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    Spadea's book has dirt on Blake, Roddick, Richard Williams

    James Blake — Spadea, who has won seven of 10 meetings with Blake, recalls one clash with his rival in which Blake took time during a changeover to accuse Spadea of resorting to gamesmanship in trying to break his momentum by taking a bathroom break. Spadea, who has scored five straight wins...
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    Excerpt from Spadea's book

    "Hey Vince," Alex says, "I'm going to hit with John McEnroe tomorrow. Why don't you two just hit instead." I said that sounds like a great plan. My brother-in-law, married to my sister, Luanne — together they live in the city with their young son — comes to my hotel and gives me plenty of cash...
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    Williams sisters being sued

    Tennis superstar Serena Williams testified in a Palm Beach County court Monday that she did not agree to play in a 2001 Battle of the Sexes tennis match that never happened. "I told him that I would not participate in this event," Williams testified, recalling a surprise call from Keith...
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    5 set records of various players

    Just saw the "most tenacious competitor" thread & looked up the 5 set record of some of the players mentioned: Borg 23-4 (so many stats on this guy are unreal) McEnroe 25-12 Connors 20-13 Lendl 35-21 Sampras 33-15 Courier 19-15 Agassi 26-22 Chang 22-15 Muster 18-7...
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    Amount of Service Breaks of Slam Champions over the years

    The atp website has added match stats to their results archives, going back to 1992. They only have serve & return stats, no winner/unforced error stats. I looked up all the slam champs from 95/96 & 04/05 to see how often they were broken during the course of the event. I also noted how many...
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    Blake To Appear On 60 Minutes On Sunday

    He must have a good publicist. I know he has a good story, but I find it odd that a player of his calibur would join Arthur Ashe, McEnroe, Billie Jean King, Nastase as tennis players who have appeared on 60 Minutes...
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    Great players who have blown a 2-0 lead in sets

    After Federer's loss yesterday(the 2nd time in his career he lost a 2-0 lead in sets) I looked up some other greats who have blown big leads. McEnroe: Connors 1981 Wembley Final 6-3 6-2 3-6 4-6 2-6 Lendl 1984 French Open Final 6-3 6-2 4-6 5-7 5-7 Connors: Kevin CURREN (USA) 6-4 6-4...
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    Serena on ER tonight

    "For those fans who think ER has permanently flatlined, tonight's episode may revive your faith in the show. Neela and paramedic Gates (John Stamos) race to a chaotic accident scene, where not one but two planes have crashed into a building — and the carnage is horrific. Guest star Serena...
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    Ljubicic says Coria should shut up

    "I would like to go back to Coria's interview yesterday, what he said, the court it's fast. I mean, if you go back to 10 years ago, the players in the Masters Cup were Sampras, Stich, Becker, Ivanisevic, Krajicek, these guys. Now we have French Open indoors. I think they should just shut up and...
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    Nadal at ease in Federer's shadow

    LONDON, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Rafael Nadal should be ruing his luck. The Spanish teenager has won more matches in 2005 than any other player on the tour and collected 11 titles, including a grand slam crown. Yet, thanks to Roger Federer, he is still only the second best player in the world...
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    Vaidisova and Sharapova marketability

    Not that this is a surprise to anyone: The Times Online on the marketability of Nicole Vaidisova and Maria Sharapova: "But [Sharapova] and Vaidisova remain the financial envy of many players who have met with more competitive success and as Peter Lawler, a veteran of tennis management with...
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    Ljubcic-Davis Cup or Masters Cup?

    Ljubcic is currently 9th on the race list. He's scheduled to play Lyon this week, & Paris the week after. He said this week that he felt very tired from all the matches he's been playing. Should he concentrate on davis cup or make the push for the masters cup? Also, would you rather win...
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    Doubles Battle of the Sexes? From 1985?

    Any one hear of this? I wasn't aware of it. Riggs must have been close to 70 at the time. "In 1985, Gerulaitis got back and teamed-up with Bobby Riggs to launch a challenge to female players after the famous Battle of Sexes. However, the stunt was short-lived when Gerulaitis and Riggs lost a...
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    Is Agassi on the juice?

