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    Prince Twistpower X97 Tour

    Hi TW, Just wanted to know if and when the Prince Twistpower X97 Tour will be availble in the states. Also, will there be separate left/right hand versions or just one? Thanks.
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    Confused by Wilson Clash's Marketing

    Can someone explain to me how Clash is a control racquet? Pretty sure hitting the fence was the reason I stopped using the Clash. In fact, the whole line-up marketing is out of whack except the Ultra.
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    Similiar to Hyper G But Softer?

    I love Hyper G mainly for its spin potential and excellent control, but my arm is hurting. It's not a very comfortable string. Any suggestion for a good poly with great spin & control? I'm currently switching back to Yonex PTP because it's softer but spin & control are just average.
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    Is Anyone Else Sick of Neon Color Strings?

    Yes I'm ranting here but can strings go back to basic? By basic, I mean black or some other stealthy color. I'm tired of neon color strings. It's like 50 shades of yellow. Now we got yellow jacket from Signum Pro. I get that they want to stand out and get free promotion from local players...
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    Problem With Fresh String Being Too Lively

    My current favorite strings are Hyper G & Cream but they both play too lively when freshly strung. It usually takes a couple of sets to settle in. Once they settle in, they play amazing. I don't have the luxury to lose a couple of sets by hitting everything to the fence before my balls start...
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    Nadal's wrist injury - APD's stiffness to blame?

    Now that Nadal has pulled out of RG citing a wrist injury. Has all the years of playing with a stiff Babolat finally caught up to him? I used to play with the Pure Drive for years and then one day without warming, my wrist just started hurting like hell and didn't go away until I switched to a...
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    Putting Volkl Organix V1 MP grommets into a Super G V1 MP racquet

    I know it's been asked before whether the Super G grommets could fit into the Organix model, but my question is asking if you could do the reverse. So I really like the Volkl Organix V1 MP but they no longer make this racquet. I don't like the new Suger G grommets because it adds too much pop...
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    Has Volkl Grip Shape Changed to more Square Recently?

    I have a Volkl Organix V1 Pro that I bought a couple of years ago with a more rectangular grip shape. I recently purchased a new Volkl Organix V1 MP and the shape is more square. It's 4 1/4 but feels closer to a 4 3/8 because of how square it is. It's even bigger than my Babolat 4 1/4. Is...
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    Why Does the Honeymoon Period Exist?

    Within the last year alone, I've gone through 4 different brands and 6 different racquets. I've gone from Babolat to Volkl to Wilson, then back to Babolat and now onto Yonex with the current Ezone Ai/DR 98. Each time I really thought I had finally found 'the one' and even wrote a few...
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    Volkl Super G V1 Pro Specs Confusion

    Just picked up the new Super G V1 Pro at a local shop to demo and the specs printed on the racquet is identical to the specs on the Organix version. Yet TW listed the new frame at 100 sq. in. (instead of 99.5), 3 pts HL (instead of 1), 11.2 oz (instead of 11.3). In fact, the demo I just picked...
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    Blade 98 18x20 (2015) string setup?

    What's the best string setup for the new blade 98 (18x20)? As a hard flat hitter, I can't seem to find a good balance between my forehand and backhand. These are the ones I've tried so far: RPM blast 17 @ 52lbs - great forehand but wasn't getting enough juice on my backhand. . Solinco...
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    Blade 98 is shorter than 27 inches long?

    This has probably been brought up before but doesn't it bother anyone that the blade 98 is clearly shorter than the listed standard length of 27 inches? I'm demo-ing the new blade and it felt short to me, so I decided to measure it and compared it to my Babolat and Volkl racquets (both came in...
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    Volkl Super G V1 Midplus Demo?

    When will the Volkl Super G V1 Midplus be available for demo? Also, will you guys be doing a review of it? Thanks.