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    Longboat Key

    I’m staying this weekend in Longboat key and have playing privileges at the Cedars. Looking for any 4.0 or 4.5 players to hit or play. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gulf Shores Alabama

    I’m considering taking a vacation there this spring. Does anybody have info / recommendations regarding places to stay and play? I’m a 58 year 4.0 who prefers singles. I would also want to play on clay Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tennis at USTA Campus

    I’m considering a trip to the USTA Campus in Orlando. I would have to find tennis partners for each day. I’m a 4.0 who wants to play singles. Anybody have any info on availability of playing partners? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Grand Cayman

    Looking for any info on tennis on Grand Cayman. My family will be staying there which means we might have to seek affordable accommodations and tennis options. Any info is appreciated. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Thicker mains or crosses?

    I'm to the point where I need a full bed of poly but want it soft enough and to allow the mains good snapback. I have a variety of strings. Is this best accomplished with thinner strings in the mains or crosses? Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Natty gut tie offs

    I've been using econo gut in the mains with good luck except the mains have been breaking at the top cross tie off. I don't have a starting clamp so I am wondering if that knot works on the mains during stringing and weakens it. I'm mostly using a parnell knot for that cross tie off. Any...
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    Natty gut mains sync gut crosses

    Has anybody tried this setup? My idea being that the mains vastly influence playing characteristics and it would save lots of money over full natty gut which is my preferred setup
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    Kick Serve Drills

    My son has a very good serve motion but can't really get the feel for the kick serve. He doesn't really learn best by taking technical verbal instruction, rather he learns best by feeling or experiencing the proper movements. I know of a couple drills that he can do: going down to one knee...
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    D3 Tryouts vs Recruited Spot

    I have been told that D3 schools really don't give players a "recruited" spot on the roster. Rather, they invite players to the team but there are tryouts each year to see who makes the squad. I am curious because my son will play D3 tennis but is balancing the school vs the tennis...
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    Clamps slipping on guide bars

    I have the trusty Ektelon model H. Tonight one of the clamps was slipping on the guide bar in the clamped position. Not had this problem before. Any ideas? It is very humid now....
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    Electrolyte Imbalance?

    I have been suffering some weird muscle strains in my legs (hamstring and calf). These are not full muscle pulls in that they are sore for a few days but then I can usually get back on the court. I thought perhaps they were small cramps but that doesn't make sense in that it wouldn't take a...
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    pacific classic vs klip legend

    I'm about to string up pacific classic for the first time. Can anybody tell me how it compare to klip in terms of power? I would like to dial in the correct tension. This will be full bed. Thanks in advance for the info
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    NCSA Recruiting

    Anybody out there using this recruiting service? Are you pleased with the service? Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Natty Gut tension

    I've messed around with a few different guts, all in full bed. I've mainly played with klip but have tried a few other of the cheap natty guts. My question is that I can't seem to get a good feel for the proper tension. I love the feel of a full bed but the power can be too much. So, I...
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    Spin Theory

    I am an analytical type person and am wanting to more fully understand the various theories regarding how spin is produced. First of all, I am not referring to stroke production, rather what generates the most spin and why, assuming technique and racket are the same. Specifically, the gut...
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    Klip Legend 18g Natty Gut

    I've never seen this in 18g before. Does anybody have any experience with it? I would be using it full bed, not hybrid.
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    Tennis Scene in Charleston

    I hope to begin spending each March, April and May in Charleston, SC. I am wondering what the tennis scene is like and am especially interested in any good clubs I could join for that period of time. Its not likely that we would stay at a resort that long so I am more interested in clubs for...
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    Shaped vs round polys

    I am accepting the theory that poly offers more spin because of the "snapback" effect. I read an article from a Babolet rep that said that shaped polys offered more spin because the flat side snapped back better. However, I've never heard this from anybody else before. I'm looking to...
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    Loose but cap

    One of my rackets has a slightly loose but cap. Nothing major but I can feel it and it bugs me. I am going to fix it but am wondering if I should just replace the staples or if I should glue it as well? If yes to glue, what kind? Thanks in advance
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    Narrow Tennis Shoes

    I have very narrow feet which is really a hassle as the only shoes I can wear currently are New Balance in a B width. I would like to be able to wear other brands and styles but have never found other shoes narrow enough for my feet. Can anybody else with this problem tell me what shoes...
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    Off Brand Natty Gut

    I am wondering what experiences posters have had with "off brand" natty gut such as the unnamed natty gut being sold on the big site. I understand it is not going to be of the quality of premium guts but am wondering if there are problems with string breakage during stringing, etc. Thanks...
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    Waxing natural gut for stringing

    My new preferred set up is full bed natural gut. I have strung this a few times and am careful not to kink it, etc. My question is the crosses. There is so much friction when pulling the crosses through that I am concerned. They screech and there is dust on my machine after I am done. I...
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    Natural gut hybrid with syn gut

    I'm pretty set on using natural gut going forward but am wondering how much of the advantage I am wasting if I use Nat gut in the mains crossed with a soft sun gut like for ten sweet. I am doing this to save money and because it is a lot easier to string the crosses. Anybody tried this...
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    Deep muscle soreness that won't go away

    I recently developed deep muscle soreness and pain in my right leg. It not a sharp pain but a dull throb that gets worse when I am sitting. It started in my right butt, then the hamstring (but more on the side under the IT band) and now has settled in my lower calf. I am also experiencing a...
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    Need slippery syn gut

    I am trying msv focus hex in the mains with head pps crosses. I noticed that the mains are crooked and need to be straightened which tells me they aren't snapping back due to the pps not being slippery enough. Any cheap syn gut that would be more slippery?
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    Powerful cheap syn gut

    I'm looking for a reel of cheap syn gut that is pretty lively and fairly soft. I tried Forten sweet and liked it. Any others I should try?
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    Repairing paint chips

    I am fussy about my rackets and like to keep them looking new. Currently I use sharpie pens and color scratches and chips which works ok. Does anybody have a better method such as fingernail polish or model airplane paint, etc.?
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    Leather grip plus overgrip thickness

    I have been using Wilson's Pro Hybrid grip (the one with leather base with poly coating) and really like them. I believe they are going to be discontinued so I am considering going with a leather grip with a Wilson Pro overgrip to simulate the same feel as much as possible. My concern is...
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    Gosen Sheep Micro

    I'm trying this for the first time (17g). I've heard that it is on the stiffer side so I am wondering if people that have used find that they needed to string it a few pounds less than comparable setups due to the stiffness? I usually play with a multi at 59lbs and am thinking of string this...
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    Ektelon Model H

    I recently purchased a model H and have just started using it. My question is this: the "tail" of the mounting bracket is long enough that it hits the tensioning head when stringing. In other words, you can't spin the racket all the way around as you can with other stringers. I am wondering...