop in tension or will they also start playing like 5h!t?
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    Where to put lead tape in head mg rad mp?

    I always wanted to feel what djokovics racquet felt like but the pro tour 2.0 seems to have completely missed that boat by making it super stiff (ra 65). Im wondering if i got a soggy quesadilla like the mg rad mp (ra 57) if there was a lead tape regime that would make it feel like the pt 630...
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    Is the head microgel radical mp similar to the racquet many pros use?

    ppl talk about it as being a very serious players racquet that leaded up can perform very similarly to a many of heads pro stock frames. its only 100$ right now which i assume because it represents older racquet technology and head wants to portray the image that “new” is always equal to...
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    Is it me or did med have a huge zit on his right cheek below his eye?

    I thought it was maybe a mole or something that i hadnt seen before. Also im trying to post a picture of it but i cant figure out how to do it on TT
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    I had a sinking feeling before the maytvh that med was going to blow djokovic out of the water.

    Mainly because djokovic the slav had such a hard time getting past zverev the slav and medvedev the slav was having such an easy time straight set blitzing his way to the finals. I dont know if peak djokovic wouldve beaten medvedev of today, but i think at least it wouldve been alot closer...
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    If Medvedev gained some all around muscle mass would it help his game?

    if i were medvedev i would do leg press everyday.
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    Who is faster Medvedev or Zverev

    I think zverev has faster accelleration but med has a higher top speed. Zverevs parents were russian too fwiw.