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  1. rev200g

    Jack Sock to Win Wimbledon in 2014

    Wow! He did it all by himself!!!? Must have feet of lightning to win against 2 top class doubles players single handedly! Oh yeah, he did have some help from his partner Vasek Popisil! :)
  2. rev200g

    Soft poly for tender elbow

    MSV Focus Hex Plus 38 (38% softer than regular Focus Hex which is medium stiff). I use it with Head PPS crosses and it feels like a full syn gut stringbed on my 18x20.
  3. rev200g

    Life after dunlop biomimetic 300 tour

    I am currently still playing with my 4D300 and Bio 300 Tours (see sig) and recently I test played the Yonex Tour G 310g which I thought was definitely a contender to replace my Dunlop 300 Tours. Similar control and precision with slightly better power and stability.
  4. rev200g

    Yonex Carbonex 8

    Funny this racquet has come up as a topic of discussion. We just received one from our customer wanting to restring it. It is like a club in comparison to modern racquets!
  5. rev200g

    Tourna Big Hitter Strings

    The setup I use for my 300 Tours (97 sq inch 18x20) is BHBR 17 mains @48lbs & Head PPS 16 crosses @50-52lbs.
  6. rev200g

    May have to give up Cyber Flash (see sig)

    The "Plus 38" refers to the measured 38% increased in softness or elasticity when compared to the standard MSV Focus Hex. I have it in my Biomimetic 300 Tour as the mains (1.20mm) with PPS syn gut crosses and I like it alot. Lots of comfort, feel and power while still providing very good spin...
  7. rev200g

    May have to give up Cyber Flash (see sig)

    I would try the new MSV Focus Hex Plus 38 instead of Cyberflash in your hybrid setup. I have it in my Bio300 Tour and it plays very soft and comfortable while still providing very good control and spin. Having played Cyberflash 1.20 before I know that the Plus 38 1.20 is much softer. It is also...
  8. rev200g

    MSV Focus HEX Plus 38

    Has anyone tried the Plus 38 in the 1.15 gauge?
  9. rev200g

    Any experience with the MSV Focus Hex Plus 38 1.15?

    Hi everyone, I have tried the 1.20 version of this string and I generally liked it for its comfort, feel and power but it lacks a bit of ball bite compared to the Tourna Big Blue Hitter Rough 1.25 which I normally use. So this leads me to ponder whether the 1.15 version will provide the...
  10. rev200g

    MSV Focus HEX Plus 38

    I have it in my Bio300T as the main strings along with Head PPS crosses and it is quite soft with very good power and decent spin. In comparison to my BHBR/PPS hybrid, the Plus38/PPS hybrid produces less spin but is a bit softer and more comfortable with comparable power.
  11. rev200g

    Nadal.. Huge respect.

    I am with you on this as well. He did not withdraw but fought on as best he could. Having said that congrats to Stan.
  12. rev200g

    Fake String Reels ?

    I have encountered fake Luxilon Alu Pwr strings twice in the past year.
  13. rev200g

    T Fight 315 Ltd. who is still using.

    Thanks again!
  14. rev200g

    T Fight 315 Ltd. who is still using.

    Thanks PP! Stock vs stock does it have similar power to the 4D 300 Tour? I only added ~2 gms of weight to the 4D300Tour which works well for me. Cheers!
  15. rev200g

    T Fight 315 Ltd. who is still using.

    Are these similar to the Dunlop 4D 300 Tours? My Dunlops are starting to get worn down and am looking for similar playing frames. Thanks!
  16. rev200g

    Head Syn Gut PPS

    After using Forten, Monogut, Thunder Blast in my crosses on my BHBR hybrid set up I 've settled on PPS 16 for the long term. The main reasons are that the PPS provides the best combination of ball feel, power, comfort and durability in my Dunlop 18x20s.
  17. rev200g

    Big Hitter (Blue) Rough

    Thanks swfh, I will stay with the blue. Cheers!
  18. rev200g

    Big Hitter (Blue) Rough

    For those of you who had also tried the Big Hitter Silver Rough, what were the differences? Why did you prefer one over the other? I am contemplating trying out the BHSR once my reel of BHBR runs out. Note that I am using it in my 18x20 Dunlops. Thanks in advance for any and all inputs. Cheers.
  19. rev200g

    Big Hitter (Blue) Rough

    Still my "go to" mains string in my hybrid setups. Great playability, power and of course spin.
  20. rev200g

    Addicted to graphite in the dunlop 300g's

    I used to play with the Hotmelt 300g and they play very different to the 4D300 Tour which I currently play with now. The closest to the 4D 300 Tour is the Biomimetic 300 Tour. The main difference is the slightly lower swingweight and slightly stiffer feel of the Biomimetic 300 Tour. Otherwise, I...
  21. rev200g

    Monogut ZX Findings

    My own experiences with Ashaway Monogut Zyex 1.27 as a cross with Tourna Big Hitter Blue Rough 17 mains have been very positive. Very good playability which has lasted for over 12 hours so far. Mind you, I am using 18x20s. Better spin and power than my other hybrid combo of BHBR mains/Head PPS...
  22. rev200g

    Anyone Here Use A Different Brand of Bag than their Racquet?

    For me a "no name" computer backpack to carry my 3 Dunlop sticks along with my accessories. (I am part owner of a racquet sports store!). I personally love the many pockets found in a backpack and its compact size compared to a 6 racquet tennis bag.
  23. rev200g

    BHBR tension question

    I string BHBR at 48lbs on the mains with my syn gut/multi crosses at 52lbs on my Dunlop 4D 300 Tour frames and my Dunlop 4D 200 frame. On these 95/98 square inch frames it works well with adequate power and spin. On the 4D 100 90 sq inch frame I would go a bit lower. Maybe 45lbs with the...
  24. rev200g

    Playability of an hybrid

    For me it did provide more playability longer.
  25. rev200g

    Forten Forten Competition Nylon vs Forten Sweet Syn Gut

    Hi, for those who have used both of the above strings what are the differences and similarities. I am currently using the Nylon as a hybrid cross and am curious to what benefits if any by going to the Forten Sweet as a hybrid cross. Thanks in advance to all responses. Cheers!
  26. rev200g

    Ideas for Forten Sweet 16/17

    I don't use Forten Sweet but I do use Forten Competition Nylon 16 with good results as a cross to BHBR 17 with no problems on durability or playability. It actually extends the life of my stringbed by 20-30%.
  27. rev200g

    Tournament nylon crosses?

    +2 on the Forten Comp Nylon. Works well for my hybrid in that it is soft, durable and consistent let alone it is very inexpensive.
  28. rev200g

    Let's hear it for people who play with sticks in STOCK form!

    I just use an overgrip or 2 to adjust for my grip size and that is it.
  29. rev200g

    dunlop 200g vs 300g

    I have owned and played with the HM 300G and the Revelation 200G ~5 years ago and despite weighing up the HM 300G I could not get it to play as well as the Rev 200g. It felt more unstable especially against heavy hitters and lacked the control and precision the Rev 200g had. I have played with...
  30. rev200g

    Better option than Prince SynGut 16 w/Duraflex ?

    I really like my Forten Competition Nylon 16 as a cross in my hybrid as does a friend of mine who plays at the 5.0 level and has compared it to the Prince Syngut. He says the Forten nylon is a bit softer while being more durable and maintaining playability longer.