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  1. FranzS

    Math & Physics on YouTube

    Yep, that's great too. Another one is Science Asylum (about physics, sort of nerdy comedy but very technical).
  2. FranzS

    Math & Physics on YouTube

    To all math & physics enthusiasts, what are your favorite YouTube channels? As for math, I've been following Mathologer and 3blue1brown for quite a while. Awesome stuff. As for physics, ScienceClic (English) provides really great visuals and explanations. Other interesting channels you're...
  3. FranzS

    "40-love" movie on Apple TV

    Can't be worse than 40-15!
  4. FranzS

    A beautiful moment has slipped away, for all of us...

    How was Laver's 1969 grand slam perceived back then? Was it seen as a really extraordinary achievement as it would be today? Or was it 'just great'?
  5. FranzS

    Fly, see the world, for free? Freedom.

    By the way, who's denying gravity? This comes new to me.
  6. FranzS

    Fly, see the world, for free? Freedom.

    I think I've misread your post;)
  7. FranzS

    Fly, see the world, for free? Freedom.

    Would be cool, but we are not really willing to abandon our 'easy life' and we know it.
  8. FranzS

    Felix Ager-Alliasime is hugely overrated

    Like him and his attitude/behavior. He doesn't have that spark as someone's already said. But he's got time on his side. Problem is here everyone's watched too much Dragon Ball and is expecting him and the other youngsters to show big 3's brilliance and consistency at will
  9. FranzS

    Djoker And Graff. The Proper Perspective.

    That's exactly why Isner's win over Mahut is worth a couple of CYGSs + a dozen Olympic titles. Even Mahut, my grandpa and George Washington would agree with this.
  10. FranzS

    Odds for US Open.

    "Odds for US Open": 21 will be odd, while 20 and 20 will stay even
  11. FranzS

    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    If I'm not mistaken, prior to the introduction of PK shootout, there was a coin toss indeed
  12. FranzS

    So how good was Djokovic against Berrettini in Roland Garros ?

    At least 4x6x3=72 aces and a bit of good luck on return an he can do it. (I actually hope it goes that way)
  13. FranzS

    Can't lie: The run for the CYGS is exciting... For all

    Definitely not a fan of Novak, hence my thoughts are biased. Anyhow, I think this year's CYGS would be anti-climatic and hollow...
  14. FranzS

    Can Djokovic save tennis once again...

    Still as a tennis fan, I don't.
  15. FranzS

    Jokes that are so bad that they are hilarious

    What did the last of the Mohicans say?
  16. FranzS

    Touch:Power ratio

    I've got a great touch to power ratio. Won't disclose either in absolute terms though
  17. FranzS

    Sir Andy Murray winning Wimbledon would be wonderful and epic

    Please stop this British chauvinism
  18. FranzS

    Dark Horses for Wimbledon 2021

    Which is not bad actually
  19. FranzS

    Marin Cilic - one of the favourites for Wimbledon?

    That's some afterthought (prethought?) approach
  20. FranzS

    Congratulation Novak!

    It's just the usual RG loss every 6 years.
  21. FranzS

    Nuff said! No excuses...

    2015 didn't feel legitimate, whatever that means.. this time it's real. Congrats to Novak
  22. FranzS

    2021 RG R4: [3] Rafael Nadal vs. [18] Jannik Sinner

    I get the impression last year's Sinner was more explosive and could have troubled Rafa more. At RG 2020 Rafa probably won the first set thanks to a netcord, if you remember. This year Sinner is playing a little bit more conservative and that helped him with consistency, but can't help him...
  23. FranzS

    Djokovic to expose Musetti false dawn.

    What dawn is to be exposed? Is the teenager Musetti expected to win against Nole and maybe win 7 slams by the end of the year? Someone's a bit harsh to youngsters, they're just doing their job
  24. FranzS

    Jannik Sinner wants everyone to know that...

    But sometimes his outbursts... what if...
  25. FranzS

    What's your unsalty criticism of Nadal's statue?

    Follow through should be above is head as per his signature fh, otherwise I find it great. Would have waited for his retirement though