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  1. LordRaceR

    This are TK82S palets ?

    Just to confirm, are these TK82S more square pallets? i know, it has big S on in, but also says TK82 without S next to it. so maybe is some other mark or code... They are shipped to me by mistake, I asked for TK82 standard head ones). I dont have naked pallet to compare, and it doesn’t look...
  2. LordRaceR

    AirMax sole "sound" (courtballistec) ?

    for many years been using adidas shoes, but now bought nike courtballistec for a change. didn't ware nike for years, so it was bit odd to me that airmax sole makes some kind of "whoosh" sound when walking, is that normal and supposed to happened on every steep or is it something wrong with this...
  3. LordRaceR

    Old Tour90 vs K90 ?

    I have bin using Tour90 for about four years now, and recently, one of the last two frames I have cracked. Over here new Tour90 can’t be found any more, so I was thinking about trying new K90. I didn’t like ncode90 one little bit, so that is out of question. Can somebody compare for me Tour90...
  4. LordRaceR

    Dunlop M-Fil’s reviews?

    Why there is none Dunlop M-Fil’s reviews? Soon to be any ?
  5. LordRaceR

    French Open 2006 seeds are out

    Men's singles 1. Roger Federer 2. Rafael Nadal 3. David Nalbadian 4. Ivan Ljubicic 5. Andy Roddick 6. Nikolay Davydenko 7. Tommy Robredo 8.James Blake 9. Fernando Gonzalez 10. Gaston Gaudio 11. Radek Stepanek 12. Mario Ancic 13. Nicloas Kiefer 14. Lleyton Hewitt 15. David Ferrer...
  6. LordRaceR

    Under Almagro and Berdych paintjobs ?

    Anybody have idea what is under the Almagro M-Fil 300 and Berdych M-Fil 200 paintjobs ? Old 300G or something else ?
  7. LordRaceR

    Hm, Karlovic and Instinct

    Hmm, I don’t recall when Karlovic switched to Instinct
  8. LordRaceR

    My little Dunlop M-Fil 200 review

    After seeing some recent interest on the forum about M-Fil 200, I have decided to write this review. Hope it will be, at least, little helpful for people that are interested in this racquet. I am 5.5 player, main weapons powerful serve and semi western forehand, powerful but little inconsistent...
  9. LordRaceR

    I need recommendation for radar speed gun

    I need recommendation for radar speed gun. Can somebody help ?
  10. LordRaceR

    Great Safin interview

    Is there anyone from the top players you haven’t managed to build a relationship with? Roddick and I don’t talk to each other. We fell out during the Olympic Games in Athens. What hapenned? I am not going to say anything, it’s stupid. But the man has changed and not for the best...
  11. LordRaceR

    ATP Masters prize money ?

    Does anybody knows the prize money brake down for ATP masters, singles and doubles ?
  12. LordRaceR

    It would be very nice if ...

    It would be very nice if TW could maintain discontinued model specs and pics. That will help very much when somebody searching to buy some older used model or just for the reference or something. This doesn't take much space on server.
  13. LordRaceR

    The order is made!

    Because no one could compare for me Tour90 and m-fil200, yesterday I order m-fil 200 to se is it worth the switch from my good trusty Tour90's. As soon I get the racquet and play it for a while I will post mine review of m-fil 200 and compare it with Tour90.
  14. LordRaceR

    PS Tour90 VS Dunlop m-Fil 200

    Any comments ???
  15. LordRaceR

    Help! Yet another "Need advice thread"

    I am using PS Tour90's for two seasons now and I like them very, very much, definitely on of the best racquets you can use today. But the after many stringing and heavy hitting, my three Tour90's are starting to die on me. The original stiffness and fell is gone, and I found that out trying new...
  16. LordRaceR

    Shape of Dunlop grips ?

    What is the shape of Dunlop grips? Like Wilson, Head or something else.
  17. LordRaceR

    adidas barricade III red/black ?

    Is this type of shoes available? I have seen them in the one local shop but on the internet I can’t find them. The price is pretty low, around 65$, so I wonder if they original
  18. LordRaceR

    Tour90 specs and tolerance. Please Help

    Just asking. I own two Tour90’s bought in match pair. Couple days ago some guy offered me brand new Tour90 for standard price. I check the racquet and beside just a little less shiner paint it seems original. Then I check the weight and balance and it was ok compared to mine Tour90’s...
  19. LordRaceR

    Anybody tried Wonder Wedge Power V-Grip

    Anybody tried that ? How it feels ? Is it work ?
  20. LordRaceR

    Head after Agassi retires?

    Andre is soon about to retire, so Head will lose there no.1 promoter of Radical racquet line. They probably need American player to continue promoting Radical, so maybe Roddick will be the only choice. Prestige have Safin obviously but, what do you think who will be next Head no.1 Radical promoter?
  21. LordRaceR

    Emperor Fedex VS Darth Safinator

    Why is going to win ? Your opinion ...
  22. LordRaceR

    Canas racquet

    Anybody with the idea why is Canas using old Hyper paint job and not new ncode
  23. LordRaceR

    Damn that ncode paint jobs

    Damn that ncode paint jobs. Now is much more difficult to see what racquet is under the paint. At US Open many players use racquets with ncode paint but I cant make it out what is under that paint. Douh!
  24. LordRaceR

    Top player racquets

    At the moment, the best two players are Federer and Roddick. In your opinion, witch racquet is better: Babolat Pure Drive Plus or Wilson nCode (Tour) 90
  25. LordRaceR

    Grand Slam draw ?

    In what position player should be on entry list to ensure place in grand slam draw? I know that on grand slams are 128 draws, but there always wild cards and qualify players that make it to the final draw.
  26. LordRaceR

    Roddick’s serve on 1000 fps video, anybody got tha

    Roddick’s serve on 1000 fps video, anybody got that ??
  27. LordRaceR

    LM Prestige look and painjob

    Yesterday, for the first time I held LM Prestige MP Racquets (of one features player, Darko Madjarovski) and the LM parts on the hoop was just painted to look “bumpy” but they not. Is that the look of standard of the shelf LM racquets or is this paint job?
  28. LordRaceR

    Stefan Edberg with Tour90

    I just looked the July US Tennis magazine and there is picture of Stefan Edberg using Tour90 on some exhibition match. I could not believe that Wilson will go that far and make contract with Stefan (who plays rarely) to indorse new racquet. I doubt that he bought them him self.
  29. LordRaceR

    What are the power holes ?

    What are the power holes exactly? Some kind of grommet system like woofer or isn’t something else?
  30. LordRaceR

    Tennis elbow & Pure Drive ?

    Anybody had or have tennis elbow problems with PureDrive or PureDrive+ ? I am not using this racquet but I just wondered about this. Anybody? :?