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  1. StringGuruMRT

    Weaving Crosses... What's your preference?

    So as I was just stringing a racquet I wondered... How do most stringers prefer to start weaving their crosses? Over the first main, or under? It's just a preference for me, but I prefer to start over. Just the way I've always tried to do it! Wondering if I'm in the majority, minority, or if...
  2. StringGuruMRT

    Head G360+ Extreme Tour vs Radical Pro

    Just wondering if anyone has done extensive testing with both of these racquets. I haven't gotten to do too much "real" hitting with the Radical Pro, but from my experience with both I find the Extreme Tour to be the better overall performer.
  3. StringGuruMRT

    Halep favorite for FO 2020?

    I feel like as usual no one is talking about Simona as a slam favorite... If shes not the favorite, who you got?
  4. StringGuruMRT

    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    So it seems like there has been a fair amount of discussion on here recently (perpetually) about how long it takes to string a racquet start to finish. It might be fun, and maybe informative to put ourselves on the clock and reference how long it takes us to complete a job from start to finish...
  5. StringGuruMRT

    How old does a frame have to be before it's considered "classic"

    At the risk of making myself feel really old... What do you feel is the youngest age a racquet can be before it's considered "classic?" I got to thinking about this when someone asked me what frame from the past would you resurrect to be sold again today. My initial thought was the kBlade...
  6. StringGuruMRT

    A Confession...

    I've been a full time teaching pro for the better part of 20 years, and for several years before that, and as I was setting up my court for a lesson this morning I came to a realization. I haven't enjoyed playing tennis for a really long time. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, it's been a...