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    The truth is, Novak has it all

    There was a recent exchange between Pete Sampras and Novak Djokovic in relation to their hypothetical match-up. What didn't go unnoticed was their appreciation for each others' game and the shot about them they admired most. For Sampras, he would love to have Novak's return of serve (hey, who...
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    Can Nole Make it 20 GS?

    Or will he hit 99% in progress for the next 5 years and then crash?....
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    Crank tension head lever brake

    Hi If I was strong my racket the other day using crank tension head. During mid-session it clicked when tension met but didn’t lock. I opened up the internals to try and diagnose the issue - appears the brake lever is only forcing the pad to stop the disk moving when it is at the bottom. The...
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    I cracked the serve - FINALLY!

    Taken me a while but these are the focal elements I worked on: 1) Pronation. Free power for sure and am now used to pronating with slices too. 2) Trophy arm - keeping it up as long as possible, seems to help generate full force rotating the upper half into the serve 3) The swing path - found...
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    Serena Williams - US Open Final Preparation

    You’re standing in the aisle waiting for your call, to enter into the grand amphitheatre where you can stake your claim for further legendary status: Do you a) Focus on the task at hand, and give yourself, your opponent, the fans and the tournament the respect it deserves giving your...
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    Just saw the final at Wimbledon.

    In row V. Federer played unbelievable high level aggressive tennis which high level Novak couldn’t handle. But this was in spells, he needed to be that amazing to beat him all the way through. Novak is consistent, a machine. A wall. But Federer “goes for it”. Novak happy to hit and...
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    The slice serve (on edge)

    I have spent ages working out my mechanics from start to finish on the service with respect to racket drop through to hitting the ball on edge. Finally nailed it. (Only taken me a a couple of years but hey what’s the rush when you’re already a veteran) I am now looking for words out there that...
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    Djokovic Kohlschreiber

    Kohlschreiber playing the best I’ve seen him play. Djokovic trying new things. Levels
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    Best Durable Poly Co-Poly?

    I just used solinco hyper g, and it's ok but like most strings I've used, after 3/4 hits (say 2hrs per hit) it's just dead. I change my strings but don't have a lot of time, so I'm looking for a string that holds tension the best (mine is around 58-60 lbs). And works best with what gauge? I...
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    Djokovic Practice

    I just wanted to share this high quality practice session I just witnessed. Unbelievable concentration levels by Novak. Look at the start and his use and mechanics of the off-arm. As a tennis fan, I have to say this is one on of the best quality practice sessions I’ve seen. Thoughts?
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    Dear Dads and Mums, how old was your daughter/son when... first introduced her/him to the world of tennis? What was your method for teaching/coaching? Did you do it yourself? Or did you delegate that to a more professional coach? What were the challenges? Thanks and happy Valentines!
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    20mph winds against a top quality pusher

    You have heavy TS strokes that stick up in the wind. What is your strategy? How do you play?
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    What is the best way...

    ...of changing your mindset at the start of a league match from a nervous one to one that will allow you to play free and loose tennis? I am struggling to find what works for me. Have YOU found what works for you? Please share
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    Congrats Novak

    Nadal looked sluggish, late to the ball, and heavy, his footwork visibly stuck to the ground, wrong-footed far too often. Part of the reason for this was because he played against a player who was hot and exposed Nadal's weaker points when it came to a faster court. But what was palpable from...
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    Wimbledon Nadal

    Making it look so easy with no grass practice. Very impressive! If he wins this particular slam he makes a strong case for GOAT regardless of slam count. Or am I high?
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    Queens, Kyrgios Murray

    - The respect Kyrgios has for Murray was evident - Murray not match sharp, the main difference. Both players knew it. Impressive besides - Decent preparation for Wimbledon for Murray - Kyrgios is ready, but still doubts show that he has the mental maturity and discipline to go the distance
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    Verdasco’s Grunt

    I just played tennis and when I hit a cross court TS forehand, a deep sonorous sound unleashed from the bowels of my throat - the shot was even in - unbelievable! Is it just me or others also thoroughly inspired by the depths of Verdasco’s sensational grunt?
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    Vintage Tennis

    I watched the film the other day, you know that one about Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. First when you appreciate the context of the day, an era without a mobile phone, social media, an era without the internet. An era when players' voice was only heard through the television (with those limited...
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    I got double-bagled! :)

    I got double-bagled by a player in a tournament match yesterday. Normally that would mean a massive gulf in class right? Well this is the first time I got thrashed and thought there wasn't much in it! I put the defeat down to a few things other than him being a solid 0.5NTRP higher level (he...
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    How long was your longest set?

    Played yesterday. 1st took an hour and a half. Managed to play another 45 minutes before the lights switched off (it was at night). Didn't even finish the second. Calories burned: 1700 (my opponent was wearing a Fitbit). Today I'm tired!
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    How long was your longest set?

    Played yesterday. 1st took an hour and a half. Managed to play another 45 minutes before the lights switched off (it was at night). Didn't even finish the second. Calories burned: 1700 (my opponent was wearing a Fitbit). ToI'm tired!
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    Federer's Basle forehand ridiculous. 90% of them hit with flat trajectory, with pace. No other player plays like this - apart from likes of Cilic and Potro. And then when he hits the loopier TS shot it kicks like he is Nadal. How and why is he hitting the ball so well right now? My guess is he has no pressure...
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    Why AO 17 is a big one

    The Australian Open 2017 as of now is a momentous GS and will make one of the stories below TRUE! Dimitrov winning. "And Grigor Dimitrov has WON! After years of potential and looking good, he has finally been able to land the coveted GS title to his trophy cabinet. Tennis has managed to...
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    Is it True?

    Seriously? I am shocked! Is it really true?? Is it?
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    The best thing about tennis

    ... is that it can become an addiction - a good addiction. A great addiction. Keeping you away from boozy nights, drugs, big regular nights out that ... which like I just found out now from a friend ... can lead you to having a stroke. It helps us chill. Gives us focus. Health. Fun. I think...
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    My FH after watching Murray/Djokovic/Thiem

    Over the course of the last year I have been playing with a 'whip' forehand. My takeback started of as something similar to Djoko's with the racket head facing the back fence, but gripped more tightly, my wrist slightly more cocked back. And I would loosen it as I went to strike the ball. I...
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    Tennis Mentality

    I find the mental aspect of singles tennis fascinating. It is, afterall, the foundation of how well we perform in a match. I also often find the mentality in a match can change drastically with high volatility depending on the circumstances. Please find below a matrix of my attempt to classify...
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    My Race Against Time

    I currently play tennis 4-5 times a week and I'm going to be a dad in January.So I'm playing as much as I can at the minute, sacrificing many nights out on the booze. I am addicted to tennis, I even string my own rackets. Anyone been in a similar situation? How did it affect you? Will my...
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    Has Del Potro Brought Us Back Steffi Graf?

    Even since Steffi Graf retired, I don't think we've seen a player at the top level that plays the game like her. But could injury-ridden Potro finally give us a resurrection of her style and success that came with that? Yes ladies and gentleman - I'm talking about that slice-BH and FH combo...
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    Djokovic needs a hug

    Ok I get it. But just because he needs one doesn't mean everyone else does. So he asked for people after his final to feel the love and hug the person next to them. It was almost uncomfortable to watch, and I could see the crowd felt the same. Why? Is he that desperate to try and build a...