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  1. ichaseballs

    "Extending the Match"

    if conditioning or muscle fatigue is an issue in your match, then extending the match is probably not the wisest
  2. ichaseballs

    "Extending the Match"

    yea i agree most rec players go for more when losing, which is a bit counter productive. i don't agree extending a match will necessarily help you, given there are many variables at play... for me if standard game does not work, plan b is using a lot more variety... slices, high topspin, etc...
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    ^ this is why custom yonex is popular in japan
  4. ichaseballs

    Admit it...

    all i know is i am not a fan of more modern nike looks like the... men's crop top? "ran out of the right color sleeve" look? leopard print? colorful cow?
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    i see someone is a stan fan! :laughing: i am a fan of quotes (as you'll see on my signature) i always think of sam beckett's snippet tattoo'd on stan's arm "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better"
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    Double Hander Fundamentals?

    as andre says around 3:30 in the video... hit the 2hbh from more neutral stance than open when possible. the front foot facing forward (or 45 degree) is a big tip
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    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    to be honest, i didn't try anything else. i always have done 3+9 on all my frames going back. i prefer keeping it more HL, but you got me curious now... :unsure:
  8. ichaseballs

    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    most advanced players will not like the 310 stock. most intermediate and beginners probably not looking at this frame. that said the 97 310g with just a little weight at 3&9. much better. just a gram made a big difference. i still like my vcore98. switching between the two constantly right now
  9. ichaseballs

    Thoughts on Roddick's Career

    talent wise i think andy was on par with many great americans. but playing against the big3 (esp fed) could be called bad timing/luck. any roddick fan was :cry: about 2009 wimbledon. i was impressed how andy went from a #1 player at a young age and later would still improve his variety and...
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    To open or not open my unused replacement rackets?

    dr98 retained value, would have a profit if new
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    Did Murray over achieve in his career?

    he worked his ass off... he didn't seem as naturally gifted as much as some of his peers... with the pressure of a Brit/Scot to win Wimbledon, he endured and then did it. but no one was really surprised he did... then fought back from major surgery and rehab to play pro again, knowing he won't...
  12. ichaseballs

    Did Federer underachieve in his career?

    if Fed found his mojo earlier he could have won more. Fed turned pro in 1998 and won his first slam in 2003. i always thought the death of his coach, Peter Carter, in 2002 was the catalyst that started the Fed show.
  13. ichaseballs

    My thoughts on doubles as a singles player

    best shot in doubles might be a deep topspin lob. making opponents hit up with low shots is good strategy. you shouldn't be flat footed. you should not be "sitting" in one spot. one strategy is to assume the ball is coming at you every time. i've learned to keep my racquet in front of my left...
  14. ichaseballs

    too much USTA is toxic for tennis development.

    everyone gets tight sometimes. you see this on the atp tour i think about the thiem zverev us open finals
  15. ichaseballs

    Anyone try Yonex Supergrap in yellow?

    i have tried a few of the supergrap colors... including the plaid one. white is still #1 next up is purple on the new vcore pro
  16. ichaseballs

    Why Tennis Balls are an Environmental Disaster

    tennis balls will not be part of the history books when they look back at environmental issues during our times. just take a look on our interstate highways and see how many poorly maintained industrial trucks spewing garbage and smog all over the place. in the end it is a government's job to...
  17. ichaseballs

    Advantages of playing matches against weaker players

    play with only 1 serve. its practice for your 2nd serve, to simulate tension in a match.
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    Beginner Serve Help Day 13 - Incorporating the Jump!

    pretty sure he has a tourna. which does stand
  19. ichaseballs

    Beginner Serve Help Day 13 - Incorporating the Jump!

    don't think of "jumping", think of going after the toss. you have enough to focus on, and "jumping" should happen without thought the most important part of serving is being consistent with your toss. aim for about 12 or 1 o clock right above your shoulder. toss should drop inside the court if...
  20. ichaseballs

    Dan Evans- could use a more powerful racquet?

    isn't the blade the modern version of the classic players racquet? that seems like it would be the logical jump for him if he switched. would be exciting to see him use a yonex...
  21. ichaseballs

    Anything light and wide?

    light and wide? babolat sfx3
  22. ichaseballs

    Where can you stand in doubles???????

    answered in the first few posts... YES, "net player" can stand anywhere
  23. ichaseballs

    Where can you stand in doubles???????

    the part that irks me the most is that someone made up a rule and was adamant that it was correct. you should have educated them for sure
  24. ichaseballs

    VCORE 98 (2021) String Setup

    using gut/poly since day1, never changed