    From The Statesman: "A controversial new book, jointly written by former Swedish tennis star Magnus Norman and Swedish journalists Mr. Jonas Arnesen and Mr. Patrick Cederlund entitled Tennis off the Record claims that Andre Agassi could have perhaps figured among seven players, who tested...
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    Serena done for the year

    ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (Ticker) - With an eye toward a bounce-back year in 2006, Serena Williams will be getting some rest. Williams, plagued by left ankle and knee problems over the past several months, on Friday announced her withdrawal from the last two WTA Tour events of the season -...
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    Sampras' fitness/atheticism plus Henin, Courier, Andre & steroids

    Interview w/Pat Etcheberry, complete link below, here are snippets of interview Though he's gained international acclaim as a leading authority on conditioning and fitness in tennis, Etcheberry has established a reputation as an expert in virtually all sports. He has trained NFL players Shaun...
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    Castillo-Corrales Any thoughts? Prediction? Any boxing fans?
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    Chang story/rumor

    From Wertheim, hadn't heard this before: Tennis lore has it that a certain someone many years ago, after winning his first Grand Slam, gave his tennis coach a $50 "bonus." I understand that Kim Clijsters gave her coach a $9,000 bonus after winning the U.S. Open. While $9,000 is certainly...
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    Madrid Masters cancels doubles

    The Tennis Masters Series-Madrid, the same event that turned the court into a catwalk in hiring models to work as ball girls last year, announced today it will not host a doubles competition at the tournament until "the antitrust lawsuit brought by 45 doubles players against the ATP and its...
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    Most impressive active streak in sports?

    Just came across this poll on, was surprised that Federer would be topping the poll, especially with so many votes in(24,000). Not sure who I'd vote for though. I'm not a big NFL fan, but the Favre streak is remarkable. Considering the sheer physical demands of football(esp that...
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    Attendance at Women's China Open vs Men's

    Anyone watch the China Open on tennis channel the last 2 weekends? The stands were noticably more full during the womens' event. Why would Kirilenko-Groenefeld draw more fans than Nadal-Coria? Here's someone else who noticed: "Saturday took us to Beijing and the semifinals of the women’s...
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    Blake's family getting hate mail

    Just read this about Derek Jeter receiving racist hate mail: NEW YORK (AP) -- Yankees star Derek Jeter received a threatening letter that reportedly warned he'd be ``shot or set on fire'' if he didn't stop dating white women. The FBI is investigating ``racially threatening letters to...
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    Ljubcic-best Davis Cup season ever?

    IMO, what Ljubcic is doing this year is truly remarkable. He's won all 3 points in all 3 ties played so far. Beat the US on the road, a team that had Agassi, Roddick, the Bryan Brothers. Beat Romania at home, Ancic lost his singles match on Day 1, Ljubcic won both singles & doubles. Beat...
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    Espn's coverage of the davis cup

    Espn's coverage of the US-Belgium tie is pretty disappointing. I know away ties are usually on during inconvenient hours for US TV, but they aren't showing any of the doubles on Saturday.
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    Houston gets a good replacement for the Masters Cup

    Anyone going? The Westside Tennis Club will refill its champions cup in November. The Houston club, which hosted the ATP Tour's Tennis Masters Cup the past two years, will host the inaugural Champions Cup, an eight-man senior event, November 10-13th. All four days of action will be televised...
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    This might help explain golf's popularity to tennis fans

    Nice piece: Golf vs. Tennis How one country club sport defeated the other. By Field Maloney On Sunday evening, there was a palpable sense of relief in the TV commentators' voices as the sun went down over the U.S. Open championships. It had been a thrilling, hard-fought final. The...
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    Payers that have reached the 4th round of all 4 slams this year

    Players that have reached the 4th round of all 4 slams this year Impressive consistency in slams Nalbandian QF, 4R, QF, QF Coria 4R, 4R, 4R, QF Federer SF, SF, W, W Last year only Hewitt made the 4R at all 4 slams.
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    How many times has Federer saved match point this year?

    I think it was 4 times. Anyone know? Rotterdam Final Ljubcic 5-7 7-5 7-6(5) Dubai 1st Round Minar 6-7(5) 6-3 7-6(5) Dubai 2nd Round Ferrero 4-6 6-3 7-6(6) Halle 1st Round Soderling 6-7(5) 7-6(6) 6-4...
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    New Doubles Scoring Started This Week

    Check the scores:
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    Odds for Men's Semis

    Ginepri +200 Agassi -250 Federer -800 Hewitt +550 Both Agassi & Federer are big favorites.