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  1. gonzalocatalino

    Old Prince Stringing machine

    Hello. I have the chance to get an old prince stringing machine from a friend of a friend (the guy bought a lot of stuff from an auction more than 10 years ago) and, long story short, my friend give me his phone when i told i him i could be interested. The problem is he lives a bit far from my...
  2. gonzalocatalino

    Babolat V-Pro Clay

    I just pickep up a pair of V-Pro clay on sale here in Argentina. I dont know much about them, they are actually my first babolat shoe... ]Has anyone used them? they look very well made, light and comfortable w/ no break in needed... The only downside at first contact is the lacing...
  3. gonzalocatalino

    Prince Exo3 12 pack red

    Anyone purchased this bag? i´ve the chance to order this one here in Argentina (cant find any other prince bag besides this one and the green tour team) but i´ve never seen the bag in person...not even a real picture. I´m looking for some info and a couple of real pics if possible... thanks
  4. gonzalocatalino

    Donnay Tour Max (Wilson 6.1 mold)??

    As anyone heard of this model? They look like a wilson 6.1 18*20, specs are similar to wilsons too (332grs unstrung)
  5. gonzalocatalino

    Yonex Wood racquets?

    Anyone know something about old yonex woodies? I guy i know as one, and is the first yonex racquet i saw...
  6. gonzalocatalino

    Amerpro Racquets

    Hello! A guy i know is selling 2 of this, never used apparently... What exact model is this? is worth something? pics are offline, i will find more later
  7. gonzalocatalino

    Volkl V-Xplosion?

    Hello, i`ve the opportunity the buy 200m reels of this string for a very reasonalbe price (around u$s50, from the local volkl dealer). Sadly, i cant find opinions or reviews of this string (only a couple of reviews in the stringforum). Has anyone played with this? apparently looks like a 1st...
  8. gonzalocatalino

    Prince NFS 3 (squash shoes)

    well, i just have the chance to get some pairs of the Prince NFS III for cheap (for the argentinian standards of "cheap"), but i cant find much info on the web about those shoes... As i play only on clay, the rubber sole should last for a reasonable time (i hope). As anyone owned a pair of...
  9. gonzalocatalino

    Reebok Match day pump replacement?

    I´ve been using the MDP´s since 2006. I love the shoes really, they provide great comfort and overall support. Sadly, they are discontinued and hard to find. I´m looking for a replacement with good forefoot cushioning, overall stability and reasonable price, i dont care about the weight or...
  10. gonzalocatalino

    Prince Classic´s Thread

    I´m opening a new thread to talk and post pictures of the old Prince Racquets from the late 70´s and 80´s, and why not from the 90´s... My main racquets are the Prince graphite mids (i play with the actual model) Actually, i own a couple of classics: 1x Prince Original Graphite 90 (single...
  11. gonzalocatalino

    hitting partners racquets??

    just for fun, what are the racquets that you regular hitting partners are using? You can add some info like this: #1: Yonex RDS001 MIDs, stock (lefty, power baseliner, 2hbh) #2: Wilson Kpro, customized (counterpouncher, solid baseline game, 1hbh) #3: Head TI Radicals MP, customized (all...
  12. gonzalocatalino

    Prince Graphite II Oversize (green)

    I´ve been searching but cant find much. I´ve the chance to buy an used pair of this OS racquets, but dont know anything about the specs... Anyone still playing those? what is the REAL wheight, balance and stiffness?? Thanks in advance... Gonzalo
  13. gonzalocatalino

    POG OS 2008-09 batch specs?

    someone knows (really knows) what are the specs of the latest prince graphite oversize? i`m thinking on get some, but only if they are in the 10pts HL range... Thanks GM
  14. gonzalocatalino

    Prince MC4 or T10?

    I have the chance to get one of those two. I use the classic reebok match day pump and really like them, but they are impossible to find here in Buenos Aires. I love the comfort and support of my reeboks and this is what i want in a new shoe... What should i get? the T10 seems to be a hard...
  15. gonzalocatalino

    Gamma SMART Overgrip?

    anyone uses this OG? I can get some for a reasonable price but i dont know nothing about how they feel...
  16. gonzalocatalino

    Slazenger Quadro Precision?

    Someone knows something about this frame??
  17. gonzalocatalino

    Kawasaki Racquets?

    Someone knows something about KAWASAKI frames?
  18. gonzalocatalino

    Overgrip: Tecnifibre Pro Level

    Has anyone played with the Pro level overgrip? what is your opinion? I am considering to buy a few packs because tourna grips are hard to find in buenos aires...
  19. gonzalocatalino

    How much for one Monaco`s RDS002?

    How much a REAL Juan Monaco`s frame could worth? The frame is the Yonex RDS002 Tour customized to 28", with original yonex leather grip (condition: 9.5/10). Thanks. Gonzalo
  20. gonzalocatalino

    The Argentine thread (se habla español)

    Bueno, como estabamos hablando demasiado en español, somos muchos y sugirieron abrir un tema para argentinos, aca esta che...
  21. gonzalocatalino

    need info: Pro Kennex Pro Tour Ace?

    as anyone ear something about this pro kennex with crossbar?? Here is a pic, any info would be apreciated. EDITED: I bought 2 of this, brand new! Did not play with them yet, but i´ve measured some of the specs: Head: 90" Beam width: 17mm Weight: damn heavy, around 13.5oz Balance: very...
  22. gonzalocatalino

    Copa Telmex ATP BS. AS (pictures)

    Some pics from last night (20-02-2008)...
  23. gonzalocatalino

    real or fake aero pro cortex??

    Someone is trying to sell some babolat racquets with a low price here in Argentina. All his frames are 41/4 (like the chinesse fakes). He send me a few pics...what do you say, real or fakes??
  24. gonzalocatalino

    What prestige i have under this LM RADICAL paint?

    Well. i have bought a pair of head racquets from a guy here in Argentina (he told me that he got them from a guy in France) and i´m not sure on what model they are the pics: I think i have a pair of Pro tours 630 (mp headsize), but i´m not sure, maybe someone could help me...thanks!
  25. gonzalocatalino

    Budapest: G. Dulko wins his first career tittle!

    "Dulko Stops Cirstea's Run, Captures Career-First Title"
  26. gonzalocatalino

    Coria with YONEX

    EDIT: apparently Coria will stay with PRINCE. he was only practicing with his brother yonex (?)... "No official changes" is what he says in his forum. When i can confirm the new contract, i will ;)
  27. gonzalocatalino

    Guillermo Coria`s new racquet: YONEX!!!!

    apparently thats the deal, he`s no more with Prince and has signed with Yonex!!!! Tomorrow i will have more info. (the racquet he`s using has the orenge paintjob, like the new RDS002).
  28. gonzalocatalino

    Volkl Tour 10 generation I (mid, mp and xtended)

    Today I went to the local Volkl rep here in Bs. As. to buy a new bag, looking at the store, i saw an entire box fully of the discontinued "Volkls tour 10", in all 3 versions of the frame (mp, mid and xtended). they are selling this frames for 100-110 u$s each... As i am looking to buy a new...
  29. gonzalocatalino

    Snauwaert ATP Tour 93

    someone knows something about this frame? specs, experiences? Thanks
  30. gonzalocatalino

    NXGraphite VS. TT Graphite (MP´s)

    anyone can compare this two? i have the chance to get a good deal for a pair of NXG´s, but as a reference i only have played the Prince TT graphite (MP)...and it was probably the worst racquet i ever demoed :( The NXG is a "controversial" frame, lots of people loved it, and LOOOOOOTS of...