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  1. ichaseballs

    Novak new paintjob at US Open?

    first match i am watching Novak play this USO... (against berrettini) his speed racquet definitely looks different with yellow text on black. as well as yellow on the throat. taken from another thread
  2. ichaseballs

    2021 vcore 98 VS new vcore pro 97

    2021 vcore 98 VS new vcore pro 97... thoughts? i really enjoy the new vcore 98 but small complaint would be that touch shots are difficult.
  3. ichaseballs

    babolat sfx3

    it seems to be pretty popular at the club level. and seems to always sell out online, better than the other babolat shoes. anyone who likes this shoe tends to have wide feet and finds most if not all other tennis shoes un-comfortable. personally i have purchased a few pairs already. but the new...
  4. ichaseballs

    Prince Twistpower X97 Tour written review is not out yet, but seems like very positive feedback from the playtesters from the video reviews. troy compared it to a hybrid clash/prostaff... hoping to see some feedback from people who...
  5. ichaseballs

    Rublev no racquet for match

    Saw something on social media about this... I believe the stringer was still working on it. So he started the match without his gear. Can you post more info or video on this? can't seem to find anything online about it
  6. ichaseballs

    Pros that played on tour without a "coach"

    Didn't Federer play part of his career, including his domination, without a coach? Also who has coached Kyrgios? I have only seen his friend/manager, their relationship reminds me of Entourage.
  7. ichaseballs

    Agassi v Baghdatis 2006 US Open (Epic Match)

    Only a 2nd round match, it felt more like a QF/SF. It is one of my favorite matches of all time. Agassi was on his farewell tour, and playing in his last slam in NY. Dealing with back issues, Andre had cortisone injections before each match. Marcos is at his career high and has shown the tennis...
  8. ichaseballs

    When pros SMASH racquets

    thought this would be fun :cool: i don't think nadal ever smashed/broke a racquet... can someone confirm? stan wawrinka snaps them in half, never smashes it, just calmly snaps them like twigs. and i will refrain from posting the Youzhny head smashing.
  9. ichaseballs

    Tips for beginners when picking strings (TLDR Version)

    Today there are so many strings it can be a bit daunting to a person new to tennis. I tried to keep this guide as short and simple. Read this before heading to your local tennis store or stringer. For those who seek more details and knowledge, check out TW's learning center...
  10. ichaseballs

    how do you change thread title?
  11. ichaseballs

    Yonex Vcore Pro 97 - 320g vs 310g? Assuming you've tried both

    if i was going to buy a yonex vcore pro for doubles, which would you recommend? 320g is the 18x20HD version 310g is the lighter 16x19 version i figured the 330 was a bit too heavy. the SW and stiffness of the above 2 racquets are pretty different. I was thinking the 18x20 would be more...
  12. ichaseballs

    uniqlo rf hats

    please note they are listed under "performance hats" for men instead of "cotton hats" they are 100% cotton
  13. ichaseballs

    vcore vs ezone 2020

    i see a lot of conflicting info about these two when compared. for clarity let us use vcore98 vs ezone98 (2020). i always thought the ezone was a yonex version of a pure drive (power). and the vcore was a yonex version of a pure aero (spin). but seems like from online reviews that it might be...
  14. ichaseballs

    New Yonex Vcore?

    Have you heard anything? If not, what's your best guess? Thank you
  15. ichaseballs

    Yonex PTP vs PTF vs PTS?

    how many people are able to play with all 4 round yonex poly strings in the same racquet at the same tension? (i added air as a late contender, hence title) i always thought Poly Tour Air was PTP with some softening/absorbing outside layer i thought Poly Tour Fire was PTP with a silicone...
  16. ichaseballs

    babolat vs natural gut - black & blue

    thought i would share images of what the vs gut colors look like on the left image, mains are vs blue. new strings. i would call it "ice blue" on the right image, mains are the vs black strings. more of a gunmetal. crosses are yptp blue.
  17. ichaseballs

    What do you do in a competitive match?

    I learned early on that the ball must bounce to be considered out, including serves. You or your partner end up hitting the opposing player on serve by a ball that was clearly not going in. This can happen in both singles and doubles. More likely in doubles, as a wide serve may hit the up/net...
  18. ichaseballs

    What would be the call here?

    You have to make contact with the ball on YOUR side of the net. your follow thru can go past the net, as long as contact with the ball is made on your side. What happens if your racquet hits the opponent or their racquet on the follow thru? (Cause they are asking to get hit standing so close on...
  19. ichaseballs

    Grip size

    I find the ruler test and the index finger test both a bit too inaccurate. I like to use the hand printout to measure my grip size. Which usually gives me 3/8. I never measured my racquet grip circumference, but recently (for the hell of...
  20. ichaseballs

    If i like Yonex PTP, what else would be worth a try?

    currently using VS mains, with ptp 125 crosses. i like how the ptp reduces the power from the gut. was thinking about trying lux 4g or 4g soft? also gosen poly has me curious as well...
  21. ichaseballs

    Kimony overgrips vs Yonex supergrap

    i use yonex supergrap, have been for a while. both are japanese made. i bought these kimony hi-soft ex (in red) and was impressed by the durability. seems to last a lot longer than i am used to vs supergrap. thought it had good tack/dryness feel, a bit of a rubber feeling compared to supegrap...
  22. ichaseballs

    Why do all pros seem to use white overgrips (besides tourna)?

    I have wondered this for a long time. Personally I prefer buying black ones. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  23. ichaseballs

    The ATP & WTA announced the continued suspension of the tour until July 13 In conjunction with the cancellation of The Championships, Wimbledon, the ATP and WTA have jointly announced the continued suspension of the ATP and WTA Tours until July 13, 2020, due to the ongoing COVID-19...
  24. ichaseballs

    Now seems a good time to reset

    tennis has always had issues with all the different organizations, men v women, weird schedules and conflicts (esp davis cup), weird ranking/points system, too many games/too long of a schedule, etc... it was discussed by analysts during this years first atp cup as well. (since certain players...
  25. ichaseballs

    Yonex Ezone - finding a replacement (base) grip

    The Yonex ezones 2018 and 2020 versions both come stock with the Yonex Synthetic Leather Excel Pro Replacement Grip (AC128EX). I didn't really like the grip's contoured grooves. (I prefer a more smooth even surface handle). On my ezone 2018 I re-wrapped the stock grip using the same replacement...
  26. ichaseballs

    Power pads

    seems like you basically have to make your own by cutting up a leather grip into small squares. 1 layer? do you stack 2 together? came across these as well... link 1, link 2 something similar available in the U.S.? if not the 2nd link has reasonable pricing roughly $16 shipped (but not in...
  27. ichaseballs

    Kyrgios Tension Main vs Cross

    pretty common to see pros lower their cross tension. (mains are longer, so the variance leads to a more even bed) many people say yonex recommends this cross tension drop along with 2 pc stringing. something about the isometric shape needing it. nick being a yonex guy, thought he would do this...
  28. ichaseballs

    Tennis sensors (zepp 2)?

    I don't see much on this. It seems to be the only surviving tennis sensor from a few years ago. When did the v2 come out? What's different than the original? Hoping someone can provide some feedback on their experience.
  29. ichaseballs

    How to specify stringing job?

    I recently learned that giving separate tensions for mains/crosses does not necessarily mean it will be 2-piece stringing. So now I will always specify 2-piece. I also write down no pre-stretch (for poly) as it already comes factory pre-stretched. Questions about stringing for gut/poly...