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  1. GAZ082

    Grooves in my strings!

    Hello there! I have not playing for like, 6 months. The las time i've played was in a hotel on vacations, 5000 ft over the sea level. These last couple of days started to play again and noticed my strings are really stiff. After a closer inspection, i found that grooves were formed in every...
  2. GAZ082

    Increasing RDS 002 grip size.

    Hi guys. I want to increase one size my 3 1/8 grip. Replacing the original grip with a leather one would be enough? (which leather grip then?) I believe yes, coz the original grip seems to be so thin... If not, should i add a shrink and then the leather? I'm using Super Grap overgrip. Thanks!
  3. GAZ082

    What's going on with Yonex's Super Grap?

    Hi. Can't buy them! Out of stock? It's odd that the website does not show the YONEX brand in the over grip section...
  4. GAZ082

    Why so many asian americans?

    Hi! I just have to ask! All the vids of you guys seem to be from asian americans! What's the deal with tennis there? Is tennis more popular in asian guys rather than the rest? Must be just more than a probability given the size of your community, because there are lot's of latino americans...
  5. GAZ082

    Sit n' lift, weight transfer or both?

    Watching the "modern forehand" vid at YT, was wondering if the sit and lift technique is more convenient over the weight transfer from right to left. When practicing at home, just in front of the mirror, i notice a racket speed increase with the weight transfer one, not so in the sit n' lift...
  6. GAZ082

    First Eastern then Semi Western?

    I started hitting with a 4.0 player at my club and he recommend me to trash my SW shots to first master the Eastern ones. Being playing more than 6 months with the SW I'm feeling awkward when using the E grip. He says "your shots are not natural" when i grab the stick with a SW and double bended...
  7. GAZ082

    How to read string pattern data?

    Hi guys. I'm almost sure to get a RDS 002 Tour tomorrow, just waiting to see if the 3/8" grip fits my natural 1/2" hand, well, but the thing is i do not string and i want to be sure that the guy in the pro shop makes a good work. I have the stringing specs: Racquet Name Tension Length...
  8. GAZ082

    Coria's funky shoes.

    They look like some wicked cool Barricade ones, where them ever on sale?
  9. GAZ082

    ***TW's Official David Nalbandian Fan Club ***

    Who wants to start a club in this very thread? In this very moment!?
  10. GAZ082

    Hard vs Clay balls.

    What's the difference? Wouldn't be better to just purchase the harder ball (i believe is the one for hard surfaces). Why there is just a distinction?
  11. GAZ082

    YONEX's Variframe vs Hexagon Cross section.

    That's the main difference between the RDS 001 98 and 002 Tour. What is exactly that difference in shape and in performance?
  12. GAZ082

    Strings moving alone?

    When i'm not hitting during a game, i hear like "crack crack" coming from my strings, it's not a lot, just one or two from time to time. This been happening from the last 2 weeks. Its a LM4 with PSGD 16, perhaps they are about to break? Been playing with them for about 10 hours.
  13. GAZ082

    Match 3 Turbo.

    Am i crazy, or it's vibration system really makes the shaving smoother? I used it yesterday and had no irritation whatsoever nor "tearing apart" feeling on my skin.
  14. GAZ082

    Big sweetspot racquets?

    Which are the racquets with the biggest sweetspot? I'm not talking about 120" ones, but more players oriented one sizes, such as 95-100"
  15. GAZ082

    4.0 + Racquets.

    Hi. I'm just browsing through the vast amount of rackets in TW looking for a heavy one (12 oz) and found that most of them are recommended for 4.0+ players, independent of the head size. So i wonder, these "player" rackets are by conception for 4.0+ players? If so, why? The weight? What if i'm...
  16. GAZ082

    Torso positoin in fh.

    Should it be centered or slightly forward using the inertia the semi open stance gives you when putting the foot in front (or jumping a little bit forwards in an open stance).
  17. GAZ082

    Same model of cap, different year?

    A couple of months ago i got the coolest cap on earth, the black with stripes Adidas essential 3 stripes. Today i got another more forgiving with the sun (it's spring here) and got the "same" model of cap Adidas 3 Stripes Climalite, but it has some differences. First, the fabric feels thinner...
  18. GAZ082

    Hitting partner in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

    Aye, if some of you guys happen to be in my city, please drop me a line! This is also for my Argentinian amigos! I'm tired of playing with my gf and still scared to play in one of the amateur tournaments.
  19. GAZ082

    About the SW one handed BH

    I'm doing that shot and when i hit, i'm doing it with the strings parallel to the net, is this correct or should be slightly bent towards the ground like in the sw forehand? I checked some Gasquet's vids and he looks like hitting as me, but i'm not 100% sure. Thanks!!
  20. GAZ082

    Where is the Pro torso rotation?

    Hi guys. I'm watching some Masters Madrid briefings and noted something that i just did not before (mainly because i was concentrating in the footwork), the torso rotation. I realized that the pros have almost none of it, they have good shoulder rotation (it is not crazy either, nothing like...
  21. GAZ082

    Feel = control?

    Hi you there. This might sound absurd, but i found that when i changed the original grip of my LM4 for a thinner one (the Tecnifire Tourfit) and started just to rebound the ball over my strings, i felt more vibrations (expected) but also made me control the ball much much more! Is this just a...
  22. GAZ082

    PK Innovator 95.

    Hi guys. My GF has a PK Innovator 95, purchased like 12 years ago. Does someone have the specs of this racket?
  23. GAZ082

    Microgel's shape.

    Am i wrong or the shape of the head is roundish instead of ovalish?
  24. GAZ082

    Adding lead increases "solidness"?

    I define as solidness as feeling the racket like something that ain't gonna move anywhere when hitting (a good grip helps) at the sacrifice of some feel. Adding a specifically located mass (on the Y so the impact in balance is kept to a minimum) on the contrary of evenly distributed mass, will...
  25. GAZ082

    Does Yonex super grap have beveled sides?

    ? If not, which tacky overgrip has it?
  26. GAZ082

    Cap AND headband?

    I just got this really nice Drifit Cap (the climacool adidas one looked without shape and structure) and found that was good for keeping the sun out of my eyes (duh!) but sucked at sweat control department. Nothing beats my thick and powerful adidas headband, so, would be a nice idea to wear...
  27. GAZ082

    4 1/2 and 4 5/8 in a HEAD.

    Hi there. I ordered a new racket, and choose 4 5/8 instead of my measured 4 1/2. My forwarder do not allow to return the suff to TW (the goods just arrived to Miami). Now i wonder, is there a big difference in playing and avoiding tennis elbow, to play with one size bigger? I measured my hand...
  28. GAZ082

    HEAD LM 4 and LM 4 Pro.

    Hi guys. I'm trying to get the LM 4 Pro, but i found that in TW there is no such version, only the standard. In the Official HEAD site it's listed, but actually, i can not get it almost anywhere. There is a difference of weight, and swing class, the Pro is S4, and the standard, S1. I'm...
  29. GAZ082

    Head Titanium 1000 specs?

    Howdy. I bought this basic racket just to get in the mood of tennis, now i'd like to get another. Here in Argentina is not so easy to try out rackets, so i want to use this Quality Index in RacketResearch, but i need the swingweight, which being so crappy racket, i dont get anywhere. Could...