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    Dan Evans- could use a more powerful racquet?

    Think he could use some free power, the wilson six one 95 he uses now has moderate power, but watching his match against alcaraz right now exposed his lack of power, perhaps also due to his slighter stature and maybe even his forehand technique isn't perfect. There are other racquets such as the...
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    How much lead should I put at 12 to counteract weight from additional grip?

    I put the new grip (head hydrosorb) directly on top of the original grip. I do not remove the original grip. The new grip weighs 18g. How much weight do I have to put at 12 to maintain the original balance point? The original head light balance?
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    What strings should I use?

    I hit the ball hard with a lot of spin. I have always used either multi or syn gut, various types including RIP control, Velocity MLT, Wilson Sensation, Babolat Xcel etc. I'm not sure of the gauges to be honest. I normally string at 20kg (44 pounds) and I use a Prince Beast racquet. The...
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    How often to restring with multis?

    I've been using Wilson Sensation for around a month, probably played about 20 hours with it, and it doesn't feel as good as before. Seems to have lost some of it's pop, seems a bit dead. Is this normal? There is no obvious fraying but the tension is low they were strung at 22kg. How often you...
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    Argentina Open SF- Thiem Vs Schwartzman

    Diego looked untouchable against A. Ramos-Viñolas- can he reproduce the same form against the higher ranked opponent?
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    2016 US Open- Round 3- Evan vs Wawrinka

    Could be over quickly if Wawa finds his groove, but if he comes out slow, who knows? I think the Swiss takes this in 4
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    Nadal 2013 vs Djokovic 2015

    in 2013 Nadal had Djokovic's number- he beat him in the clay season, the summer hard court season and the US Open. He was in great form. Hypothetically, how would the US Open 2013 Nadal fare against the 2015 Djokovic? This year Novak has crushed him in straights in every meeting, is this purely...
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    How many masters 1000 events will Stan win?

    Currently he only has one, Monte Carlo last year, but I think he could win a couple more. I would love for him to win as many as 5 total, but given how streaky he is and how he went AWOL after the AO last year, I think it's more likely he will win only 2 more, so 3 total. What do you reckon?
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    Murray - the new Ferrer?

    It seems that these days, the best Murray will achieve is the occasional semi or final. He will more often than not beat the Raonics and Berdychs of this world, only to fall to the top guys. He is pretty much a pigeon to the top 2 players at the moment like Djokovic and Federer, much like prime...
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    Tennis coaches- how much do you earn?

    I ask because I always assumed tennis coaching was a modestly paid affair; not so, according to some of the instructors I have had lessons with. They said that in London, England, a busy coach is likely to earn £60-100k providing they take a healthy amount of group classes. This is about 90k...
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    Rate my set up for comfort

    I have the original Prince EXO3 tour 100 16 x 18 racquet, which I originally purchased because I had some arm pain. When I got the racquet I set about creating the most comfortable racquet possible, to avoid any further pain. This is what I did; I strung it with full multi at 52 pounds...
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    How to retool the Federer forehand

    It's no secret that fed has lost a lot of power on that wing in the last couple of years, and now his forehand is most often lacking in pace compared to his opponents, allowing him to be bullied in fh to fh rallies (see today's match for some examples). It wasn't so long ago that as soon as fed...
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    Does dimitrov use an eastern forehand grip?

    What do you think?
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    Ferrer choked.

    The match was on his racket, and he folded mentally. That is all.
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    Almagro- best ballstriker on tour?

    In the nadal match he was blasting shots even better than Wawrinka.
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    Prince Exo Tour 3 100- best strings and tension for wrist/forearm pain

    I used to have bad technique 6-9 months ago on my forehand, and locked the wrist throughout the stroke with a tight grip without laying back at all, and due to my stiff racquet at the time (pure drive) the impact was absorbed by my wrist. I have suffered various pains and tweaks since, and I...
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    How does the Prince Exo3 tour 100 compare to the pure drive GT?

    I am making the switch and would like to know :)
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    Ferrer VS Agassi How does Agassi hit the ball so damn hard ?!?! If you see the shake at the net they are about the same height.
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    Age 26- too old to start playing and become a tennis instructor?

    I often hear people on here refer to their tennis coaches/ instructors as teaching 'pros', which implies that the only people cut out to teach tennis are ex atp top 1000 ranked players. Is this the case? I am 27, started playing tennis 1 year ago and love it, and think in a few years i might be...
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    Ferrer vs Berdych- ATP World Tour Finals

    Who do you think will secure the victory? Ferrer leads the h2h, but he must be gassed from playing so much in the last two weeks and playing Nadal today, from that viewpoint Berd is probably going to the fresher of the two. I am actually seeing this match live tomorrow night and put £10.00 on...
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    G. Dimitrov vs K. Nishikori- Shanghai Rolex Masters 2013

    This match is due to be played tomorrow, and the first meeting between these promising young players. Could this be the first meeting in an epic rivalry spanning the next decade? Discuss, and predict who will be the victor
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    G. Dimitrov vs K. Nishikori- Shanghai Rolex Masters 2013

    please delete please delete please delete
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    Ways in which to get rid of big servers/servefests once and for all

    Watching Raonic play Del Potro just now, I remembered how deadly dull these serve fests are. I seriously think that most other sports are more entertaining to watch than these types of matches, which is a shame because Tennis at it's best is the most awesome sport. I think these kind of matches...
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    Can a large amount of muscle mass compensate for height in regards to pace?

    Say for example, you had a 5.8 guy with a very large amount of muscle mass with perfect technique, could they hit a forehand as fast as a normal build 6.2 with perfect technique? Some boxers are pretty huge, and they have insane explosivity so obviously very muscular people can move very quickly...
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    Playing with a one handed backhand and a two handed forehand

    Due to a wrist injury, I cannot play a normal forehand as it hurts when I strike the ball. My technique isn't bad, it's just an unrelated injury which makes the shot painful to use. However I can use a two handed forehand with no pain (i'm right handed, so essentially a two handed left handed...
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    If Gasquet Had Ferrer's forehand, how many more titles would he have won?

    Notice I didn't say Federer's or Nadal's forehand, or any other all time great forehand, but Ferrer's. Ferrer's is a very solid forehand with great aim and decent power, but not the most powerful. If Gasquet possessed this forehand, with his current serve, movement and GOAT backhand, how many...
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    Great article on court speed and how it as been slowed down
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    Federer's decline is 90% mental

    Now don't get me wrong; of course he has lost a step when it comes foot speed, reactions, accuracy etc, but when I say a step it's more like a half step. His best play this year hasn't been much different from his best play last year, it's only come much more rarely. I believe the reason he...
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    What time is Federer playing tonight?

    I'm keen to know!
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    How can Ferrer get more power into his shots?

    To compete with the big four, I think we all agree that Ferrer would stand a better chance if he had more firepower. If he could hit his shots with a pace close to the big four, if not quite there, he would have half a chance. Here are my ideas for how he could it. 1. Use the most powerful...