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  1. alexmcnab

    WeissCannon Explosiv! string movement

    I've been trying Head Velocity and WC Explosiv! @56lbs each in 2 separate Angell TC95 rackets. I like them both and they feel pretty similar me. Apart from one thing - the Explosiv strings move around and need straightening quite a lot. Is this a thing with them - maybe if I strung it a bit...
  2. alexmcnab

    knob doesn't match scale gamma x-st

    Hi, I have a Gamma x-st. The number on the knob doesn't match with the gauge - ie. in this example 54 lbs should match with 0 on the knob. I tried loosening the grub screw and rotating the knob but both the knob and the gauge still move in sync so no help. I tried pulling on the knob with the...
  3. alexmcnab

    Stringing and Coronavirus

    I'm thinking (for clients):- Wash hands - plastic bag on handle - wipe racket down actibacterial wipe - string - wash hands - return racket - wash hands Interested in what others think?
  4. alexmcnab

    Gamma X-ST mini review and vs RAB Stringmaster 1000

    I bought the Rab 10 years ago and I guess it served me well apart from the clamps which have been disappointing. Every other machine I'd seen on Youtube seemed to have better clamps than mine! By better I mean slicker and easier to lock/unlock and move around the turntable.I even bought some...
  5. alexmcnab

    Gamma Casters for X-ST/ Progression II ST, standard floorstand

    I'm going to order a Gamma X-ST with standard floorstand. The castors are £36 a set which seems a bit steep. I haven't got the specs but just wondered if anyone with this machine/stand knows of an alternative or what specs I should be looking for? I'm in the uk...
  6. alexmcnab

    Pro's Pro Swivel Clamp Base and Bar V2b problem

    I bought these bases: Pro's Pro Swivel Clamp Base and Bar V2b to go with some pp clamps in the hope it would be smoother than the ones on my rab 1000. I actually decided to keep my existing rails which are better than the ones supplied. I'm finding it tricky to set up the clamp bases and lock...
  7. alexmcnab

    Tying cross on a main

    I usually string my tc95 16x19 2 piece but I'm trying universal atw. So the last cross (it's actually the next to last cross) should tie off at 11B but that grommet is a little difficult to get to because my support partially blocks it and also there isn't a lot of space to tie the knot...
  8. alexmcnab

    twisting on hard weaves

    I string my Angell TC95 16x19 one piece (to avoid some blocked holes) and using an atw (so I can string the crosses top to bottom). My problem is the last main and top cross when finishing off the LS. These are both hard weaves and no matter how careful I am the string is always twisted and...
  9. alexmcnab

    Grommet set for Wilson ncode ntour95?

    Anyone know where I can get a grommet set (preferably in the UK) for the ntour95. I had a set from a ktour that I thought would fit - the pattern is the same but the diameter of the invidual grommets is much wider. Have searched around but found nothing. Thanks
  10. alexmcnab

    Pattern for Wilson PS RF 97

    Can't find string pattern and lengths for this frame. I know its skip 7, 9 top and bottom. Looks like tie offs at 6B and 5T. Not sure whether to do one piece or two, anyone know the lengths for either? thanks Edit, its the Pro Staff 97 not the RF if that makes a difference
  11. alexmcnab

    Strange vibration after re-string

    Recently re-strung one my my wilson ktours and noticed a strange noise when hitting with it. It's not a rattle but a vibration, more noticeable when I tap the top of the frame against my hand. I've taken the strings out although I don't think that's the problem. I only noticed it after the...
  12. alexmcnab

    Patterns for Yonex vcore tour g 330

    I've got a yonex vcore tour g on order. I was just checking the pattern and according to klipper it is Skip mains 8T - 8B, Tie Mains 6B, Tie X's 7T - 7B Seems odd - some pictures I have looked at look like the mains end at the top and are tied at 7T? Also, for a one piece job looks...
  13. alexmcnab

    Floor lamp for stringing machine?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a suitable floor lamp to light up my stringing machine? I currently have 3 spotlights from the ceiling above but they get a bit hot. I did try led bulbs but they flicker (even with dimmable led bulbs). Looking around online they all seem a bit short. So I'm looking...
  14. alexmcnab

    Matching 3 x Wilson ktour 95's

    I have 3 ktours which I like very much but wanted a bit more weight without changing the balance point so I added 4g of lead to each at the throat(6 o'clock). I played with them and noticed I much preferred the feel of racket #3. When I weighed them I was surprised how much difference there...
  15. alexmcnab

    Babolat Aeropro Drive + 1 or 2 piece?

