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  1. LoboR1

    Used Racquets and International Order Policy

    Hey TW Staffers! Quick question...Does the international order policy (ie. not being able to order Babolat, Wilson, Prince etc...) from outside of the USA, also apply to used racquets? Cheers!
  2. LoboR1

    How much $$ have you saved....??

    ....stringing your own racquets?? I've had my little Klippermate since 1988 and it's still working like the day I received it! I figure I've saved over $10,000 in that time...just on personal racquet stringing :)
  3. LoboR1


    With the lack of American talent, and the rise of talent in Eastern Europe...should Tennis be renamed "Tennic" ??? ;) Discuss!
  4. LoboR1

    Is Wimbledon Still Relevant?

    Ok.... hold the flames and let me just think out loud for a minute. Some background... Been a tennis fan for 30 years, and a player for about as long. I love the game, respect the history, and absolutely spend way too much time thinking about this amazing sport. Let me preface my thought by...
  5. LoboR1

    Wimbledon 2008 - Review

    So I know I'm new to these forums...that have a lot of Fed/Nadal vitriol going on.....but....I'm sitting here watching the Wimbledon 2008 Final for ***** and gigs... C'mon peeps...this is, IMHO, the best match ever played in the modern era...on a surface that would humble 99% of us! Can't we...