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  1. Steady Eddy

    Some solid dubs - video

    Their doubles is really confused. I mean, doubles and singles are essentially the same game, right? They seem more intent on controlling the net and aiming shots instead of simply trying to overpower their opponents! ;)
  2. Steady Eddy

    Hooray for Venus Williams

    What a stupid interviewer!
  3. Steady Eddy

    Hooray for Venus Williams

    Asked about having children she replied, "They say things like, 'You’re going to miss your window.' I’m like, 'Please, relax. You might feel this way, but I don’t. I promise you I don’t.'" You go girl! Not everybody wants to inflict life on some innocent soul.
  4. Steady Eddy

    Lob Queens

    Good advice, especially the part about needing to practice the overhead. Also, you want to hit it with pace, but don't go nuts. Be careful to hit it deep and off the sweetspot. This will usually make the ball hit the back fence on one bounce. Usually, that's enough to win the point for you...
  5. Steady Eddy

    Hand blisters

    Change your overgrip often. Eventually you'll get callouses that will prevent blisters.
  6. Steady Eddy

    Dealing with fast, low balls

    I'm curious as to the type of court you were playing on. When I started most of the hard courts were cement. They never got resurfaced, either. So they became very smooth and the ball would slide a bit, and stay low. I didn't like playing on them. More and more they got replaced by asphalt...
  7. Steady Eddy

    How can I improve my lob ROS for doubles?

    I find it hard to lob back a big serve. Maybe you should jus settle for blocking it back cross-court?
  8. Steady Eddy

    Getting repeatedly accused of hitting a mishit on my slice overheads...

    Reminds me of a time Jimmy Connors was having trouble with an opponents serve. Connors said, "You don't know where they're going either!" Could be true. Think how hard it is to anticipate when the server himself doesn't know where the serve is going! But...that's not the point, a winner is a...
  9. Steady Eddy

    3.5 at best

    Of course they're not that good. I've been playing from before they were even born.
  10. Steady Eddy

    The "late call" loophole

    I bet it will put a stop to a lot of this funny business.
  11. Steady Eddy

    When opponent crowds the net in doubles, can you target them?

    So this lady showed me a bruise on her ankle that I caused last time she played. I felt, "If it's on your ankle, I certainly wasn't head hunting." But she still felt like I was the reincarnation of jack-the-ripper.
  12. Steady Eddy

    Does Anyone Else Find Matches Boring (but not tennis)?

    You know, I read a book by one of tennis's pioneers, and he agreed with you that it should only allow one serve. In the earliest days of the sport, someone would fault and they'd just say, "Oh, that's okay honey, just try again." It was never intended for players to turn the serve into a...
  13. Steady Eddy

    To all you league doubles enthusiasts who get upset when their partner misses.

    I get it. Whenever anyone gives you unsolicited advice, whether it's about tennis or not, now you have a dilemma. You can do what they say, even if that isn't what you want to do, or do it the way you want and risk hearing, "Now what did I tell you to do?" It's tempting to give advice. I...
  14. Steady Eddy

    Is it bad etiquette to drop shot older guys during league play?

    I drop-shotted an old guy at a drop-in doubles thing. My partner said that he was old, and had bad knees, so that wasn't cool. So I didn't do it again. But if it's a league...I think that's different.
  15. Steady Eddy

    In/Out Device

    Even if it doesn't work, just having the thing will intimidate many people from making bad calls!
  16. Steady Eddy

    Court surface

    Wouldn't your city be dealing with people who are experts on this? I've spent a lot of time playing tennis, and I have no idea what is the most economical solution for this problem.
  17. Steady Eddy

    Getting back into tennis, changing grips, overgrips, grommets. Advice needed

    I think you should have each of them re-strung, also.
  18. Steady Eddy

    When opponent crowds the net in doubles, can you target them?

    My overheads aren't always "appropriate". Sometimes they don't go where I aimed, and if I shank it, it could go anywhere! I know many of my opponents are the same way. I also use this in golf. I always stand behind the player swinging. I don't trust their accuracy, and from too close I'd...
  19. Steady Eddy

    The "late call" loophole

    Good point! Suppose a video of your long rally showed that 3 out balls were played. It's still good to have the long rally than a short point. I mean you're there to play tennis, right? For the same reason I think it's good to give your opponent two serves after any interruption between the...
  20. Steady Eddy

    The "late call" loophole

    Since you say that works for you, great! But I can see many not being willing to call an in ball "out", but being willing to call an in ball, "I'm not sure, do over". It doesn't feel so much like a lie. Even if you're 99% sure the ball was good, that's not being 100% sure, so you're not...
  21. Steady Eddy

    The "late call" loophole

    It doesn't have to be very serious in order for it to be played correctly. I mean, why even bother keeping score if it's just going to be a farce. BTW, I'm ok playing without keeping score. I serve 4 points, my hitting partners serves 4 and we keep switching without keeping track of who's...
  22. Steady Eddy

    The "late call" loophole

    I'm not arguing for doing this, I'd just like to make more people aware of it so it won't happen as often. This happens all the time. If I say, "Well, if it was out, why didn't you call it out?", some people get the idea the I'm the poor sport. I don't like it when I have to wait to hear the...
  23. Steady Eddy

    The "late call" loophole

    You can only do it when you, or your team are serving. Suppose your opponent hits an apparent winner cross-court. You say nothing, but wonder if it was out. After a while you realize you can't call it out after this much time has passed, after all, if it was clearly out, why didn't you speak...
  24. Steady Eddy

    Late calls on serves, is it prevelant?

    Being too nice? Doesn't sound like it. He gives himself two chances to win the point. He returns an out serve, and if he wins the point, oh well. But, if he misses the return, he points out that the serve was out, and gets another chance to win the point. He took one chance to win the...
  25. Steady Eddy

    Too Tired to Serve?

    Probably best to quit practicing when you get that tired. All you're doing is practicing bad from. You don't want to ingrain that!
  26. Steady Eddy

    When opponent crowds the net in doubles, can you target them?

    When I'm directly across from an opponent with an easy smash, I turn my back to them. Some people laugh at me for that, but it's a 99% chance the point has been lost anyway, and I'd rather keep my eyes than win a point.
  27. Steady Eddy

    When opponent crowds the net in doubles, can you target them?

    Depends on who you're playing. Some people can volley to their left, and volley to their right, but cannot volley when it comes right at them. Especially at their right hip.
  28. Steady Eddy

    Late calls on serves, is it prevelant?

    Not in singles. You're the one calling the serve, so you KNOW when it will be called out. But in doubles you're depending on you partner for the call, so you might return some close ones.
  29. Steady Eddy

    When opponent crowds the net in doubles, can you target them?

    I used to fire at people too close to the net. I regret that now. Instead a quick lob accomplishes the same thing without being so nasty.