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  1. hoodjem

    What were rosewall's favorite surface?

    A great question. He did win two French championships on clay, but no Wimbledon titles on grass. So on the surface one might be tempted to say clay. (The irony of his career is that he was in four Wimbledon finals but never won. But he did win four Australian titles and two US...
  2. hoodjem

    Most talented player of all time

    Maybe I have an odd idea about talent. Could be. I believe it means natural aptitude or skill, that is an unlearned and untaught, unpracticed, innate ability. When it comes to tennis, I think of "most talented" as being part of an inverse relationship between accomplishments and learned...
  3. hoodjem

    Are you ready to witness the death of tennis? Cause it's coming.

    He rides the pale horse. Kiss of . . .
  4. hoodjem

    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    It's certainly been around for a long time. Chang used it against Lendl in the FO in 1989.
  5. hoodjem

    Nalbandian influenced by Mecir?

    (y) There is a video of an interview with Mats Wilander somewhere. In it, when asked who did he hate to play the most, he stated without hesitation that it was Mecir. He said that he [Mats] would have go practice for hours in the morning and hours in the afternoon to hone his game before a...
  6. hoodjem

    Where does Nastase rank?

    29th. On a list of nice persons: 100,000,029.
  7. hoodjem

    Tiafoe’s shorts…

    Did Tiafoe retire?
  8. hoodjem

    Tommy Paul

    Or one whose first name is Ayn.
  9. hoodjem

    Earth's Mightiest Warrior talks about revenge

    Congenital disease: under stress, splintering of the tarsal scaphoid bone.
  10. hoodjem

    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    It's a tough shot to pull off perfectly. One needs to have practiced it. Hit it too hard, and it's out or you give your opponent a sitter to crush. Hit it too soft, and it's into the net.
  11. hoodjem

    Deserving players who never won slam

    Tom Okker Miloslav Mecir
  12. hoodjem

    Wilander vs Courier on clay

    Mecir. The "Swede killer." (Stopped Mats in the quarters at Wimbledon in '88. Otherwise . . . Wilander hated playing him. )
  13. hoodjem

    What order do you rank Lendl, McEnroe, Connors, Agassi in as far as greatness

    Agree. Lendl just barely ahead of Connors. 1. Lendl 2. Connors 3. McEnroe 4. Agassi
  14. hoodjem

    Djokovic has aged incredibly well in terms of physical appearance

    So I guess, now, Novak is the appearance GOAT.!? Geez! What next?
  15. hoodjem

    On a mission

    Oooooops! (He blew both "biggest objectives," and did not get even a bronze in Tokyo.)
  16. hoodjem

    Does Chang beat Becker in 89 RG final?

    In what match did Chang cramp up a bunch and serve underhand? Was that the final? Nope, fourth round against Lendl.
  17. hoodjem

    On a mission

    O Always chasing Nadal.
  18. hoodjem

    Wilander vs Courier on clay

    Very true. Even on clay, Lendl leads the H2H 6-4. But I tend to think of them as fairly evenly matched: Lendl's power vs. Wilander's patience. I watched the 1988 USO final not long ago. Nobody owned anybody. It was a huge, almost-five-hour war of attrition . . . (and patience and frustration).
  19. hoodjem

    How do you rank Becker, Edberg, Wilander

    The true ranking must be based on how each feels anout Zverev.
  20. hoodjem

    How long before we have hundreds of Fed and nadal posts in here

    Fans love Fed and will keep him in it for a few more years. They love him and will pay good money to see him, even if he has no chance of winning. This fan pressure will be translated into tournament pressure for Fed to keep going.
  21. hoodjem

    Kudos, Steffi Graf, Rod Laver, Don Budge.

    Yes. Winning slams (or national championships) was always rather important, particularly Wimbledon (which for many players and journalists was considered the most prestigious and thus an unofficial world championship). But totalling up the number of slams and keeping track to ascertain the GOAT...
  22. hoodjem

    Kudos, Steffi Graf, Rod Laver, Don Budge.

    Yep. (y) Laver with three Grand Slams: 1962-Amateur GS, 1967-Pro GS, 1969-Open GS.
  23. hoodjem

    Wilander vs Courier on clay

    Wilander. Mats did well against Lendl on clay. Courier couldn't handle Lendl at all.
  24. hoodjem

    Are we entering the third Weak Era or the second Seamless Transition?

    One man's weak era is another man's strong era. When you have a variety of different players winning a few slams each is it because there are many great players or many weak players? When most of the slams are won by very few players is it because the very few are great players and everyone...
  25. hoodjem

    Trying to classify the Laver Cup. What is it really?

    Like the ATP Cup. What is the ATP Cup?
  26. hoodjem

    Why are women not playing the Laver Cup or a similar event?

    The women concentrate on the Billie Jean King Cup (formerly known as the Federation Cup). It is the equivalent to the men's Davis Cup. More tradition.