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  1. h7hugo

    Tennis in Fort Lauderdale

    Hi I'm in Fort Lauderdale to the end of the month and would like to know: 1- good tennis stores to go buy some equipment 2- tennis courts , where r they? 3- anyone would like to play? Thanks ;)
  2. h7hugo

    Wilson Prostaff 6.1 Classic grommet question

    Hi Do K95 18x20, BLX 6.1 95 18x20 grommets fit in Wilson prostaff 6.1 classic 18x20 ? Thanks
  3. h7hugo

    Pacific, Prince and Head leather

    Hi, I used to use Babolat leather and sometimes WIlson Leather. Now I want to one of my racquets synthetic grip for leather, but in my local I can only find Pacific, Prince and Head Leather grips.. Which's better?
  4. h7hugo

    Head natural gut

    Does anyone have already played with it??
  5. h7hugo

    Head Youtek pro and MP 16x19??

    Any of you play with the new Head Youtek Speed pro and Head Youtek Speed MP 16x19?? Can you compared then to the MG Prestige Pro and MP??
  6. h7hugo

    Advice on new racquet

    Hi guys, 2 weeks ago my K Team broked (custumized to 350g of weight). I've used some frames of the club (Aero Strom Tour, N Blade, MG Exreme, Aero pro Drive, MG Radical, and others..) since I broke it. In the next mouth, I'll buy 2/3 new racquets but I'm confused with these: - MG...
  7. h7hugo

    Some doubts

    Hi, Next week I’ll go on vacations and I know a store that sells racquets a lot cheaper than my country. I’m thinking to buy a second racquet because I only have one and I break strings 3 in 3 weeks (and when I wait to get my racquet strung, a have to play with some kind of racquet that my...
  8. h7hugo

    Tennis shops in Bologna and Sardinia

    any one knows??
  9. h7hugo

    Nx One

    Any anyone tell me which are the specs of the Slazanger Type II NX one! Thanks,
  10. h7hugo

    navratilova playing Wimby

    sorry if this already discuss...but Is Martina NAVRATILOVA playing doubles in Wimby?? with Zakopalova???
  11. h7hugo

    Diferences between AG..

    Which are the main diferences between the AG200 (16x19) and the AG200 (18x20)without being the string pattern?? and if you could answer the same question for the AG300 (16x19) and AG(16x18).
  12. h7hugo

    Roger's bag in Wimby 08

    Like the title says, Federer will use this bag in the next Wimby. The bag is sweet.... what do you think??
  13. h7hugo

    Wilson K Factor Pro Team

    This will be the new released by Wilson: Head size: 100 sq inch Unstrung weight: 280 gr Lenght: 27 inches Balance: 33 cm Stifness: 71 Beam width: 27 mm String Pattern: 16x19
  14. h7hugo

    what do u think??

    sorry for say this again but what do u think about this: Wilson Pro Overgrip BLACK
  15. h7hugo

    Shops in Italy

    There are any good tennis shop in Milan, Sardinia or Bologna?? If yes, where and what are their names?? Thanks
  16. h7hugo

    Ferrer change pj or racquet??

    title says all..
  17. h7hugo

    Ferrer's raquet

    What kind of raquet is Ferrer using??? The only thing I know is that his raquet is 28 inches long.
  18. h7hugo

    K Balde vs K95

    Hi, I was reading the review of the K Blade Tour and then I compared the results of the K Blade with the k95 18x20.. TW says that k Blade Tour is more powerfull than k95 18x20...what do you think?? I never hit with a K Blade Tour but I have a k95 18x20 and I always think that smaller heads...
  19. h7hugo

    K bag gold/black

    Hi, This bag only arrives in TW in 4th March is that right??? Thanks,
  20. h7hugo

    k95 18x20 vs 16x18

    Hi, I have a k95 18x20 but I wonna know which is the main diferences between this and 16x20 k95. Which do u like most and why?? Thanks,
  21. h7hugo

    Shoe for Clay

    Which are the best tennis shoe for clay?? And which are the best nike shoe for clay: Vapor V or Cage II??
  22. h7hugo

    Wilson N90

    Hi, TW are going to have more n90 in stock than 3/4 grip size??? If the answer is yes, when are you going to have them?? Thanks, Hugo
  23. h7hugo

    New Racquet

    Here's my situation: I have a K6.1 Team and I'll pass it to my brother. So I'll need to buy some new racquets for me. I probaly wnat a racquet that have some of these things: -head size: 90 to 95 sq.inch. -weight: 320-350 g -balance: 5 points HL or more I search in TW and I find some...
  24. h7hugo

    Henin's new pj...

    I think it's the new ktour two.
  25. h7hugo

    Best Leather Grip

    For you between gamma leather, babalat leather and wilson leather, which is the best?? IMO is the gamma one. thanks,
  26. h7hugo

    Stores in NYC

    Hi Can u give me names of good tennis stores in NYC?? And where they are +/-?? Thanks,
  27. h7hugo

    New bag....

    I'd like 2 buy a new choises: wilson k factor federer bag; wilson k factor pro tour super 6 black bag; wilson k factor pro tour 6 pack bag. I have 4 raquets, 2 pairs of shoes, 10 cans of tennis balls, and some other stuff to put inside the bag. What kind of bag would u buy if...
  28. h7hugo

    Black Pro Overgrip

    You can't belive but I found in my pro shop Wilson Pro Overgrip in black. I have already use it and it's like the white one. How can this possible if in the wilson site and TW says that there's no black pro overgrip??
  29. h7hugo

    new racquet...

    hii I'm thinking to change my racquet. I use a k team (330g) and I'm a agressive baseliner (2HBH and 1HFH) who likes to come to the net finished the point. BTW i'm 5.0 I'm thinking in these reacquets to replace my k team: -k95 -pure strom tour -k90..perhaps -the new yonex...I don't...
  30. h7hugo

    k team

    Can you tell me what's the real weight of k6.1 team?? In TW says 309 I think and in the racquet says 289...I also weigh my Kteam and it weighs 312. :confused: