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  1. roundiesee

    Prettiest serve motion?

    Agree with that :)
  2. roundiesee

    Bernard Tomic - What is that shot? No one plays that shot.

    Seriously, I thought that was a great shot with lots of disguise :)
  3. roundiesee

    Would a win versus Novak in F be Fed’s greatest victory?

    Yes a win will be huge come Sunday, because so many fans don't believe he can win, but we Fed fans will never stop believing, :)
  4. roundiesee

    Jo Konta complains about questioning

    Agree with this. Imo Konta was right to react the way she did. The person asking the question had basically not thought out his question or the phrasing of it well at all unfortunately. :(
  5. roundiesee

    Can Federer just..

    Hilarious thread :)
  6. roundiesee

    What match do you most often rewatch highlights of?

    Sampras V Federer Wimbledon :)
  7. roundiesee

    Federer News

    Don't want to add spoilers in this section of the forum but you can tell from my emoticon :)
  8. roundiesee


    FEDR :)
  9. roundiesee

    Federer News

    Was happy to finally watch him on grass in his latest match at Halle (semifinals) as the earlier encounters were a bit off my time zone. Hopefully he will carry that wonderful touch and power with him into Wimbledon :)
  10. roundiesee

    Federer El Aynaoui Halle 2003 highlights

    Wow that's some awesome tennis from both, nice find OP :)
  11. roundiesee

    Federer News

    Getting nervous just reading all your posts, here's hoping and praying for the best, :)
  12. roundiesee

    Federer News

    Hilarious :)
  13. roundiesee

    Who still uses a 10 year or older racket

    Prestige IG Mid, not sure how old is this version though :)
  14. roundiesee

    The J011yroger Guide to Racquet Selection.

    Thanks for bumping this up. Still a great read after 12 years. Thanks Jolly. :)
  15. roundiesee

    Cuevas vs Caruso - how many times?!

    Just recently at Barcelona, Granollers beat Jarry 677564 in qualifiers, but lost to him 576446 in the first round.
  16. roundiesee

    Sampras Visits a Palmistry Shop in 2002

    OMG, absolutely hilarious! :)
  17. roundiesee

    RF97 vs RF97 (Federer setup) - @Peterfig vs @Geoff - The Showdown in Atlanta!

    Hilarious! :) I've often wondered how guys on TT look like. Perhaps we could start a new thread with our pictures in the post? :)
  18. roundiesee

    RF97 vs RF97 (Federer setup) - @Peterfig vs @Geoff - The Showdown in Atlanta!

    Great picture of two greats on TT :)
  19. roundiesee

    How many racquets do you normally use?

    Three rackets, all the same, Head IG Prestige mid, with same strings and tension, I switch when tension drops and rotate the rackets. :)
  20. roundiesee

    Who has the greatest two-handed backhand in tennis history?

    Agree with those who voted Nalbandian. It looks so effortless and casual. A classic shot for the ages.
  21. roundiesee

    Wang - Wang 4th round?

    You guys are hilarious! :)
  22. roundiesee

    I finally see the genius of Tanking

    To be fair to bernie he actually played quite well. He was up a break and serving for 4-2 in first set but unfortunately missed a DTL forehand narrowly at 3-2 , 40-15. After that he seemed a bit discouraged and folded. :(
  23. roundiesee

    Photos from Indian Wells

    Fantastic shots, thanks OP :)
  24. roundiesee

    Federer News

    Just amazing! :) and I seem to remember Lacko playing quite well too, but even that wasn't enough to prevent himself from getting destroyed by Roger :)
  25. roundiesee

    Can Fedr get 110?

    Seem to recall he said in his interview on court that he is not out to break all records, so looks like he's gonna "let" Jimmy keep his record, :)