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  1. PatrickB

    Tennis Scheduling Software Recommendations?

    Does anyone have any experience with, opinions on, or recommendations for different tennis facility management software packages? I'm looking into software to handle lesson scheduling/billing for our club, and perhaps eventually growing into other areas. If we go this way, we'd probably want...
  2. PatrickB

    -1 Certified USTA Official

    I took up USTA officiating several years ago, not long after I tore my ACL on court, as a way of staying involved with on-court tennis until my knee healed, and continued it after returning to play through last year, roving and refereeing sectional events and working chairs and lines at ITA...
  3. PatrickB

    Dunlop 4D100/4D200/4D200 tour reviews

    Any word on when/if the 4D100 and 4D200 tour reviews might be ready? Also, any chance you'll have a review of the original 4d200, too?
  4. PatrickB

    New AG 4d100 Specs

    A local stringer has a production spec AG 4d 100 here to test and Iswubg by and got the specs, including measurements on his Babolat RDC machine this morning. Too much racquet for me, but I thought folks here might be interested: Specs on throat: 90 sq in, 27 in, 63 stiffness, 330g, 320mm...
  5. PatrickB

    Aerogel 4d100 and 4d200 tour

    Local stringer had samples of them in the shop yesterday - the 4d100 felt nice in the hand and looked good, too, with a nice balance, though it's a little small for me. The 4d200 tour felt like a club - much head-heavier than the 4d200 and not something I'd enjoy playing with. I wonder if Dunlop...
  6. PatrickB

    Racquet recommendations similar to Aerogel 200 4D

    I'm in the process of demoing racquets, having just changed to a semi-western WW forehand and still using a 1HBH. I currently swing an O3 white, but have been enjoying somewhat heavier racquets so I've been looking for something as comfortable as the O3 white but somewhat heavier and maybe a...
  7. PatrickB

    O3 White string recommendations

    I'll be getting my racquets restrung in the next day or three, and since I'm in the middle of rebuilding my forehand with my instructor, I thought I'd ask for suggestions on a string to use. I'm a progressing high-3.0 player who likes to play most of hte court, particularly with a decent...
  8. PatrickB

    Indianapolis Championships Schedule

    My wife and I are going to be visiting Indianapolis both to catch up with some old friends and to take in Monday/Tuesday (July 20/21) of the tournament. What exactly is the schedule of the tournament? The tickets for sale for Monday/Tuesday start at 4:00pm; I find it hard to believe that there's...