    Hi Got one of these to string. It's been done 1 piece. Klipper suggests 2 piece, stringing Xs top to bottom but Babolat website shows the crosses going bottom to top which lends itself to 1 or 2 piece. Am I ok to do this 1 piece (bottom to top)? thanks
  16. alexmcnab

    Adding lead tape to Wilson ktour 95

    I'm considering adding some lead tape to my Wilson ktour 95's. I've read up a bit but have a few questions and would welcome any thoughts. I usually play with Head Sonic Pro strung at 54lbs but his can cause a bit of elbow pain - If I reduce the tension or try other strings at lower tensions it...
  17. alexmcnab

    Babolat E-Sense Lite stringing 1 piece or 2?

    Hi According to clipperusa I should be doing this 2 piece, starting the crosses at the top. But babolat website says 1 piece, so the crosses would start at bottom. (It is currently one piece although not tied off where babolat recommends) Appreciate any thoughts. thanks, alfie
  18. alexmcnab

    stopping slippage when tying knot?

    Hi I've switched from stringing my ktour 95's with synthetic gut to Head Sonic Pro. I'm stringing it one piece tying off at 6B and 5T with a double half hitch. I'm having a problem that I've not had before when I used synthetic gut. When tying the SS at 6B I'm doing the usual pull and arcing...
  19. alexmcnab

    Swivel clamp envy in the uk

    I have a Rab Stringmaster 1000 and the swivel clamps that came with it. I notice in a lot of the youtube videos I've checked out over the years that a lot of the swivel clamps look a lot better than mine - they seem slicker somehow - easier to lock and unlock. Can anyone recommend a good...
  20. alexmcnab

    Babolat y112 stringing pattern

    Hi Got a y112 to restring, player has removed strings so can't see how it was done before and can't find any info on Babolat website. I have this info from clipperusa site Tension 51 - 57 20'M - 19'C 16M X 19C Skips mains 8T - 8B Start Xs 6T Tie Ms 8B Tie xs 7B - 11T But...
  21. alexmcnab

    Reel storage on a stand?

    Has anyone bought or made a stand to store reels of string on? Interested to see any designs before I plunge in with my limited diy skills. I was thinking of some sort of stand with a (metal) rod sticking up that I could slide a number of reels on and leave on the stand whilst pulling the...
  22. alexmcnab

    Head Prestige Tour 660 string pattern?

    Hi, I'm looking for the string pattern and lengths (2 piece) but can't seem to find them anywhere. Can anyone advise plse, thanks, alex
  23. alexmcnab

    Head Ti 10000 patttern and advice please

    Hi I've got 2 Head Ti 10000 rackets to string. Both have been done one piece, with the crosses from bottom to top. Racket is 102, says use tension 51 +/- 5lbs. Customer left a message saying he wants it at 64! not spoken to him yet. Can't find any info on string lengths anywhere...
  24. alexmcnab

    String lengths for Head Ti 9500?

    Hi Does anyone know the string lengths (2 piece) for: Head Ti 9500 Nano Titanium, 105", 16x19 ?? Can't find from usual sources. thanks, Alex
  25. alexmcnab

    Any green alternatives to throwing away scrap string?

    Any ideas what you can do with scrap string? thanks
  26. alexmcnab

    Gosen Strings atlanta?

    Does anyone know any tennis stores in Atlanta that sell Gosen strings? My folks are coming from UK next month and I've asked them to pick some up for me if possible. Thanks
  27. alexmcnab

    BLX 6.1 95 16x18 or 18x20?

    Thinking of switching from my K90 to something similar but a bit more forgiving so considering the Wilson BLX 6.1 95. I know the 16x18 would give me more power and spin and the 18x20 would be firmer with more control. Just wondering with this specific racket how big the differences are...
  28. alexmcnab

    Which tension to try in MSV/Gosen hybrid?

    Currently using MSV Focus Hex @ 58lbs which I really like although it is a little harsh. I'm thinking about trying Gosen Syn Gut in the crosses and was wondering what tension (s) to try. Anyone tried this setup?
  29. alexmcnab

    Technififbre T FIGHT 335 (16x20) pattern and tension

    Hi On klipperusa site it says recommended tension is 55-65, on the frame it says "Recommended tension for technifibre strings 49-57". Can I assume I can string it at 60 with non-tecnifibre strings? I know which holes to skip:- 21'M - 19'C 16M X 20C 7,9T - 7,9B I can't find one...
  30. alexmcnab

    Wilson K Pro Team String lengths?

    Hi, anyone know the string lengths for K Pro Team, 16x19 pattern, head? Going to do it one piece. Can't seem to find it listed anywhere. thanks, Alex