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  1. sunflowerhx

    New Dunlop 200G 4D 16x19 Pics

    In my opinion the racket has most beautiful paint job ever. The old non 4D version looks dull in comparsion. Spec wise it is identical to the previous version. But on the court it feels slightly more solid and forgivening than the previous version. My perfect racket. Strung Weight: 327g...
  2. sunflowerhx

    Hitting partners in Bangkok

    Looking for hitting / practice partners in Bangkok. I live in the Sathorn area. English speaking 3.5 - 4.0 players would be ideal. please contact me Jason
  3. sunflowerhx

    AK90 vs Aerogel 100 vs Aerogel 200 (16x19)

    I am living in Bangkok now and looking for a backup racket for my HPS6.0. Have a choice of the above 3, all about the same price and spec. No chance of a demo so does anyone have any opinions? I am favouring the Aerogel 200 (16x19). Btw do the tennis stores opposite Tesco Lotus (Siam)...
  4. sunflowerhx

    Looking for courts/clubs in Bangkok

    Hi all, Just relocated to Bangkok, starting a new job next month. Come anyone recommend some courts or clubs near Sathorn area if possible. Would prefer hard courts and indoor if possible. Please email directly to Thanks Jason
  5. sunflowerhx

    POG 90 vs 93

    What's the difference (apart from head size) in playability between the older POG 90 and the newer POG 93? And which is the better overall? Thanks.
  6. sunflowerhx

    Where can I get an AG200 (16x19) ?

    Looking for a Dunlop AG200 (16x19).
  7. sunflowerhx

    Vantage 95

    Does anyone know whether the Vantage 95 plays closer to the PS6.0 or PS6.1? I want a spec as close to the HPS6.0 as possible. Any advise? Also is the finish glossy or matt on the white model. HPS Spec --------- Head Size 95 Strung Weight 346g Balance 10pts HL...
  8. sunflowerhx

    Dunlop Revelation Tour 90 - Question for Anirut?

    Hi Anirut, Just got hold of a 2nd hand frame and I remember you rave about this racket. Before I get it restrung, I wonder what's your set up? I'm thinking of a Babolat Hybrid Hurricane Tour+XCel 16 hybrid - tension low 50s. Please let me know what you think. Jason.
  9. sunflowerhx

    Shortening the length of a racquet.

    Been given a 28" racket which I would like to shorten to a standard 27". There's already some posts about doing this with a hacksaw. My question is has anyone done this before??? What about the balance and how does a shorten racket play??
  10. sunflowerhx

    String Patterns

    Ok, we all know that a denser string pattern (18x20) offers more control but less power and spin than a (16x18 ). But what advantage does a (16x20) offer?? Obvious answer is something between (18x20) and (16x18 ) but why denser in the mains and not the cross? My sticks. Prostaff...
  11. sunflowerhx

    Thermo Guard Cover / Bag (For 1 racket)

    I am looking for a full cover for 1 racket that has thermo guard protection. Failing that I might convert an exisiting cover by adding some thermo guard padding material. Can anyone recommend some material??
  12. sunflowerhx

    Does Stencil Paint = Arcylic paint?

    Does Stencil Paint = Arcylic paint the same as what they use for model painting?
  13. sunflowerhx

    Boris Becker Apparel (Where can I find?)

    Very cool. Can you buy this? Not available at TW or the offical website.
  14. sunflowerhx

    Best Tennis Console Game.

    What's the best Tennis Console Game? I have Sega Sports Tennis, Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 and Top Spin for the PS2. My fav is Top Spin. My brother has Top Spin 2 on the XBox360 which in my opinion is the best and most realistic. But I am not going to buy a new console just for...
  15. sunflowerhx

    US Open - Eurosports

    Do those spanish commentators ever shut up? They talk ever during the points. After the 1st set in the Fed-Lopez match there was a short interview with Fed which I would have love to hear, but those commentators continue to babel on. So annoying!
  16. sunflowerhx

    Shipping to UK and Customs

    Hi, Anyone from the UK have any experience in shipping a racket from TW? What about Tax and Custom Fees? Anyway to avoid it?
  17. sunflowerhx

    Looking for Head Covers.

