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  1. marquette100

    Head radical bag

    Bought the new head radicals. But the bag is so ugly. Sometimes Head comes out with a radical limited edition bag. Is one coming? Anyone have any knowledge of a release?
  2. marquette100

    New head gravity bag

    Will the new head gravity bag be a big duffle bag again. Or will they have the conventional 6,9,12 pack?
  3. marquette100

    Wilson Clash tour 2.0 version

    Anyone have any idea when the Clash Tour 2.0 version will come out? I believe it should be 2021? but what month?
  4. marquette100

    Prince phantom 107G

    Am I the only one interested in trying out the phantom 107G? A lighter weight graphite 107. I can’t wait to try it. Wonder when the demo will be available?
  5. marquette100

    Steve Johnson scrubbing his string job vs. John Isner

    Just watched Steve Johnson scrub his strings with what looked like a sponge in his match in the 5th set of the john Isner match. Any idea what he was doing and what that was?
  6. marquette100

    Head Gravity MP vs Head Radical MP

    I play with the Prince Tour 100 310. I am looking for a touch lighter option that is a little more whippy and more maneuverable. Looking at 11oz options of Head gravity MP or the Head Radical MP. Anyone have any experience trying both. Are they similar in power and maneuverability?
  7. marquette100

    Anything comparable to 4G soft?

    Really like 4G soft. Anything comparable to it at a little less cost? I have used other Luxilon strings. Have not tried Luxilon element though, is that comparable? I don’t mind spending the money if there isn’t anything close to it, but I thought it would be worth asking. Thanks
  8. marquette100

    Prince poly String

    Will prince be making a new Prince tour XP (or Prince Beast) tennis string? Or is that being discontinued with all the new prince polys out?
  9. marquette100

    Poly/Poly hybrid same poly thinner gauge cross?

    Anyone used a Poly/Poly hybrid with the same poly but a thinner gauge cross. I strung up mine with Prince tour XP 16 mains and Prince tour 17 gauge crosses. Played really well, but wondering if anyone has any other experience playing a similar combo. I figure I always break the mains first...
  10. marquette100

    Pouille's New WHITE Prince racquet

    Instagram posts of Lucas Pouille's white racket today. Is it a new Prince tour 100P? Will TW be selling this all white version? I have a picture but cannot figure out how to add it. You can find it on his instagram page. What is the deal with the White racket?
  11. marquette100

    Prince Tour XP String

    Has anyone else used this? Great sale right now. I found it to be soft and have some nice pop and spin. Liked it a lot. Are they no longer making it due to Prince's financial problems?
  12. marquette100

    Softest most powerful Poly string (without the heavy spin)

    I am looking for a very powerful and soft (as soft as poly gets) tennis string. I don't want any known for spin as I feel it makes my ball hit heavy topspin but after it bounces it sits up. I use the Prince tour 16x19 and get fine topspin on my own. I am a 4.5 player. I have used the Tier...
  13. marquette100

    Gosen Sidewinder

    Just played with Gosen Sidewinder 16g. Amazing feel, so soft and powerful. It is really the fountain of youth for my game. Also tried the BHBR and BHB7. The Sidewinder has much better feel for both. Why is this string not more popular? Anyone else have any experience with it? I used to...
  14. marquette100

    UWGB Tennis

    Props to UWGB tennis for beating Marquette and Wisconsin for the first time ever. Best team in the state of Wisconsin = UWGB
  15. marquette100

    Vince Spadea Gold Trucker hat

    Has anyone seen the Vince Spadea hat on TW for sale. The Gold Trucker Hat. Does he have a clothes line or what is going on with that hat? It's a unique looking hat but strange, he hasn't been on tour for so long. Spadea AIN'T AFRAID OF YA!! Any thoughts??
  16. marquette100

    Prince Graphite II specs

    Does any one know the specs on the Prince Graphite II MP. weight? balance? Thanks
  17. marquette100

    Hitting Partner in Staten Island NY?

    Looking for a hitting partner to play in Staten Island NY. I am a 4.5 to 5.0 player. Played division 1 college tennis several years ago. if interested please email