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    New Prince "Tennis Racquet"

    Just got the news letter from Prince. They finally have the "tennis racquet" for Nintendo Wii, in both blue and red color. Available from Nov 15th at Circuit City. Appearatly it's too new and no info on yet. But check this...
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    Ralph Lauren Tennis Gear Just got a promotional e-mail from Ralph Lauren. Take a look at the what-the-heck wrist band-pushrod design... :confused:
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    Looking for Racquet(s)

    I like the response of thin beam (like ProStaff 85, KSix-One Tour 90, Prince Original Graphite). Except Prince Original Graphite and custom one such as those from Vantage, I just wonder if there's any current/modern racquet comes with midplus or oversize headsize and thin beam (better no thicker...
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    Comparision: Prince Air DB, O3 White, Völkl DNX V1

    I'm currently planning to add one mid-plus or oversize racket to my collection for easy warm-up and catch-up since lately I don't have too much time to play, and my nSix-One Tour 90 becomes a bit too demanding under this situation. I'm considering among Prince Air DB (mainly because it's...
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    Racket length

    Just curious. Let say a standard length 27" racket, does it mean measured from the butt cap up to the top of the loop of the racket itself, or the top of the bumper guard? It may have about 1/8" difference due to the thickness of the bumper guard. I just think of it since the 1983 Chicago Pro...
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    BDE with Lusilon

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of getting either BDE Rally (16-gauge) or BDE Performance (either 16-gauge or 17-gauge) with either Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough or TiMO (17-gauge) on my nSix-One Tour 90. Have anyone here tried such combinations? Which one is mains and which one is crosses doesn't...
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    Federer's racket...

    Sorry for this question if it's been posted, but I really wanna know the answer. Is Roger Federer now really using nSix-One Tour 90, or Pro Staff Tour 90 painted as if an nSix-One Tour 90 by Wilson? Thanks a lot!
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    Paint a Racket

    Hey guys, after I got the grip of my new racket enlarged (from L5 to somewhat larger than L6, and the handle now is about 1/2 inch shorter than stock length) today, I found that there's some paint chip off at the portion of the throat previously covered by the top of the leather grip. Now...
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    Pro Staff is still no good in France... :(

    You know what I mean... "someone" stopped at semi-final today...