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    I got 2 Vantage 95 16x19 63RA for sale. Have 4 3/8 and 4 1/2 Willson pallet.

    I got 2 Vantage 95 16x19 63RA for sale. Have 4 3/8 and 4 1/2 Willson pallet.
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    ? regarding 18x20 string pattern

    I string 2-3 lbs lower went from 16x19 to 18x20. I suggest to start from 3lb lower to see how it feels.
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    I will echo what Tamiya recommended, RIP 17 full bed in upper 50s feels great in the Raidcal MP. I play with Ti and LM Radical with RIP 17 in the past and it feels great with lot of spin and control. If you are not breaking string often, you shouldn't be using poly.
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    HEAD RIP Control 17 for spin and control, Prince Premier Attack has a bit more crisp respond and pop.
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    pre strung radical comes with FXP.
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    Angell/Vantage String Recomendations

    WC SilverString 16/OGSM17 54/56 play great on Vantage 95.
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    New Vantage with lead under bumper??

    Vantage frames are foam filled. I also agree with tball that lead tape is most likely being use under the bumper.
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    Most arm friendly setup for a heavy hitter

    I also vote for RIP Control 17 which is my regular string. I am also testing soft copoly/sync gut hybrid and found Weiss Cannon SilverString 17/OGSM 17 at 54/56lb play very crisp and arm friendly with better control. It also hold tension well.
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    Gamma Leather vs. Völkl Leather

    Volkl one also has logo on it. It weight heavier than most, and feel thicker as well. It feels like half a size up when compare to TW private label leather grip.
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    What is a good standard synthetic I should try?

    Gosen micro sheep 17 if you like crisper feel.
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    Vantage users info needed.

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    leather grips

    I prefer leather + overgrip because of the more feedback compare to synthetic grips. I also prefer the idea of swapping the overgrip often once it lost tackiness (every 10-15 hours of play). I found replacing even the cheapest synthetic grip monthly cost much more even with the cheapest grip you...
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    Vantage Bast Core

    I added 1g each on 3 & 9 on my BC20. It feels more stable afterward. 58lb OGSM gives lot of feedback, may be too much where I may try a softer multi in the same tension over the weekend.
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    Recommend an overgrip please?

    In winter, I usually use Gamma Supreme overgrip. It is soft and tacky. Also tried Wilson pro myself and I take Yonex over Wilson.
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    Vantage Bast Core

    I asked Vantage, and it seems like BC20 share the same grommet with the VT CUSTOM 95. Here is the Stringing instructions for all 95” models 16 x 19
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    What was your first racquet??

    Wilson ncode n4 OS from Costco
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    ***Official K Blade Tour Club Thread***

    I once hit w/ og micro 17 full bed at 58 on kbt. NRG2 at 58 gives alot more power and spin compare to og micro under the same tension.
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    ***Official K Blade Tour Club Thread***

    Current using NRG2 17 at 58lb. It hold tension very well up until it breaks. at 58lb still feels a bit too powerful w/ NRG2. I may try 60lb next time.
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    ***Official K Blade Tour Club Thread***

    what tension do you use on the b5e/ogm setup? I tried tornado/ogm at 52/56, love the spin potential but somewhat lost some feel on my drop shots.
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    ***Official K Blade Tour Club Thread***

    I own 3 KBT, and I agree the QC by Wilson is like a joke. The lightest vs the heaviest stick is as much as 10g different! I had use lead tape to bring the weight and balance pt as close as each others.
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    Demoed 4 Racquets - My Thoughts

    How about ProKennex's Redondo?
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    do you use a vibration damper?????

    #64 rubber band for me
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    Hardest grip?

    How about Babolat Skin Feel Grip? It should be thin enough to feel the bevel, but yet somewhat tacky compare to plain leather.
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    Thoughts on light vs. heavy.

    Excellent post.
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    Best overgrip?

    using wilson pro overgrip and they feel great!
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    What is your Favorite Dampener?

    sampras O's :)