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    Just got Bryan Brother Ltd Edtion 95... It's the best looking racquet I've ever seen, bar none. I wonder why no one seems want them? Only 999 made, and it's been out for like a year now. No one care about double?
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    ATP world tour final, so sad.

    One player under 25, and he made it only because Nadal dropped out.
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    Foam in the handle, what should I use?

    I am really considering putting some foam in the handle, anyone got some tip as what worked and what didn't for you? Thanks.
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    Best reasonably lightweight Cushion Grip?

    Which grip offers the best cushion and is still reasonably light? I would say 16g or below when installed?
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    Natural Gut Main Poly Cross tension poll(avg tension of main and cross)

    Please vote, thanks. Would be nice if you share your exact setup as well.
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    Do you play with One or More Over-grip? Poll in side.

    So for those of you who don't use over grip? What do you do when your grip gets dirty? Especially white ones, they gets dirty quick.
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    VS stopped saying BT7 on package or actually went back to old formula?

    I got 6 sets from them from 2 different orders from TWE, all 6 are non BT7, but I doubt they could have any old stock left, so they should be new ones, but none of them says BT7 on package like the ones I bought in 13/14. So the question is did they change it back or just changed bags back?
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    Might as well do this, what's your swing weight poll

    Well, we already have the head size, weight and stiffness poll active now, so...
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    Yonex Ai 98 vs DR 98.

    I think I am going to buy one of them... But really hard to pick which one.
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    Crooked Buttcap of Prince Textreme line... WTF!?!??

    So I have 2 100T and 1 100p, all 3 butt caps are crooked. The 100p is so bad it can't even stand on table...
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    Suggest a soft, low powered, 100~ headsize frame for me Please!!

    So, I think I need something that is 10.5 to 12 oz strung, 4 to 8 pt HL, 310 to 325 swing weight, soft, low powered. This sounds easy but I also want something that's stable with large sweet spot, haven't been keeping up with frames in past few years, anyone got good suggestions? Thanks!
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    Can't see thread title on firefox

    Happened since Yesterday, never before, tried on 2 different computer, firefox = can't see title, opera = fine. Did you guys make any change that would cause this?
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    Wilson Shock Shield Overgrip First Impression.

    Wilson Shock Shield Overgrip First Impression. Updated with Review now. First impression after installation. I think it's the heaviest OG on the market, weight about 12.5g out of package, with plastic and tape everything, it's about 4g heavier than gamma supreme(old) when installed(both...
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    PS4 or Xbox 1

    Just wondering.
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    A short review on Solinco Wonder Grip(compared with Wilson Pro and old Gamma Supreme)

    Update: After 3 years, trying to get rid of the 20 or so I still had, I found that grip it at least a week in advance of playing, it works well, some of the too much tack would be gone, and my hand don't hurt playing with it. It's basically in between old Gamma Supreme and Wilson Pro in term of...
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    Hybrid vs Full Bed

    Just want to check what % of people here use which. BTW any 2 different strings are considered hybrid, even just different gauge or color.
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    How Do I find some matching Donnay X-dual Gold 99.

    How do I find some matching Donnay X-dual Gold 99.(Customization question) So, after spending almost a year with gold 99 and blue 99, I feel that while I like the feel of blue more, I play better with the gold, but here is a pretty big problem. My current Donnay X-dual Gold 99 weight about...
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    TW string job quality.

    Last year, my friend bought a PB10 295 with Tonic 15L at 57 lb, which I picked for him, and to save money we decide to have it strung by TW, at that point I had my doubt, but the string job was great, almost as good as the one I paid $15 for. So when I order my X-Blue 99, I ask it to be...
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    It's NOT 0.000122%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK this is from the draws against Djokovic thread, and data is taken from there too. First off, I am not good at math or statistics, but even I cannot stand all the stupidity in that thread. First off there are people that countered that it should be looked from other angle, which I am not...
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    PERFORMAXX Gold String-bed energizer(alcohol base) Review

    I read about this first in PV's string test thread, and one thing I don't like about the string I am using is it moves a lot even when it was new, so ordered a bottle and had it for 2 weeks now. It's 2.5 Oz for $9.99 String: Performaxx Whispertouch 1.20 @ 53 CP, the string is already heavily...
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    TWU Racquets' sweet spot comparison.

    First off, in your experience how accurate is it? I know sweetspot for bouncing ball and for hitting in a real game has to be different. But how closely related they are? Second, when are they going to update it? There are lots of new ones still not in, do they update every few month?
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    Wilson US Open vs ProPenn Plus

    I only have access to 3 "top end" balls, Wilson USO, Dunlop GP, Propenn Plus. Tried US Open and Dunlop GP, don't like Dunlop, it feels too hard. The reason I have not used Propenn plus is it cost $5.6 vs $4 of the other two. Should I even bother to try ProPenn or just stick with...