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  1. pstar

    Wilson Tour Red 15 pack

    Hi TW When will you be getting more of these bags in? Thanks
  2. pstar

    Babolat 2502e

    One of these is for sale in my area, and since it`s clearly a machine of some age I`m a bit sceptic! Do any of you know how old this machine could be? It looks like a star 4, but it`s printed 2502e on the side. And is it still possible to get hold of spare parts for this machine if...
  3. pstar

    Highlights from a tennismatch

    What do you think of the level of the players?
  4. pstar

    Tensionhead "crushing" the string

    I string on a Stringway ML100, and have some problems when pulling tension on "softer" strings. It works fine on polyester strings, but it almost crushes multifilament or natural gut. Tried with a string up a racquet with Klip legend the other day, and it snappped after just a few mains:(...
  5. pstar

    Prince grommets

    Will you be getting any Prince grommets in stock soon? I`m interested in new grommets for the exo rebel 95 and the speedport black
  6. pstar

    Barricade VI

    The barricade VI is soon to be released down under. Do you know when you are getting these sweet looking shoes at TWE?