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  1. Vensai

    Ken Rosewall vs. Rod Laver?

    I recall hearing something about Kramer asking Gonzales to take it easy on Rosewall since it was his first tour but I'm not sure.
  2. Vensai

    Gaudio, Del Potro, Coria, Nalbandian: Rank these four Argentinians — who is the best?

    I would have either del Potro or Nalbandian at the top.
  3. Vensai

    Mentally weakest players of all time.

    Like Marat Safin, Goran Ivanisevic was volatile and could go off at any moment.
  4. Vensai

    Del potro vs Kukushkin!

    Close match so far. Kukushkin is up a set though.
  5. Vensai

    Is murray the most talented of the Big4?

    Well, I do not believe so.
  6. Vensai


    Kei Nishikori gave that set after the double fault.
  7. Vensai


    Now the score is one set all. Another tiebreak perhaps?
  8. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    Kei Nishikori took the first set but Milos Raonic is giving him some trouble.
  9. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    Looking at their head to head record, Jeremy Chardy has given Grigor Dimitrov tough matches in the past. He straight setted him at Roland Garros and took him to five sets at the Australian Open.
  10. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    Grigor Dimitrov's looking for a comeback. Tied one set a piece now.
  11. Vensai

    Nadal in doubt for the Australian Open?

    Unless Rafael Nadal is significantly injured, I would expect him to play. He has finalist ranking points to defend.
  12. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    I agree with your assessment. Grigor Dimitrov's potential is somewhat inflated due to the comparisons between himself and Roger Federer. He really has not done anything beyond what the likes of Milos Raonic or Kei Nishikori have accomplished, but who do not receive as much hype.
  13. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    Kei Nishikori looks alright so far. I have no idea what Roger Federer's form is right now so I would wait until he plays a match to judge his level.
  14. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    Dimitrov certainly has the talent to succeed. But for numerous reasons, he is not able to consistently play at a high level like he did at Wimbledon.
  15. Vensai

    Pancho Gonzales

    Allen Fox made that quote I believe. He also mentioned that it probably did happen, but he just never saw it happen personally.
  16. Vensai

    Will Nole win gold medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

    Is it true that they will not be using clay courts due to lack of preparation?
  17. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    Jeremy Chardy is in control against Grigor Dimitrov. A possible upset in the works.
  18. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    Gilles Simon is already out and Julien Benneteau is in deep trouble right now.
  19. Vensai

    ATP 250 : Brisbane : Jan 4- 11

    If Roger Federer wins Brisbane this year, he will have won 1000 matches in his career.
  20. Vensai

    Pancho Gonzales

    Pancho Gonzales possessed great technique even in his forties. It is not difficult to see why he dominated when he was younger.
  21. Vensai

    Who's the better player? Hewitt, Wawrinka, Tsonga or Berdych?

    Lleyton Hewitt has the best career out of these players.
  22. Vensai

    Lendl vs Sampras

    Advantage to Pete Sampras on grass and advantage to Ivan Lendl on clay. They both did well on hard so that one is more difficult to call.
  23. Vensai

    Should Roger Federer commit to Davis Cup in 2015?

    After winning his first Davis Cup title in 2014, Roger Federer's draw in 2015 isn't half bad. Should he give another go at it?
  24. Vensai

    DAVIS CUP 2014 FINAL (21-23 Nov): France vs Switzerland

    They could always have Wawrinka and Chiudinelli team up for doubles.
  25. Vensai

    Titles or H2H?

    Well, would anyone seriously take Fabrice Santoro's career over Marat Safin's?
  26. Vensai

    Really, how great was McEnroe?

    I would place John McEnroe above both Boris Becker and Andre Agassi.
  27. Vensai

    DAVIS CUP 2014 FINAL (21-23 Nov): France vs Switzerland

    Depends on how long the sets last. I could see Federer winning in four sets though I think Monfils will have the advantage if it goes five sets unless he collapses under the pressure.
  28. Vensai

    Dimitrov hires a new coach

    I'll be interested to see how this works out. And what is with Dimitrov and hiring Federer's old team?
  29. Vensai

    DAVIS CUP 2014 FINAL (21-23 Nov): France vs Switzerland

    Looking at Stanislas Wawrinka's record, he does not seem to hold well under Davis Cup pressure.
  30. Vensai

    DAVIS CUP 2014 FINAL (21-23 Nov): France vs Switzerland

    If the French players emphasize long points to tire out Federer over a best-of-five set match, they should be able to win their matches against him.