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  1. sillymonkey

    Nike "Glitter Shorts"

    Perhaps this belongs in the Pro Gear section, but is anyone else not loving the Nike glitter shorts on Fed & Rafa?
  2. sillymonkey

    Sharapova & Dimitrov are an item?

    So during Sharapova's semifinal match they aired a few paparazzi pix of her with Grigor Dimitrov. Apparently they're hot & heavy. I don't follow the gossip too closely, but I thought she was planning her wedding last year or so to an NBA player [Laker thug]. What happened?
  3. sillymonkey

    Roddick Throws Tantrum

    Copied from the Comcast home page: WIMBLEDON, England (AP) — A frustrated Andy Roddick threw his racket at a garbage can Saturday, which may or may not have been a commentary on the state of his game. ``I hate myself,'' he muttered a few points later during a practice match at...