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    Will Big 3 end up with 20 slams each?

    What is the probability of such a weird ending to three fantastic careers? Wonder if they will be debating each other in their old age with each ending up with 20?
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    Djokovic beaten by his own game

    Medvedev plays just like Djokovic but with a bigger serve.
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    Shapovolov Disappointing USO

    Should we have expected more from him? Will he have a Dimitrov-like career? Pretty shots but no big tournament wins.
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    Alcaraz Forehand Stats

    The speed, spin and consistency are unbelievable: Forehand Consistency: 97% (88%) Speed: 82 mph (76 mph) Topspin: 3,413 rpm (2,661 rpm) Winners: 19% (11%) Unforced Errors: 3% (11%)...
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    Juicy Match-ups at US Open today

    Any Predictions? Any upsets in the cards? Nishikori over Djokovic? Brooksby over Karatsev? Sock over Zverev? Monfils over Sinner?
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    Tsitsipas/Zverev/Medvedev Relationship

    Will this be a bitter rivalry like McEnroe/Lendl/Connors or mutual admiration like Federer/Nadal/Djokovic? Here is an old article between Zverev and Tsitsipas:
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    Nadal Müller-Weiss Syndrome

    He may be done:
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    Jack Sock Comeback?

    Sock just broke Nadal in DC. Sock looks leaner than last year. He is moving well and hitting that whippy forehand while not holding back. Only thing is he just keeps trying crazy drop shots from the back of the court when just a rally ball would keep the point neutral. Another top ten...
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    Jenson Brooksby Style of Play

    Does anyone else find Jenson Brooksby's style of play unusual? What is his secret to winning so quickly on the ATP level?
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    Pro Staff RF97 v13 Sell or Trade-in?

    Should I try to sell or just trade-in for new racquets? I have never sold anything before, so it may be more trouble and time spent rather than just trading them in for less money at the retail store. Anyone have any experience selling racquets? I would think that selling may have a lot of...
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    Tennis Impersonator

    Love Dominic Thiem:
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    Del Potro Comeback?

    Would be nice to see that forehand again.
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    Federer vs. Djokovic Head to Head Grand Slam Record

    Does anyone know what it is overall? How about in just in finals, semis, quarters, etc?
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    Slam winners other than the big 3 in last 2 decades?

    I know this has been beaten to death, but I remember Murray, Wawrinka, Del Potro, Cilic, and Thiem. Just 5 players? Am I missing someone?
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    Naomi Osaka should imitate Stefan Edberg in Pressers

    I am old enough to remember Stefan Edberg purposely replied with the most boring answers in post match press conferences. Naomi Osaka should employ the same tactic and not get so worked up about them.
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    Federer Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Too Heavy?

    I have been playing with the Federer Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph for years. I bought these racquets because Federer uses them, obviously. Also, Sampras used the Pro Saff as well. I am currently on a Memorial weekend trip to visit family, and I had left my racquets on the dining table as...
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    Leo Borg Challenger Debut

    His movement is actually not bad.
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    Grigor Dimitrov & Serena Williams

    Old friends or former lovers???
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    Greatest Tennis Hair of All Time

    Contenders: Fernando Verdasco Novak Djokovic Boris Becker Stefan Edberg Gabriela Sabatini Milos Raonic Vitas Gerulaitis Dominic Theim Bjorn Borg Stefanos Tsitsipas Andre Agassi (for about a minute) Added: Bjorn Borg Jimmy Connors Vitas Gerulaitis Dustin Brown Mark Philipousis
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    Kyrgios congratulates Novak Djokovic

    Kyrgios congratulates Novak Djokovic on his Twitter account in a parallel universe. You can briefly see the tweet during electrical power surges.
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    Tsitsipas Backhand against Nadal vs Medvedev

    Watching both Tsitsipas matches versus Nadal and Medvedev. Both players attacked the backhand of Tsitsipas. Surprisingly, the Tsitsipas one-hander had a harder time against the low, flat ball of Medvedev versus the high, spinning ball of Nadal. My guess is that the pace of the Medvedev ball...
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    Most Idiotic Post-Match Interview Question

    Watch at 2:43 in press conference below. These reporters must be taking dumb pills for morning vitamins...
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    One-Hit (Slam) Wonders

    I can think of Chang, Roddick and Ivanišević off the top of my head. Anyone have a comprehensive list? Couldn't find a Wiki page on the subject.
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    Players Fading from Professional Tour Level Play in 2021

    Bernard Tomic Ryan Harrison Jared Donaldson Donald Young Earnest Gulbis Ivo Karlovic Noah Rubin Stefan Kozlov Paolo Lorenzi Juan Martin Del Potro Andy Murray? Jack Sock?
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    US Open Super Saturday and Sampras

    Would Pete Sampras have done better in those finals with Safin and Hewitt with a day of rest that the current Friday semifinals affords? Of course, Safin and Hewitt would have a day of rest as well.
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    Video of McEnroe - Connors First Match

    Is this the only video footage available of this match?
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    ATP Champions Tour History

    Does anyone know where to find the past match history of the ATP Champions Tour? Wikipedia goes back to 2000: But I distinctly remember Jimmy Connors winning a lot of Champions Tour events in the 1990's. In fact, here is a YouTube video of...
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    Grip Sizes of Top Pros

    Are most pros using 4 3/8" even though they are well over 6' tall? Zverev and Medvedev are extremely tall. I would imagine that their hands would completely encircle the 4 3/8" handle. I have been playing with a 4 5/8" handle since the early 1980's mainly because the salesman at the pro shop...
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    Del Potro Second Knee Operation

    Shall we stick a fork in him?