    Where can I get some covers for just the head of the racket? I carry my rackets in a thermal racket bag, and to protect the rackets from scratching each other, I use some old head covers. But I need afew more. The problem with top end rackets is that they all come with full length padded...
  18. sunflowerhx

    Pls recommend me a Synthetic Gut

    Main rackets: Dunlop Revelation Pro Classic and Wilson HPS 6.0. Both 95sqin. All Courter 4.0-4.5, 1HBH, not a string breaker. No arms/elbow problems. Flat ground strokes but looking to add more Top spin. Prefer tension 52-55lbs. String properties required: 1. Feel and control 2...
  19. sunflowerhx

    Are Yonex rackets 100% made in Japan?

    Just got a RDX 500, very well made. Just wondering if they are 100% made in Japan. Also I have an original Radical Trisys (Made in Austria). Is this 100% too? I know some of the later Head Classics were made in Austria, finished in CZ. Whatever that means. Oops can someone move...
  20. sunflowerhx

    Donnay Pro One MP Fibreglass Composition

    What adv/disadv does the Fibreglass in the MP give? Personally I would prefer 100% graphite in a frame. Why the difference in material between the MP and OS??
  21. sunflowerhx

    Head Radical Trisys MP

    Just got hold of this frame. This is my 1st Head and 18x20 racket. Initially i was very surprised by how dense the string pattern was. The 98 head size is deceptive and is no bigger to the 95 rackets that i am used to. My question to radical users is what are the best strings to used to...
  22. sunflowerhx

    Shipping a racket to the UK

    Has anyone from the UK bought a racket from TW? Can you tell me which shipping option, costs and delivery times? Thanks in advance.
  23. sunflowerhx

    Rafter's Prince Can someone tell me which Prince racket is this?
  24. sunflowerhx

    Donnay Pro One (Orange One) Pics Anyone?

    Hi Has anyone got some decent pics of this racket. I want the orange one that Agassi won Wimbledon 1992 with. Cant find any on the web. Please post or email to Also specs on both the MP & Oversize would be nice. Thanks :)
  25. sunflowerhx

    Donnay Pro One (Orange One) Pics Anyone?

    Hi Has anyone got some decent pics of this racket. I want the orange one that Agassi won Wimbledon 1992 with. Cant find any on the web. Please post or email to Thanks :)
  26. sunflowerhx

    Help me identify this Dunlop racket

    Can someone please help me identify this racket and specs. The closest I can find is the Dunlop Revelation Tour Pro MidPlus but the frame is the wrong colour. Whilst the Dunlop Revelation Tour does not have the word Pro on the...
  27. sunflowerhx

    Girl sitting between Federer's parent.

    Wimbledon final, Roger's camp left to right. There was Roger's Dad, another guy, a dark haired girl, Roger's Mum and Mirka. Who was the dark haired girl, I thought it might be Fed's sister Diana but she looked nothing like the pic below. Btw she was hot...
  28. sunflowerhx

    Asian K90 in Bangkok

    Hi Can someone tell me how much are they selling in Central Plaza? Might ask a friend to get me one. Thanks
  29. sunflowerhx

    Did Federer ever used a HPS 6.0

    Just manage to get hold of a good used example of a HPS 6.0. I know it's the same mold as the PS 6.0 95 but with Hyper carbon. I wonder if Federer really used one in 2002, as in the link below.
  30. sunflowerhx

    Asian Kfactor 90 in Hong Kong

    To all, Can someone confirm whether this racket is available in HK yet? Got some relatives coming over next month, so thinking of getting them to pick one up for me. Also how much and where to get one? Thanks