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  1. FranzS

    Math & Physics on YouTube

    To all math & physics enthusiasts, what are your favorite YouTube channels? As for math, I've been following Mathologer and 3blue1brown for quite a while. Awesome stuff. As for physics, ScienceClic (English) provides really great visuals and explanations. Other interesting channels you're...
  2. FranzS

    Guitar amps!

    Anyone playing guitar? What amp are you playing with? What's your dream amp? Tube or ss? Real amp or digital modeler? Clean, crunch or massive overdrive? Discuss!
  3. FranzS

    Head TK 293 grommets help

    Are they available on TW Europe? I only see racquet models (see link below). Any Prestige MP maybe? Thanks.
  4. FranzS

    DIY RA measurement

    Has anyone tried?
  5. FranzS

    Head PT57A pallets

    I'd like to change pallets on my Head PT57A for two reasons: 1) go down one size (from L3 to L2) 2) prefer Wilson shape (less rectangular) Which pallets will fit? Also, I've read that TK82S, assuming they will fit, are too much squareish (ala Prince). Wilson shape is perfect for me. Any...
  6. FranzS

    Hawk-eye vs. ball mark

    I watched yesterday's match between Zverev and Sinner and Zvervebot was complaining about some hawk-eye close "non-calls" on a couple of Sinner's winners, since he thought the ball marks were outside the line. Please take a look at the video below, from 7:45 to 7:57. It is clear that a ball...
  7. FranzS

    'Repressurizing' tennis balls

    Did anyone try to put old, depressurized tennis balls into a pressure vessel or something to restore the original pressure inside them? Did it work? How long did it take to fully 'repressurize' them?
  8. FranzS

    Question to RDC owners

    Is it possible to clamp the racquet with the stringbed facing upwards (parallel to the ground instead of perpendicular) for the swingweight measurement? In case it is, would you mind trying and sharing the different measurements (parallel vs. perpendicular)? I'm working on a way to determine...
  9. FranzS

    How to learn General Relativity

    I'd like to learn more about tensors and to fully grasp the math/meaning of Einstein's field equations. Any good material on YouTube or elsewhere? Video content would be better. I didn't find anything exhaustive... I have some very basic understanding of linear algebra and would like the course...
  10. FranzS

    Price advice: PT57A

    I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but... What would you think is a fair price for a brand new (unused, still unstrung) pro stock PT57A? More as an investment rather than a racquet to actually play with. I could get one for €450.
  11. FranzS

    Smashing racquet = immediate point penalty

    Do you agree? I'd say also game penalty for smashing PT57As! Jokes apart, that's extremely disrespectful towards the racquet manufacturers and tennis fans who play tennis in the first place. Those guys can earn millions $$, they shouldn't be allowed to do that, seriously. Do you ever smash...
  12. FranzS

    Your opinions that the majority of people does not share? (RACQUETS)

    Taking inspiration from @Raining hopes 's thread in the General Pro Player Discussion section, I thought it would be cool to translate that concept into the racquets realm. Actually, this is also meant for possibly debunking the undeserved hype about certain racquets, as well as restoring the...
  13. FranzS

    Slow surfaces

    Warn you, this isn't player-related. Please let me know your most objective opinions. I just want to know why many blame the slow surfaces (not really talking about clay, but more about old vs. new Wimbledon, old vs. new hardcourts). For an attacking player it's more difficult to hit winners on...
  14. FranzS

    Does string tension affect swing weight?

    I doubt it does in a noticeable/perceivable way, but: adding just a few grams can increase the swingweight in a sensible way (for example when weight is added at or near the tip of the racquet) the higher the string tension, the more the string gets stretched out so that its linear density...
  15. FranzS

    Head, Wilson, Babolat, etc. OEMs

    Hi there, does anyone know who are the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers, i.e. those who actually produce the racquets) for Head, Wilson and the other big brands? A few days ago I found the website of one Chinese OEM who wrote something like "we produce 35% of all the well-known racquets on...
  16. FranzS

    Advice needed (strings noob): best substitute for nat gut

    Well I got into racquet specs obsession quite recently, but never went deep into strings. So I need your kind advice! I used to play with a full bed of Luxilon Alu Power Rough (1.25 gauge). Since my racquet is kind of underpowered, I tried (and I am using now with much satisfaction) a reverse...
  17. FranzS

    Angell TC95: 63 vs. 70 RA (stiffness)

    Well I'm getting into the hype of Angell racquets. Does anyone own both these racquets (63 RA and 70 RA)? How do you like them?
  18. FranzS

    would like to know my serve speed

    Hi, from my videos of me serving I can calculate my average speed, starting from racquet/ball impact to ball landing into the service box. Does anyone know how much the ball speed decreases from impact to landing, knowing the distance covered? In other words, if a know my average speed from...
  19. FranzS

    Swingweight calculation

    Let's suppose I know: - weight - balance point - swingweight of a certain racquet (stock). After customization (leadtape & other) I'm able to measure: - new weight - new balance point Is there any calculation to find out the new swingweight? I think it should be possible with all these data.
  20. FranzS

    Anyone used/tried both Wilson Pro Staff 95 and Volkl PB10 Mid?

    I currently play with a Wilson Pro Staff 95 (2012 BLX). I really like the feel and control, but I find it a bit too low-powered (I like low-powered racquets, but this one seems to be so inherently weak... great for smashing winners when you have all the time to prepare for full swings, but...)...
  21. FranzS

    Beginner's serve (video): your tips?

    I'm a beginner and I'm starting practising my serve. I filmed a bit of me serving: watching yourself from outside may be very useful I think. What suggestions would you give me to improve my serve technique and pace? Where to start first?
  22. FranzS

    Searching for the definitive racquet

    Hi, I'm an amateur player who likes playing 'agonistically' if that makes sense. I mean, I'm 30 and I've never played in any tournament. I had started playing for fun when I was 11-12, but I only rediscovered my passion for tennis in these last three years when I bought my first 'real' racquet...
  23. FranzS

    Pure Drive vs. Pure Drive Tour

    Hi, has anyone tried both the 2015 Pure Drive and Pure Drive Tour? Background: in 2013 I bought my first true racquet, a 2012 Wilson Pro Staff Six.One 95. I love it, but I find it quite low powered (I like to take full swings and unleash the power myself, but under pressure it is difficult to do...
  24. FranzS

    Pro Staff 85 reissue from TW

    Hi, I'm new here and I have a question for the Wilson addicted. Last week I bought a Wilson Pro Staff 85 reissue from TW (TW-Europe actually, since I live in Italy). The specs on the website say it should have the BLX golden butt cap, but mine came with a black butt cap with the silver "W"...